April’s Most Valuable Oodler

It’s not an April Fool’s trick, we promise! Congratulations to jajbo63 on being chosen as April’s MVO. Jim enjoys a variety of offerings on GSN.com, especially the slots games. His comparison to fishing made us smile, very apt! 


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Hello GSN Oodlers.  I’m Jim from central Illinois where I’ve lived nearly my entire life.  I’m honored to be chosen the Most Valuable Oodler for April.  I haven’t been given an honor like this since eighth grade. No wonder I was caught quite off-guard when I received the email about my selection. Thank you to the GSN Oodles Team and Angel for this honor.

I just became a GSN gamer last November.  I’ve been spending hours daily over the harsh Midwest winter playing a variety of its games.  That’s what I like best about this site, the variety of games, contests, sweepstakes, promotions, and challenges.

The games I like the best are the slots.  Maybe that’s because my grandfather introduced me to slot machines when I was a very young boy. I’ve been infatuated with them ever since.  I equate them with the sport of fishing because you always believe the next cast will hook the big one.

I also enjoy the special contests and challenges like the NFL Crystal Ball: Football Challenge, the 2014 Olympics Team USA Oodlectible challenge, the Video Bingo Deluxe Clover Quest game, and the Mardi Gras Mask challenge.  I just recently began collecting Oodlectibles and have 19 in my collection folder.

And of course, there’s Angel.  GSN games wouldn’t be what it is without Angel.  She’s always there for us, answering our questions and helping heal our woes. Thank you Angel for all you do for us.  You have the perfect personality for what you do.

I’m not the best gamer for giving tips on how to win big.  I only have a token balance of 6.5M so I can’t wager very many playing slots.  And I rely heavily on the Daily Bonus to keep my token balance from being totally deleted.  It’s nothing for me to make over 100 attempts daily to view ad videos to increase my “Tomorrow” bonus token award.

So thank you again to the Oodle Team and Angel for honoring me this way.  I will display my Golden Oodle proudly.  HAPPY OODLING TO ALL!!

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      • Hi Jim , Yes I was January 2014 MVO, What a great feeling it was. I was so Honor and happy. The GSN Team ,Angel and all the players was so kind. It’s a great month you won’t forget. Good luck.

  1. Holy Smokes!!! Congrats Dad! And nice picture!!! hmm…. I have over a million tokens now, yippeeeee!!! Say hi to Mom for me:)

    • Thanks kid. Make sure Jillian and Emma see it. It’s on display in the house so you’ll be able to see it this weekend.

  2. Many congratulations, Jim, for being selected as April’s MVO. Sounds like GSN keeps you very busy and that you enjoy playing all the different games. GSN made a great selection when they chose you to receive the golden oodle!

    • Thank you Suzanne. If you don’t have one yet, I hope you’re chosen soon. It’s a really nice collector’s item.

  3. Congratulations jajbo63 ~ Jim ………On Being Selected Aprils MVO…..I Had The Honor Of Winning The MVO In November 2013…..Been A Member Since 2008….Love The Exciting Games And Friend People…..Have A Great time With That Shiny Golden Oodle ~ It`s So Cool Don`t You Agree 😉

  4. Thank you Lesli. I was very surprised considering I’ve only been a member since last November. And I can’t believe the quality look of the oodle. It’s a very shiny gold piece.

  5. Wow u are one lucky dude! I HOPE U ENJOY YOUR FAME AND FORTUNE! The Angel comments are so true. She is very helpful. Thanks to all the great people at GSN.

    • Thanks for the comments Susan. Yes, I am one lucky dude. And I plan to ride my fame & fortune for at least this month. Then it will be back to “honey do this, honey do that”. Not really, but the golden oodle will be my leverage for anything I want it to for the remainder of the month, hahaha.

      • Ha, ha, ha, ha. I have a “HONEY DO LIST” as well. LOL. Reality sets in sooner than later. No matter what u have accomplished. Especially when u have a significant other. Enjoy!

    • Thank you BCLadyRose. I’ll keep the smile if I win more often playing the slots. If you don’t have a golden oodle I hope you get one soon. They’re quite a collector’s item, sort of like an oodler’s “gold medal”.

