New Token Sweepstakes and Auctions

We have new Token Sweepstakes and Auctions in the Prize CenterIf you enjoy playing our Casino Games, be sure to check them out!


For more details, read on: 

Monthly 25 Million Tokens Sweepstakes
A 25 MILLION-Token sweepstakes? It’s for real! Enter here and try to be 1 of 10 players to walk away with 2.5 million Tokens at the end of the month.

Weekly 5 Million Tokens Sweepstakes
Don’t hold back, there’s 1,000,000 Tokens on the line for 5 winners! Enter the weekly sweepstakes here.

Daily 100,000 Tokens Sweepstakes
Step right up and enter the sweepstakes. YOU could be the one to walk away with a sizeable 100,000-Token win today. Enter here.

9 thoughts on “New Token Sweepstakes and Auctions

  1. Home page says Jackpot is over 22000 dollars. Not even close. Whats up with that?????? I play from morning till night 24/7. I am very confused on how you pick winners???

    • I’ve passed your post on. I’m guessing it’s a typo for 21,000 and no one caught it. Good eye Debbie! (winning numbers are randomly generated by computer at the top of each hour)

      • Not your fault Angel. It has happened before. 21000 is a lot of money. You would think that back in tech room, whoever does all of the Big Banners, would get it right. I just wish the process of picking numbers would be a little more clear in the rules. Just saying. 🙂

    • Hi Mary, you’d probably be interested in other offerings in the Prize Center. You can browse through other prizes here. Use the “view” drop-down window to sort different types (sweepstakes, buy it now, etc)

  2. Hi, just wondering if there are Draws or Prize’s Canadian’s can Enter Etc…… I entered a Draw few month’s back I used some Oddies in a Draw yous were giving away 10- head phones.I read my e-mail and it Said Congladulations you Won a pair of Head phones……… I thought Wow Holy crap I really Won something……….. Only to Scroll down in that e-mail and basically say’s sorry you are Canadian.And would you like your Oddies Refunded lol…….. To good to be true, any how is there Draws or Prizes Canadians can Enter or is just for U.S.A Residents Or am I just wasting Oddies n time??? Same as Cha Ching Bingo I play huorly for Tokens but is that only for residents of U.S.A. ? Thxxxxx’s

    • Hi Bob, most of the auctions and sweepstakes Canadians (excluding Quebec) qualify for. The ones that don’t should say “available only in the US” or something along those lines. For example, magazine subscriptions are only available in the US.

      ChaChingo Bingo is open to Canada (excluding Quebec). If in doubt, scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the official rules. It’s usually in smaller, and lighter, print.

      • Ok Im North of Toronto Ont. No where near Quebec.Thought It was Odd to get a e-mail from G.SN. saying I won head phones then them saying sorry your Canadian,would you like your Oddie’s refunded….

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