Happy Mother’s Day! Get Your 10,000 Tokens Promo Code Here

A little birdie named Corkie67 told me there was a promo code for Mother’s Day. It’s MOMSR0CK. Redeem it one time only on My GSN for 10,000 Tokens. Ends at Midnight ET. (disclaimer, I didn’t get this mailing. If it ends on a different day let me know in comments below)

Occasionally GSN.com has special promo codes for those subscribing to the mailings (always read the fine print!). Generally they are not posted here. To get  in on these special promo codes, make sure you are subscribed. You can do so by going to My GSN >My Account and checking the boxes under email notifications. 




53 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day! Get Your 10,000 Tokens Promo Code Here

  1. Hee,Hee
    Sorry too funny !
    Thank You…………………..
    again Happy Mothers Day to all !!!
    ………….aaaaaaahhhhhh what a Day I hear the Birds singing as I type this !
    All is good !

    • The code is not “Mom.” It’s MOMSROCK. Type MOMSROCK in (and no other words like promo code, etc. Just MOMSROCK)

  2. To those not subscribed to the newsletter or can’t receive it. The code was posted under MY GSN page last night, the First Promotion- 75% more Tokens & Oodles Sale. This is what it said;

    Mother knows best. And 10 out of 10 mothers recommend this sale! Score 75% MORE Oodles and Tokens for Mother’s Day. PLUS redeem promo code MOMSROCK for 10,000 free Tokens. Have a great day and get playing.

    I always read the fine print, once in awhile there will be a code for tokens or oodles in the promotions under MY GSN page. A good place to watch regular and read all the promotions for special codes. I have found a few here.

    • Thanks for the tip sdnels! After reading this I’ll definitely be paying closer attention to the fine print in the future. BTW, even after doing all the things you and GSNAngel suggested, I still don’t get the newsletter. I even took it a step further and called my internet provider for their assistance. I was told if their email address was in my contacts that I should be receiving their emails. It is, but I’m not, so I give up. I really hate missing out on the promotions, etc, offered via email, but after doing all I know to do I’ve reached the conclusion that I’m just not destined to receive the newsletter. lol But I did want to say THANKS again to both of you for trying to help me resolve the issue.

      • You know, you could try opening a gmail account, and see if that works. You would need to update your GSN account to it, but it might be worth it (as long as you remember to check it). I have multiple email accounts for different things myself. It generally works out pretty well.

        • Sorry, GSNAngel! Just now seeing this!

          Thanks for the continued suggestions! It’s very frustrating knowing that I’m doing everything I can to receive the newsletter and yet I still don’t. I guess as a last ditch effort I could try setting up a gmail account and see if this will fix the problem. But if if doesn’t I am totally and completely out of ideas. Thanks for continuing to weigh in on this…much appreciated.

  3. Angel,

    I don’t understand why I don’t get these e-mails. I received the very first one and I have never received one after that. I have all of the boxes checked except the one regarding mobile devices because I don’t have access to internet on my phone. Should I contact player services regarding this or is there someone else I should be contacting? Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to and all the other GSN Mother’s out there!!!


  4. This has nothing to do with this announcement, but I am hoping the GSN Angel sees this, because the email link to contact you doesn’t work for me and I don’t use Facebook. The Oodles Bonus Trivia question for 5-12, how many color gems are in Bejeweled 2, has the wrong answer. There are 7, but if you answer that it says it is incorrect, there are 6. Hope it gets fixed. Thanks.

    • jj, 7 is the answer i selected also; while i have never played that game i clicked it on and looked at the picture of the gems in order to answer the question. I thought maybe they didn’t consider white (clear?) a color. What do you think Angel?

      • No, it was my mistake when loading answers (I do the member trivia ones). I swapped the six and seven around. If you got it wrong, contact Player Services. I already gave them a head’s up and apologized for creating extra work :/

        • Angel, we are human and we all make mistakes. A good person knows how to admit they made a mistake. You are an example of that! I will now contact player services. Thanks!

    • JJ…..I wondered about that too, the colors for Bejeweled 2 are
      1.green, 2.blue, 3.purple, 4.yellow, 5.orange, 6.red and 7.white?? or crystal. Is the white not a colored gem??? I looked up white and white is a color but crystal could be considered colorless with colors passing through it. I also selected 7 colored gems for the answer, and got it wrong. Was it a trick question?

  5. I did not receive the notice for the mother’s day bonuses until today (Monday) and I was playing until after midnight (Sunday).


  6. I did not receive any email on Mother’ Day promotional code. I went to check my account info, the email .notification box was checked. Sorry , I read the MY GSN page and saw the message about the code, but I thought it was for X-tra 10,000 tokens for on top of purchases of tokens. Any way, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY !!!

    • I’m sorry you missed out Kathy. Please check Player News on a daily basis, it may help you catch some things.

  7. I didn’t receive the mother’s day email – I went to “My Account” and the email box is checked – I seem to receive some emails and not others – I don’t buy tokens that often – due to being retired and not having that much extra money – my mistake – guess I will have to make sure I read all info regarding specials for buying tokens that may have some extra tokens free attached.

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