Oodletorial – Weekly Roundup

385449_10150448318549887_605836551_nHappy Friday!  We’ve had a busy week on GSN.com, so here are a few highlights in case you missed anything. For more information on any of the highlights, click the underlined blue links. They will pop the original article out in a new window:

  • New time for Power Hours started last night and fizzled out 2 hours early. We’re red-faced but have offered an apology promo code to make up for it. Ends 4/6 so redeem PH200 soon. This one you can redeem TWICE for a total of 200 Oodles.
  • April’s Most Valuable Oodler was announced. Stop by and congratulate jajbo63. You’ll enjoy reading about him.
  • All next week there is a daily auction for A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook. It has quickly become a favorite in our house. Great recipes!  Ends 4/10.
  • A new promo code was released to celebrate the launch of Classic Video Poker. Redeem CVP5KFREE by 4/8, as it ends then. May be used only once.
  • The $5,000 GSN Tax Break Sweepstakes started and goes all month until 4/30. There will be 10 lucky winners of $500 each.
  • The Coming Soon sneak peek video by GSN Scoop is great (we’re still laughing!). GSN Scoop is also addicted to the new GSN TV app called “The Chase” and highly recommends it.
  • Also, don’t forget to check Players Corner often for stories about sweepstakes and auction winners, as well as fun offerings.

I’ll leave you with one last thing. If you’re like me, you enjoy many different kinds of games. I recently read 60 Facts About Board Games That Will Change The Way You Think About Family Game Night and thought it was really interesting. If you missed it on Facebook, and enjoy playing board games, check it out. Have a great weekend everyone!

GSN Angel  🙂

16 thoughts on “Oodletorial – Weekly Roundup

  1. I was one that turned in early on power hours Thursday. When I read the re cap of the week, I was VERY happy to hear of the promo code. Thank you So much for the Oodles GSN team !!! Very nice….nice indeed !!!

  2. Is there somewhere I can go to find help with playing mobile gsn games on a Kindle fire? I did find the casino app but I can’t figure out how to play Catch-21 and Solitare Rush.

  3. Thank you for the extra oodles. I had stayed up late to play so was disappointed when it went off. Thanks again for being considerate.

  4. WOW Angel, Thank You for the “Oodletorial – Weekly Roundup” !
    I know I sometimes find myself going in circles trying to keep-up with all that’s going on at GSN not missing something and getting to the right page.
    This not only was very, very helpful but as always very, very thoughtful of you!
    I love this Re-Cap format….

  5. I sent several noted to player services about the video so we can win oodles the videos come on and say you earn 50 00dles without even watching it but they are not added to our account. Can’t they fix that so we can watch the video and earn oodles. There are so few ways to get oodles everything is tokens or cash points Can we have some more ways to get oodles us Gsn people still try to collect them to buy prizes. Thanks Angel

    • I’m sorry, I’ve not heard of any videos you get 50 Oodles but don’t have to watch it. Which one is that?

  6. No Angel when you hit on watch video it shows you won already without watching it but it doesn’t add to your account The blue banner shows that said you earn shows right away but it never adds to accounts. Im sorry if I confused you it doesn’t give you oodles for not watching it. you just cant watch it so you can.t get the oodles, it happens right now on the page it shows the treasure chest to earn oodles hit on it and what happens is what I said above. It happens on all videos at time no special ones Sometimes like this morning it worked fine but happens frequently Thank you Angel

  7. Its happening now on our gsn page the treasure chest is there sa
    ying to earn oodles so you click on it the video comes on and right aw a blue banner says you earn 50 oodles just after a few seconds but they are not credited to our accounts There something wrong with the program or video Just thought you like to know.

    • Definitely make sure you alert Player services when it happens, as they track these issues. If you’re able to take a screenshot, do that too and send to them.

  8. I’ve found another Social Theater video that does not pay out…what a surprize… I guess that’s better than yesterday when the oodles chest didn’t even respond when I clicked on it.

    • Hi Jim, if you haven’t already please let Player Services know. If possible, include a screenshot of the video. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

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