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Dan Bledsoe 2013 mugWelcome to Friday!

I was entertained (and awed)  this week by an email from a player. His name is DanBledsoe, and he informed me he had earned 500,000 Tokens last Saturday watching videos. I didn’t even know that was possible!

By my calculations, if the videos were all 30 seconds long, he watched around 4 hours and 10 minutes worth, and if they were 1 minute long, it would have been 8 hours and 20 minutes. Splitting the difference, he could easily have spent at least 6 hours watching videos!

I responded that he was very dedicated, and he replied that around 250,000 it got personal. I wish I had taken a picture of the huge smile that crossed my face when I read that.

I get it, I really do. Back in the early 80’s there was a Tron arcade game. I loved that game and spent many hours playing it. I was the best player in our town, and any place that had this game had my initials with all the high scores. My goal was to attain a million points.

One night, I spent 3-4 hours playing  (on a single quarter, mind you). I had a number of people flocked around the game as I got closer to that million high score. I clearly remember how I felt – there was a thrill of anticipation, the concern I would make a stupid mistake, and then the euphoria of realizing, yes, I am going to get a million points!

I hit my goal and it was the best rush I ever had. I got a MILLION POINTS IN TRON! I waited anxiously for the score to show, and then…. the game flipped back to zero. ZERO! I was beyond crushed. The night is still so clear in my mind because it went from the single best night of my young life, to the very worst night.

As the years have passed I’ve had many more best nights, as well as worst nights, but since this was the first it still stands out. All of these memories came rushing back when DanBledsoe told me about his day. 500,000 Tokens! I can’t imagine the rush he must have felt, but I do empathize with: “It got person at 250,000.”

So what has been your best day on GSN? Was it a high score on a game? Or something different? What drives you to persevere on GSN.com, be it a game or other? Please share in comments below!

GSN Angel  🙂

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  1. That is a bittersweet story. My best day was the day a $25 gift card for Outback Steakhouse showed up in my mailbox. I doesn’t seem to matter what the win is…they’re all sweet. That feeling is like winning a million. Thanks GSN…just for being YOU!

  2. That was certainly dedication. I know I reach a little over 200,000 Daily Bonus one day. Last Saturday, AARP would play their ad over and over.
    The best I did in a game was in Wheel of Fortune Slots. On the Spin the Wheel, in one day, I got 700,000 tokens. It depends on what you bid and where it lands. It landed on the 1,500 spot. And, the same day, I hit the 1,000 spot and got 300,000. It was a fun day. I should have quit then for the day. But, I did not, and of course, I lost it. But, it was nice to know you can hit those top spots on the wheel.
    Thanks GSNAngel.

  3. Great job on winning those tokens I don’t know how you found all those video if there’s a secret let me know ok congratulation keep up the good work

    • When you first log in, stay on that page a while. It asks you if you want to double your tokens to watch a video ad. Sometimes it repeats. Then it offers you more Tokens tomorrow, some ads are funny. Also look for the Video Monkey- same thing – may pop up again. Good luck

      • I’ve never seen it offer double tokens by watching a video ad only add another 1000 tokens for today and then add more for tomorrow. The one for tomorrow used to come up quite a few times, now neither of these show up at all on the daily tokens.

    • I have to say this GSN is nice so you can choose to play for tokens instead of $$…I also like that you offer new games too as I seen the New Cleopatra. Love it! Now I know why the kids enjoy video games!! Thanks GSN!

  4. I have NEVER been able to watch ads more than once (one ad on one day, twice). How on earth did this guy manage to do that? He must have a different ability than I do to connect. I’d like to know. Really, thanks.

    • me too, they have never stayed on that long for me. And I find if I get greedy and keep going to long on the daily bonus for the second day I still only get credited 2 to4 thousand extra tokens never the 25 or 30 I thought I was getting.

  5. I did the same thing sat and watched the videos the monkey kept coming up so I watched it said youEARNED your tokens so excited I was building up my tokens I was well over 200,000 thousand I cant do much recovering from surgery so yes this is a big part of my life THEN I left that page and to my surprise only 75,000 tokens then today the same thing played the monkey kept coming up I get so excited when I see the monkey THEN THE BIG LET DOWN

    • Valerie, if you’re not being properly credited please contact Player Services. They can investigate this for you. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

    • I just read how you have been going thru some surgeries and rough times in your life. I have as well. I just wanted to say STAY STRONG, STAY POSITIVE. AND NEVER GIVE UP! I’ll keep you in my thought’s and prayers.

      Much Love from South Bend, Indiana
      Carrie Culp AKA CCLYNN

  6. “around 250,000 it got personal”, ha, ha – – that is awesome…
    I’d need a personal trainer to “stay-sit” that long!
    Hope those Tokens help(ed) you to “Win” loads more :>)
    I have built mine up by 45,000-50 or so.
    Got so excited.
    When I came back next day they were not credited.
    Contacted Player Services explaining and was indeed credited for them.

    Angel, Your story is both happy & sad. “on a single quarter, mind you” Boy at that time you most certainly “owned” Tron.
    My best day?
    HA, hands down!
    It’s my(March) MVP Golden Oodle of course! : > )
    Good luck to all in your games!

  7. I love the Treasure Chest pop ups. Sometimes it shows more than once. If it won’t load, I will log in again using a different browser- whatever it takes.
    Recently I won a $25. gift card. When I didn’t get it after 4 weeks, I contacted Player Services, they asked me to wait a bit more. When I still didn’t get it, they tracked it, made it right, and sent me another. THANKS GSN for being fair.

