Score a trip to Vegas, 4 nights in the Luxor Hotel, and $1,000 cash!

Feel like a pharaoh and spend like one too when you help us celebrate the launch of Treasures of Cleopatra SlotsEnter the Pharaoh’s Getaway here for a chance at a trip to Las Vegas, $1,000 cash, and 4 nights at the Luxor Hotel! 

One lucky winner and a friend will fly to Las Vegas and stay at the luxurious Luxor Hotel. Enter now: Sweepstakes closes midnight ET on 5/21.TC_email

19 thoughts on “Score a trip to Vegas, 4 nights in the Luxor Hotel, and $1,000 cash!

  1. Viva Las Vegas !
    Checked this out last night.
    ….. not real fond of music that plays as slots spin but didn’t let that slow me down! Once it stopped music for game seem to fit better with game.
    The Bonus round was interesting. Can’t wait to hit it again.
    Good luck to every one.

  2. Angel, i really don’t know how these sweepstakes work; would you please tell me? I’m confused by the auctions and the sweepstakes.

    • Hi 2jellybeans, auctions (called “bid for it” in the Prize Center) have an entry fee that can be anywhere from 25 Oodles, 100 Oodles, to 1,000 Oodles or more. The fee is what you pay to enter and you do not get that back. After you pay the entry fee you can bid on the prize. Make sure you actually have enough Oodles to cover the bid if you win. If you do not win, the amount you bid is not removed from your account. It is only removed if you win. The entry fee is the only amount not returned.

      Sweepstakes are kind of like lottery tickets (best example I can think of). There is a set entry fee, and you can determine how many entries to purchase with your Oodles. If you lose, you do not get the Oodles back. So if an entry fee is 75 Oodles, and you purchase 10, then you pay 750 Oodles up front.

      Hope that helps!

      • Oh darn, was saving all my oodles from the beginning of the month to enter for this trip, and wouldn’t you know it, i missed the cut-off. I should have put a sticky note on the computer. I think i need some Ginseng or whatever to help my brain, but then i would forget to take that…lol

  3. well i won’t be playing to earn tokens with a min of 300 tokens for a 100 spin payout of 10000 tokens…that’s 30000tokens just to earn 10000 ….not liking the pay here might play later for fun but as of now i’m not playing…ya’ll have fun though….

  4. My question is with the 20,000 token oodible I purchased with my oodles – don’t think I received the 20,000 tokens yet – I did receive the badge, but I thought I was to receive 20,000 tokens

  5. The Pharaoh’s Getaway is one of the best sweepstakes here ever! Thanks for a chance to return to the beautiful Luxor Hotel where my wife and I honeymooned almost ten years ago. Sure hope we win!

  6. Now that is what I am talking about! What a great idea to offer a trip for two to Vegas! Way to go GSN! Maybe Monte Carlo is in the future……????

  7. Thank you for answering me, but I am still confused – I bought the 20,000 token badge and thought that I was to be credited in three (3) working days with the 20,000 tokens – I bought with oodles – there is also a 75,000 token badge for oodles but I was told sorry that I could not get due to the fact that I could only get one (1) in a ten (10) day period.


    • Hi Pam, we are still waiting for a response from the Pharaoh’s Getaway sweepstakes winner. We usually get replies pretty early – after all, we’re giving away free prizes! – however, some times, such as in this case, we are enthusiastically waiting to hear back. I’ll be sure to update the winner as soon as we get their verification.

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