40 thoughts on “Coming Soon! Get A Sneak Peek ;)

  1. Great idea ! Anything that will get me to 7 Billion + Tokens, like the player in the video has, works for me. Happy April Fool’s Day !

  2. OMG….when i started watching this, i angrily said to myself, “i won’t be playing those 2 games again”….then i got to the end and saw it was for April Fool’s Day….,LOL…that was a good one. Cudos to whoever came up with that…..loved it! LOL

  3. You got me!!!! I was thinking, wow, my FAVORITE slots game, Diamond Royale – anything with that interested me….well, never mind.. and a
    Happy April’s Food Day to you too!

  4. HA HA… That was good…but tell me is the Emergen-C sausage maker also a April Fool’s joke. I laughed like a fool, it can’t be real. Thanks for the laughs and tokens.

    • LOL Pam! Of course Emergen-C Sausage Pump is not a joke. Who would turn down delicious vitamin-fortified fruitmeat sausages? πŸ˜›

  5. My first reaction was… “Do what???????” LOL But definitely got a good chuckle at the end! LOL Good one, Scoop! Happy April Fool’s to all of you guys too! πŸ™‚

  6. GOOD ONE GSN!!! I am ALWAYS happy to get a laugh, Thanks GSN! In fact thanks for everything you do!!! In fact I only have a short time left on this earth so I have decided to leave my ENTIRE FORTUNE to the GSN Angel, it is worth about 100 Billion Dollars!!!! All yours GSN Angel!!! Happy April Fool’s Day to OUR Angel!!!

  7. I was actually looking forward to the Video Bingo . . . I click every space anyway! lol Happy oodlng . . . and fooling! 😎 πŸ˜›

  8. Excellent Ifell for it to then watched again very FUNNY LOL emergecy C also funny thought that to was April Fools joke but was not. HA HA happy APRIL FOOLS day to all good to have a laugh. Mary

  9. Ya’ll are a HOOT !
    For some reason I just felt Scoop was behind this one. (2 games in 1)
    But honestly that Emergen C one oh my gosh I was hoping that was Blarney.
    Then remembered it’s April 1st ! Ha,Ha Ha…… Cause THAT one grossed me out !!!!

  10. That’s so funny, not if it were for oodles i probably would have cried lol because i would have probably fallen for that good one.

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