  8. I not seen a treasure chest pop up probably because for some strange reason i see my tokens bonus for the day when i go the the player services help page. it used to be on MyGSN but now it opens faithfully on the help tab when i access it from the players corner tab .This first happened when i didn’t get the tokens bonus banner when i logged on to the MyGSN page. When i went to player services to find out what was going on, the banner appeared and has every day since then. this was about the time when many members were saying they hadn’t seen the tokens banner. i haven’t bothered to contact player services about this because i didn’t realize i was missing anything. until i read the posts about staying on the page and i might get a double your tokens box to click on. I will contact them not to see if this snafu can be rectified.Anyone else have a similar problem? also when getting credit for your tokens sometime you need to ‘refresh’ the page or press f5 which will do this also. then look at your tokens amount and most probably you will see your increase. mixter99

  9. What a wonderful story. Congratulations DanBledsoe. Way to go! Crazy just a half an hour ago. I was getting low on my tokens. But, I wanted to play Wheel of Fortune to get my 150 oodles. Then I hit 200,000 in 1 spin. Yay! for me. I didn’t have to purchase more today. LOL! 1 other time a few months ago. I think it might have been playing Ghost Busters. I hit 500,000 I was betting 7,500. I almost fell to the the floor. I’ve recently became disabled at can’t do much of anything. I’m so happy I came across GSN. Not only is it really fun to play all the games. But, also to read stories like his. GREAT JOB DanBledsoe. 😉

  10. My best day was right around the time I had first found gsn.com. I had just had my second back surgery and was given the news from my Doctors I could no longer work. 🙁 Then I was up late that night with insomnia/depression. And while I was clicking through the different pages I clicked the home tab and there was a new game and the first so many players, I don’t remember the amount would win 500 dollars. Well I played and it said I won the 500. then it asked me to verify my mailing address. I thought here it comes they will want me to buy magazines or some other product but no they just verified my mailing address. Well I was really skeptical and without working I just said we will see. and stuck to playing my free games on gsn. Well about 6 weeks went by and I had forgotten about it. Well it just so happened to be the time of year my daughter and I needed 140 dollars to put my Grand daughter in competitive swimming at the YMCA, and with medical bills piled up I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to pull it off. That day I went to the mail box and there it was my check for 500 dollars. 🙂 Needless to say swimming was on and I put the rest except for 20 on medical bills and used the last 20 to start playing the Cash games. 😀

    That was my best day I will never forget that gift from GSN.COM

    • croberts92027, I’m sorry about your back. Your win sounds amazing, so happy for you! But we never had a promo like that on GSN.com. No one wins cash playing games on this side (as opposed to the cash games side) except for ChaChingo Bingo. So if a blinky ad or something on the side of the page promises cash for playing something, I strongly recommend not to click on it!

      I wonder if it’s possible you entered one of the Oodles cash sweepstakes in the Prize Center and won? Or perhaps you were playing on the Cash Games already.

  11. this makes me furious, the most videos, I have ever seen at 1 sitting is aroud 10 or 12 and then they stop. how did he get so many????

    • Nicholas, I’ve noticed if you click the gold coin in the upper-right hand corner of the main gsn.com page, to see the daily bonus drop-down, a new video to watch for “tomorrow” seems to pop up, and sometimes even plays a few a number of times. keep going back and see if that works for you.

      • I go back several times a day and get a few videos but 500,000??? I guess you get more if you pay $$. I play for free so have to assume that’s why.

        • Heather, the videos providers have no way of knowing who’s a free or cash player, as they’re not tied in to our system at all.

  12. Good forDan I made 450,000 on AARP afew weeks ago so Iknow what he means by being personal it also was alot of fun to watch the tokens climb. Have a good one all

  13. Have earned over 600,000 a few times with the videos…addicted to token games and being unemployed, it helps me pass the time while being unemployed! Also, winning the daily sweepstakes was a blessing and a surprise…allowed me to buy food for me and for my cats! We appreciate GSN!!

      • Yes, it was when the bonus bar first began – the BMW ads and then more recently, the AARP ads. You just have to catch it right!!

  14. Am I ever going to be able to play games on my tablet? I can’t access any of the casino games etc. I have to have flash player. And my tablet doesn’t allow that. Any ideas?

  15. I keep trying to play the new Cleopatra game ,it won’t come on

  16. Too often I am not able to watch the videos with Internet Explorer or Firefox. I click on the treasure chest and nothing happens, sometimes the video will pop up however. I do have an older PC and quite glitchy with some video streams. Sometimes it will load but takes several minutes so I mostly do not try. My best moment (not a casino game)… one day my PC seemed to be running quite well and was able to play Flingshot without any pauses or jerky screens. Max score possible is 299,999 and I got 298,000 something.

  17. Thanks to all for the kind words and double triple thanks to my GSNAngel for posting the story. I love my GSN (and of course my Angel) and would encourage those who play to play hard and have fun. Good luck to all my fellow GSN gamers!

  18. Thank You Dan!
    Hope all the work for those Tokens bring you lots more fun playing games and hitting even bigger jackpots. Game On and Good luck right back at cha !

    • Missie, have you gotten to the point where you are requested to search for the “D” word? When you look at the search page, click on the last article. You need to click on it to fully open it, as only a couple lines show in the search pages. Once you open the actual article, you will be able to clearly see the promo code!

  19. I am glad someone can get free tokens because I can’t. Either I get some but then when I go to play they aren’t there. Lately I get the video but it just goes on and on and no way to get out of it or get tokens. How can some people get so many and I can’t get any. something is wrong.

    Thanks for listening

  20. I did notice today I am getting some of the tokens. But I can’t get out of the videos without going out of gsn. That is a pain.

  21. This Is my favorite oodletorial so far because it deals with perserverance. so far i had two great moments, winning the wheel of fortune xbox 360 game and scoring 26,000,000 tokens on a single spin on wheel of fortune slots.

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