  6. Big CONGRATS, Jim! Nice to meet another player who enjoys playing the slots as much as I do! 🙂 It was my best friend who introduced me to slots. Before her passing in 2000 we use to say we were gambling away our kids inheritance one nickle at a time. lol Love your fishing comparison! I like fishing also, so I relate! lol Again congratulations on being chosen Aprils MVO! Hope it’s a great month for you!

    • Thanks DoubleDuece for the congrats. I think the “need” to make that one more cast to hook the big one is what leads to the addiction, both in fishing and slots. So what would we do if the big one came on the first cast? Food for thought. I would love it if being the month MVO led to looser slots. Are you a MVO? If not maybe it’ll be on your horizon. Good luck and enjoy.

  7. Congrats! I’ve been using the GSN app for a while now but just getting into the website. So much more to do here! You have given me something to shoot for!

    • Thank you Laurel. I hope you like the large variety of activities on the website. You could spend the better part of a day experiencing everything it has to offer. If you are not yet a MVO I hope you get to join the club soon. Good luck and enjoy!

  8. Welcome to the MVO tribe Jim!!! Join us in our GSN chat room. We recommended you for your beautiful smile and new experiences with our jokes and puns. Once again, congrats on that golden oodle of yours and have fun with it!!!

    • Thank you Sanbull60, and all the other team members for my election into the “tribe”. I’ll have to admit I believe this is the first time my smile got me anything. The golden oodle is an amazing piece of artwork. It’s making a unique conversation piece. It’ll get its proper place on shelf with the few other awards I have.

  9. Welcome the MVO family. I humbly offer you a warm congratulations and hopefully warmer weather. Hope you and your family made it through the EF-4 tornado safely last November. Stay strong and congrats on this honor.

    • Thanks Jim for the warm welcome. It could not have been more of a surprise. The golden oodle is a uniquely rare collectible. With regards to the tornado, I live about 25 miles to the west of Washington so we were out of harms way. But the members of my wife’s bowling team are all from Washington. Three of them live right on the edge of the storm’s path. The fourth, and team captain, took a direct hit and lost everything but the clothes they were wearing and their vehicles. Luckily they were attending church services in Peoria that day and weren’t hurt. Thank you for caring.

  10. Way to go Jim,,,,,,,,,,,,, i am not gonna lie, i never heard of MVO monthly till this morning, i spend all or most of my time on slots also, congrats, i would as well display proudly for all of my friends to see, heck all of Canada if i could, lol.



    • Thanks Greg. Now that you’re aware of the award, you can get involved in some oodling yourself and maybe become a MVO also. Good luck. Do you win anything playing slots? I can’t seem to make any daily gains, that’s why I have to watch lots of videos for the free tokens.

      • Well paint me green & call me gumby, where do you or i go to watch the videos, i spend a little too much purchasing tokens when low,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i do get daily bonus as well & watch the video for extra but sometimes it does not even give me extra for watching, ot sure why.


  11. Congratulations Jim/JAJBO !
    Here > ~~ > ” Catch ” < ~ ~~~> fish >~~> analogy >~~> !
    Am glad to hear you, family and friends made it through your terrible weather.
    April showers may bring May flowers but,
    A Golden Oodle brings a winning smile !
    Congratulations again!

    • Thank you Mindy. The April showers have already begun, and more are expected this week. And I don’t think the frost is totally out of the ground yet. Are you a MOV? If not, maybe soon. Hope so. We just returned from a weekend to my wife’s state bowling tournament to find the oodle had been hidden by my granddaughters who spent the weekend, with our daughter and son-in-law, at our house while we were gone. They gave me a few clues to find it, in a pair of old hiking boots. But it’s still shining as bright as ever. And so will I be, at least for a few weeks more. Gook luck playing, and have fun “oodling”.

