Daily Auction – Eileen’s Bowling Buddy

Great athletes have great feel and for years people have said it could not be trained. Eileen’s Bowling Buddy have proven that theory wrong – here’s the product that will prove it to you. The winner will receive a Swing Training Pin! Runs from 5/9-5/15. Bid here


Want to learn more? Watch the following video: Why use Eileen’s Bowling Buddy

6 thoughts on “Daily Auction – Eileen’s Bowling Buddy

      • Sorry, Still trying to figure this out ! ! !
        When I first bowled many, many years ago nobody showed me how to do it .
        I found out maybe 7 or so years ago how to “place my fingers” in the ball !
        You want to talk LOL !
        The first evening I bowled (if you want to call it that) I swung forward and the ball released backwards, more than once ! So embarrassing….
        But hey I now no why…..
        hence > ? <
        Anybody game for this item ?

  1. I watched your video (the 17.00 min one) where the instructor is showing how to release the ball using a “yo-yo” type of release. I am not sure how to do that. I tried it the other day while practicing my bowling and the ball simply just went down on the floor. Not so sure that alot of non-pros can master a release like this. Any hints on how one should learn to do this type of release. Just sayin.


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