$25 Gift Card Daily Sweepstakes Winner

HPIM3168Congratulations to reneerxj.myp on winning a $25 Applebee’s Gift Card in the Daily Sweepstakes on 5/28. This is what she had to say:

I woke up to what I thought was going to be a bad day and found out from my email that I had won in the  GSN $25 Daily Gift Card Sweepstakes!

That really turned a bad day into a great one!  Thank You GSN

3 thoughts on “$25 Gift Card Daily Sweepstakes Winner

  1. Congratulations on you awesome win.
    How’s that saying go………..sometimes your the bug and sometimes your the windshield… what a nice surprise to wake up to……hope you keep on having “clear sailing” !
    enjoy ….
    …..Wahoooooo ….

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