25 thoughts on “April Fools’ Fun Trivia

  1. Hey no foolen’ here. If I hit the chachingo bingo I will buy the chick in the photo a ticket for a game of her choosing! LOL

  2. Hey Angel, all kidding aside. I know the answer but I click on the link given and its not showing up. It’s 5:34pm on April 1st. Really this isnt a joke,ok?

    • love2playnindy, you can find the Oodles Bonus Trivia questions under My GSN >To-Dodoles. I’m not sure why the link doesn’t work unless it only works if you’re logged on to GSN.com.

  3. I didn’t see the question about Mary’s sisters either – by the way the answer is Mary – but I did see other trivia questions and really enjoyed them – Thanks!!!!

  4. I went to the link and the question didn’t come up for me either was that just an april fools day question? to mess with us. there was another question what is tall when young and short when old. the answer to that is candle.

  5. I have tried several times and it does not work for me either. I have tried the link and manually going to bonus trivia. Hopefully it will show up tomorrow. The riddle is a fun trivia method.I’d like to see more of.

    • Michelle, was there a red check over it perhaps? (trying to figure out why people couldn’t see the trivia button)

    • Susan-MrMagoo, the Daily Bonus Trivia expires after a few hours. Not all the questions are available all day long.

    • I kept trying and trying to find the place over and over that I could not think and read the question so quickly to try and think of an answer. This was a bad April Fools joke. Looking for the place and putting so much pressure on us to try and find the place that one could not even think. Bad GSN! That’s all I have to say.

      • Susan-MrMagoo, I’m sincerely sorry for any confusion, but the place to find the trivia is the same as all the other daily trivia. My GSN > My To-Dododles > Oodles Bonus Trivia.

  6. Yesterday, i received an email about earning 400 oodles on April 1, was this including the secret word? I only counted 7 questions(including secret word), so i must have missed a question somehow. And out of the 7, i botched 2 of them; i blew the question about Mary’s father’s fifth daughter…i answered Nunu…lol… that’s what happens when you get fooled….lol
    Happens all the time when eyes are open and brain is sleeping…lol
    Really enjoyed the fun yesterday!

    • Hi 2jellybeans, I asked about the email. It was one sent to advertise a Token sale (kitty with yarn wrapped around it picture?) and there was a PS message of “Check out the Oodles Bonus Trivia today for goofy questions up to 400 Oodles”

  7. Now it’s the Stanley Steemer ad. I knew it wouldn’t work once I saw the 1, 2 & 3 and the social theater logo. I was right.

  8. The bonus questions are great. lol the answer was in the first line – “April Foolsโ€™ Fun Trivia: Maryโ€™s father has 5 daughters: …..” I wish they could stay up longer. I tried to answer Mary too, and it went blank.

  9. Hi there, don’t know if I got an answer- I looked yesterday and finally found this area again! I did get my daily yesterday and today. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!
    P.S. I was going to answer Nunu to that question too and as soon as I read it and went to put the answer in, poof! it was gone…maybe next time. See ya sometime tomorrow!

  10. OMG…I just scrolled up to look again to see if your reply was there and I saw that trivia question again…it’s Mary…HELLO!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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