Up To 1 Billion Tokens Up For Grabs in the Wheel of Fortune Slots Race 5!

REPOST:  Slots Race 5 is live with one of your favorites: Wheel of Fortune Slots! Watch the prize pool grow up to 1 BILLION Tokens as more players enter. We changed the rules this time so you can track your progress, too.


  1. Use the special promo code SR5FORTUNES on the My GSN page, then make any deposit to qualify for the Slots Race – we’ll credit you an extra 25,000 Tokens to get you started. You only need to use this promo code one time to play both days. 
  2. Play Wheel of Fortune Slots to score Slots Race Points – earn 1 Slots Race Point for every 50,000 Tokens you play. Compete as long as you can: There’s no limit on how many Points you can collect.
  3. Keep track of how many Tokens you’ve played in the promo tracker on the My GSN page – as an extra bonus, score 1 million Bonus Tokens for every 100 million Tokens you play.

Use the promo code, get your Tokens, and spin to win now – the slots race closes midnight ET (11:59pm) Sunday!

The top 5,000 players each day will share the riches. Winners will be credited within 2 business days of Sunday.

Slots Race payout structure each day:





2 thru 3


4 thru 10


11 thru 50


51 thru 100


101 thru 250


251 thru 500


501 thru 1,000


1,001 thru 5,000


Note:  If there are less than 5k participants, not all the lower prizes (1,0001-5,000) will be paid out, only up to how many participants we have. 

43 thoughts on “Up To 1 Billion Tokens Up For Grabs in the Wheel of Fortune Slots Race 5!

  1. Angel, i redeemed the code and on my promotions page it says make a purchase of $0.99 or greater to get started, but i don’t see any package you can get for that amount. The cheapest package i see is for $1.99….Is the other one hiding in a special place?

      • I clicked on the link in your reply and still only shows $1.99 as cheapest pkg to purchase. The $0.99 pkg not showing anywhere i look.

        • 2jellybeans, what browser are you using? Are you able to try a different browser? Now it’s a mystery to be solved!

          • I’m using Google Chrome; tried to switch to another browser, but having trouble doing so. My son not home to help this computer illiterate. Oh well, i guess i will just play for the oodles promotion.

          • I’m sorry, wish I could help. I’m using Chrome also. If you know how to clear your browser cache, you may want to try that.

    • Hi, I’m checking on this for you, but not sure I can get a reply before Monday. I’m asking if we’re able to manually enter you if the code is not working. In the meantime, if you’re able to, can you please try a different browser? Sometimes that works.

  2. “Good Luck” to all players.
    Love the Slot Race games.
    Always fun to see what GSN comes up with next!
    I’ve been M.I.A. so it’s good to be back! and great to be back to the GSN Family!
    Trying to check on and out all the sites I missed.
    Slots are tempting but I won’t get to anything else if I settle in for the fun!

  3. Angel, i cleared browser cache; that’s one thing my son did teach me, but still the cheapest package that shows is 15,000 tokens and 50 oodles for $1.99. Guess this will remain a mystery…lol

  4. Hello, Angel. I do not see where I can kept track of how many tokens I have played for Wheel of Fortune under GSN. Please advise. Thanks!

    • Hi, you need to use the promo code and purchase Tokens. I’m not seeing a Token deposit under your Token transactions.

      • 4/26/2014
        1:47 pm Enter Slots Race 5 25,000 10,700,259
        1:47 pm $1.99 Token Bundle: 15,000 Tokens for $1.99 15,000 10,675,259

          • Thanks! Are you able to try it on Chrome or Firefox to see if you can see the promo tracker on My GSN? Are you seeing any promotions listed under My GSN?

  5. I see this….is it the tracker. Completed 0 Times (150 Remaining)

    Ends In: 1d 7h Prizes: Tokens 1,000,000

    Score 1 million bonus Tokens for every 100 million Tokens you play in Wheel of Fortune® Slots. If you want to participate in Slots Race 5, make sure to use Promo Code SR5FORTUNES and make a Token purchase to be entered.
    View Details

    2,535,000 of 100,000,000 Play Now!
    So I played 2.5 million

  6. I love to play the game’s here on gsn . but I must agree they are much to hard to win these day’s I must refer to the new video bingo since they have added all those extra’s they want you to pay for to increase your chance’s of winning.it is next to impossible to win bingo anymore without spending money I have been a member here for many year’s and I hate to say it . but I think I am going to leave for good. I have spent over a million token’s on bingo since they changed it and got very little winning tokens to show for it. why did you make the game’s harder to win ?..signed Mark the very best of luck to all that is staying here.

    • Hi Mark, I’m sorry you’re frustrated. Please know the Casino games have highs and lows, and wins and losses are not evenly distributed. They are random.

  7. When are you going to have the site not need Flashplayer? I only have a tablet and have a lot of tokens I can’t use. Any ideas?

  8. What were the top 3 winning bets???
    I bet 125 million tokens (lost 15 million) and didn’t finish in the top 3 – what would I have had to bet????
    not likely to participate in any future such contests

    • Hi Bill, I don’t have the list of winners yet, but when I get them I will post them on the winners page, and you can view everyone’s slot race points.

      • I can not yet find the winners on the winners page

        Is this being worked on, or should I just give it up ????


        • Hi Bill, I’ve requested the list a number of times (as well as yesterday again). Hopefully we’ll get it soon!

  9. Thanks for checking
    just want to know what it takes to win
    I would have thought I would have at least finished in the top 3
    thanks again

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