  12. Congratulations Jim/JAJBO !
    Here > ~~ > ” Catch ” > ~ ~~~> >~~> >~~>
    It’s the keys to the Oodle Mobile.
    I had the honor of being March’s MVO! Insert BIG smile here !
    I apologize for the delay but two things have happened.
    1. With the last two snow storms here in VA I had to get it all shiny for you.
    2. Who can think with the ChanChingo jackpot being so high!
    I normally have my Oodle right next to my computer but, with the jackpot so high I must confess I take my laptop with me almost everywhere I go so I can take advantage of every available minute to put myself in.
    Am glad to hear you, family and friends made it through terrible weather.
    It certainly has gone crazy all over the place.
    I’ll leave with this thought,
    April showers may bring May flowers but,
    A Golden Oodle brings a winning smile !

    Congratulations again!

    * Little footnote- My computer did a “Glitch” and only sent part of message through…so sorry if it shows up twice. had to do a re-do..
    Maybe because I too have it on day & night for ChaChingo !

    • Obviously I responded to your first comment before reading the second one. And I apologize for not recognizing your name having just received the honor last month. A big taste of shoe leather for Jajbo63!! The ChaChingo Bingo jackpot is rather attractive. But I never win money pots so I’m just hoping to match four numbers sometime. lol

      • No worries and no shoe leather for Jajbo63.

        ~ ~ Anyways sounds like you literally had “Oodles” of fun with your granddaughters there! ~ ~

        As for the ChaChingo Bingo jackpot ; one can dream and the up side really is with so many people playing we get a lot more of those………
        ” when someone matches 4 numbers, you’ll score 500 Tokens and 50 Oodles!”
        ..enjoy that Oodle!

  13. Good job! Your approach to the site sounds soooo much like mine – nice to know that there are others out there like me. 🙂

    • Thank you Peggy. If you’re approach to the games is the same as mine you might want to find a better way to win. I can’t seem to make any gains in tokens or oodles. But if also you’re being very social then a golden oodle should be yours soon. So keep it up and good luck.

  14. Thank you imbigdee61(may I assume your name is Dee?). If you do a lot of oodling and socializing then I agree your turn should be right around the corner. The prize is really neat, much more than I expected. I’ve never experienced this much notoriety before either. Good luck and happy oodling!!

  15. Angel, I just noticed the April Fools joke you really did play on me. Just kidding of course, but you misspelled the name of my town with the photo on the prizes page. There is no second “h” in the name. It’s Hanna City. Is that what you call a “oodleoops”?

  16. Congrats on being this month’s MVO! GNS does a wonderful job of picking some of the nicest people to be their MVO. I always enjoy reading about my fellow GSNer’s. As I do with all MVO’s, I like to invite you to visit GSN’s chatroom at http://www.gsn.com/watchandwin it’s open Monday thru Friday from 3pm to 6pm eastern time. We’re a very small group, but we do have a good time in there. Hope you can join us in there soon.

    • Thank you Lois for the kind words. I’ll give your invitation strong consideration. I’ve never been much of a “chatter”, and with warmer weather appearing sending me outside more I make no promises, but we’ll see. Again, thanks for the congrats. My relatives are still commenting about my oodle.

    • Thank you Kenny. It sure was a complete surprise. It is still causing comments from family. It has been the highlight of my month so far. If you don’t have one yet, I hope it comes along soon. Happy Easter.

  17. How do you win the golden oodle? i have been playing on here for 3 years ,almost 10-12 hours a day. i never won it.seems like a ripoff that a new member wins it.

    • Hi William. Longevity has nothing to do with being an MVO. We look for positive, interactive players and sometimes they are people who’ve been around a long time, and other times they can be newer members. The only qualification is they should love GSN.

      If you’d like to be considered for MVO, please make your presence known to us! Participate on Facebook or Player News. Help others, answer questions, give game tips, etc. Whatever your strong suit is. You can also drop me an email and tell me about yourself and why you should be in the running.

  18. Dear William:

    As the rules state just help others and make yourself known. I am a long time member and player. I have won MVO for a day, which I thought was great! Keep working my fellow oodler, you too may win! Wish you all the perseverance that you need to win! Happy Oodling.

  19. Congrats, sir !!! Great photo. Isn’t it nice to have something FUN to do when the weather’s not right, or we’re still in the throes of WINTER !? Happy for you and many more returns of your HAPPY DAY !

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