2 thoughts on “April Fools’ Oodlectible

  1. What’s with the trivia schedule today? Would’ve been nice to get a notice it was changed. . . . I’ve missed two so far because of it. 🙁 Like the oodlectible, though. 🙂
    Happy oodling! 😎

    • Ah shoot, I’m sorry. We posted on Facebook and Twitter: “April Fools’ Fun Trivia: Peanut butter is made up of what kind of nuts? We know this is a VERY HARD question, so to make up for it, visit GSN.com for 6 more equally hard questions today. http://po.st/gnwekl” But only one is unavailable (the first normal posted one of the day). You can still answer the Mary question and four i’s. 🙂

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