GSN ChaChingo Bingo Winners Roundup!

It’s been a great few weeks for GSN ChaChingo Bingo players! 


Starting it off was jojo3626, who won $21,300 on 4/8/2014. This was our largest jackpot so far!  It was really exciting to see the numbers climb so high and wonder who would win. We were very excited for him.

W9 (2)

The next winner was scarpino, who won $4,392 on 4/18/2014. He told us  “I have been playing Bingo for about 2 years and I never won until now. Thank you so much.” You’re very welcome scarpino. Congratulations on your win.


jnnfrclrk. was our next GSN ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot winner. She won $2,316 on 4/21/2014.


Then  on 5/6/2014 we had two winners in one day. First Bob1240 won $5,724 at 10:00am ET (no picture available), and then gdietrich won $1,584 at 6:00pm ET. gdietrich told us:  “I’m so excited to have won, I am not sure I am comprehending everything. I really enjoy participating in many of the games provided by GSN.” 

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Congratulations to all our GSN ChaChingo Bingo Winners – past, current, and future ones! Pick your numbers now to have a shot at a ChaChingo Bingo jackpot of your own. 


30 thoughts on “GSN ChaChingo Bingo Winners Roundup!

  1. Congratulations to all the $$ ChaChingo Bingo $$ Winners !
    Yay ! ! !
    Way to go and happy for you all ! ! !
    Especially jojo3626 who hit the big one and finally let the rest of us get some sleep ! Ha, ha
    (Though I’d be just as happy to hit a jackpot of any amount.)
    Continuing Good Luck throughout 2014 and beyond ! Yay ! ! !

  2. Congratulations to all the $ $ ChanChigo Bingo $ $ Winners!
    Yay ! ! !
    Especially jojo3626 who hit the BIG pot .
    And gave the rest of us a break from our ChaChingo marathon hours of trying to win. Ha, ha
    (Though I’d be happy hitting ChaChingo for any amount)
    Continuing good luck and fortune to you all through out 2014 !
    Yay ! ! !

  3. I do not have internet access where I stay .I have a small pickup with a 110 inverter,And a extra battery in the passenger floorboard . The place I park at the library is down hill so I can roll start the truck, If the batteries go too low .I can access the internet any time of the day,Or night in the parking lot.
    I just became A cash player ,Because I thought I was pretty good at bejeweled 2. I need more practice.
    I seen the jackpot was up pretty good, so I decided to try again. I don’t play it a lot, And the best I have ever done was maybe 2 numbers.
    So I played my numbers,With a couple of different ones.My numbers are things like the day I was born,My age,A number that keeps coming up in my life,The year I graduated.And sometimes I substitute by looking at what won the last hour ,And trying to guess what I think will come up next. Three of my winning numbers,Were my numbers.So Find your numbers,Win with them that’s your individual JACKPOT !!!


    In about three weeks after winning,I got a check for the full amount.
    I paid off everybody I owed,Got a hotspot device so I don’t have to go to the library to get on the internet any more.And bought me a big motorcycle. I haven’t check in to what Ill have to pay in taxes yet.

  4. jojo3626 Thanks for sharing. A lot of post on what people would do if they won, so it is nice to know what you chose. Nothing wrong with the Library. Was just there myself past 2 days. Took out a couple movies…got something notarized(for free) and jumped on their internet cause mine refused to load a site for me.
    Got a saying around here. If it’s free it’s for me !
    Oh and enjoy that bike, drive safe . Decent of you to payback those you owed amazing how many people would’nt.
    Have yet to have any set of numbers. Have some favorites and just wing the rest. Maybe that’l work for me too!

  5. ChaChingo makes playing games on GSN even more fun and exciting. Congrats to all ! It’s great to see so many winners !

  6. Glad for you jojo and everyone else. I’ll try your formula too, never know, might get me some good cha Ching change like some of you. Sure would be nice. Love GSN either way! Happy playing.

  7. GSN – Declining by Degrees again! Just noticed they added more numbers to the Chachingo Bingo game with no formal announcement (they’ll just say it’s to improve the odds of winning). Apparently, too many people were winning, so let’s add more numbers to the mix.

    • Hi Kevin, I apologize for the confusion. There’s more to come with this change. I will make a post on Player News when I have all the details to share with you.

      • Thank you for the information. Just changing the format of the game with no explanation (beta or not) did seem very shady and made it look just like I had mentioned – too many people were winning, let’s up the odds.

        The update looks to be a nice way to cover the spread a bit more, albeit with another advertising block thrown in. Let’s hope the advertising isn’t in video format that will crash or not play on some systems or devices.

  8. Angel, do you know why the chachingo bingo was changed to include more numbers? I can’t play my favorite set of numbers now the way i did because of the way it’s been set up.

    On another note, did you get the email i sent you?

    • Hi 2jellybeans, I apologize for the confusion. There’s more to come with this change. I will make a post on Player News when I have all the details to share with you. (and yes I did)

  9. GSNAngel, I see as of today, 5/20/14 @8am ET, Chachingo Bingo looks new. Light blue background over the $ sign looks good. Ten additional numbers with the new 3×6, 18 number format in each bingo ball – interesting. But it throws off my number picks. Odds of winning just got bigger. Why no advanced notification? I guess to many gripes. OK I understand that. One thing though, with the 3×6 format accessing all 18 numbers for your picks you need to either page down, arrow down, swipe up or set screen to portrait mode. In time we’ll all get use to it.
    CONGRATS to all the Chachingo Bingo winners on your good fortune. Maybe I’ll join your club one of these days.

    • Hi Mitz, there’s more to come with this change. I will make a post on Player News when I have all the details to share with you.

  10. Having an extra chance is needed now that there are more numbers, but sometimes I cant claim my reward because the videos won’t load, then time runs out. I wanted to report this, and today at lunch my video was over 6 minutes long! a movie promo? again, I only got 1 entry in on time. 🙁

    • If you have not already, please contact Player services and let them know what is happening. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  11. I love all on gsn!!!!!!!!! where else can you get chances at all these prizes and money to! And to boot its all free!!!!!! Please do not complain think about it……..Its FREE…

    • Hi Carl, I don’t have a list of 2017 winners, but you cna see the names of the most recent 5 winners on the ChaChingo Bingo page here (the names scroll by), and ChaChingo Bingo winners are listed under the weekly winning auction (if there was one that particular week) lists on the winners page here.

      • I like to see winners in other states then CA FL. I been playing for a while and see the same states getting the big winners like today the winner CA yet again. Guess being NHLNUT and living in buffalo ny makes me a big loser.

        • Hi Gail, thank you for reaching out. States have no bearing on who wins. That’s not information that’s used in any way regarding randomly drawn winners for sweepstakes, or for those who play ChaChingo Bingo. ChaChingo Bingo winners win based on the numbers they pick. Hope you get the lucky numbers sometime!

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance so they can investigate. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page, then look for the green “contact support” button at the top of the help page. I’d recommend logging into your player name before contacting them so there is a record from your account you can access later if need be.

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