$4,392 ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot Winner

Congratulations scarpino  on your $4,392 GSN ChaChingo Bingo win on 4/18/20! We’re very excited for you. This is what scarpino had to say:   “Dear GSN    I have been playing Bingo for about 2 years and I never won in till now. thank you so much.” Pick your numbers here for a chance at winning too!


3 thoughts on “$4,392 ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot Winner

  1. Congratulations scarpino!! How exciting for you! Your perseverance paid off, after playing ChaChingo for 2 years! 🙂

  2. Congratulations scarpino – On your totally awesome win.
    Now that’s certainly a way to ring in the spring !
    Sounds like Good Friday was indeed a Good Friday for you!

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