Weekly Winning Auction Bids 4/21/14 –4/27/14

Auctions  End Date Username Bid
$100 Ruby Tuesday eGift Card 4/24/2014 maryjocamp 438,050
$100 TJX Gift Card 4/21/2014 NY2010 450,500
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/26/2014 wereinhouston 326,117
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/21/2014 arline36 190,125
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/23/2014 marcelacoborubio3 185,000
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/22/2014 rachelrunt 184,429
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/27/2014 cwotrafficman 184,001
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/24/2014 jamesskd.myp1 183,666
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/25/2014 magicd432 182,075
Daily 100,000 Tokens Auction 4/22/2014 praesdbscs 350,678
Daily 100,000 Tokens Auction 4/26/2014 jdillard9 160,000
Daily 100,000 Tokens Auction 4/27/2014 adrongo 155,000
Daily 100,000 Tokens Auction 4/23/2014 hallrx 110,000
Daily 100,000 Tokens Auction 4/24/2014 Schilshannon 103,000
Daily 100,000 Tokens Auction 4/21/2014 Mandybo 26,000
Daily 100,000 Tokens Auction 4/25/2014 momficks64 25,000
Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender 4/21/2014 beantgill 200,001
QOOQ 1-Year Pass Auction 4/24/2014 IvyHendricks 102,177
QOOQ 1-Year Pass Auction 4/22/2014 jigsawdonna 100,000
QOOQ 1-Year Pass Auction 4/25/2014 rcsmith2003 20,118
QOOQ 1-Year Pass Auction 4/21/2014 rudyhaas.myp 20,001
QOOQ 1-Year Pass Auction 4/27/2014 bagouch 10,000
QOOQ 1-Year Pass Auction 4/23/2014 rudyhaas.myp 5,001
QOOQ 1-Year Pass Auction 4/26/2014 Cashmouthy 2,650
Udderly Smooth Daily Auction 4/25/2014 sandradavis444444444 216,000
Udderly Smooth Daily Auction 4/23/2014 Josephy2008 200,000
Udderly Smooth Daily Auction 4/26/2014 davis10101 173,001
Udderly Smooth Daily Auction 4/27/2014 schaeferdisney 170,676
Udderly Smooth Daily Auction 4/24/2014 ruatwin2 123,456
Weekly 1 Million Tokens Auction 4/27/2014 gahoffman 500,000
Sweepstakes  End Date Username  
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/25/2014 juliannemau.myp
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/26/2014 cynlakedav
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/27/2014 suebryant1947
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/21/2014 papertrained
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/22/2014 roamingrocminstrel
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/23/2014 SoCal16
$25 Daily Gift Card Sweeption 4/24/2014 bornagainvickie
Daily $250 Sweepstakes 4/25/2014 stevenmhm.myp
Daily $250 Sweepstakes 4/26/2014 trackstar039
Daily $250 Sweepstakes 4/27/2014 castlepokemetroid
Daily $250 Sweepstakes 4/21/2014 leisa72
Daily $250 Sweepstakes 4/22/2014 ClevelandPanthers
Daily $250 Sweepstakes 4/23/2014 cindy4bunches
Daily $250 Sweepstakes 4/24/2014 Court561
Daily 100,000 Tokens Sweepstakes 4/25/2014 dranger49
Daily 100,000 Tokens Sweepstakes 4/26/2014 jgppotsy
Daily 100,000 Tokens Sweepstakes 4/27/2014 gutven
Daily 100,000 Tokens Sweepstakes 4/21/2014 abcd7842
Daily 100,000 Tokens Sweepstakes 4/22/2014 twh2
Daily 100,000 Tokens Sweepstakes 4/23/2014 ruthie0514
Daily 100,000 Tokens Sweepstakes 4/24/2014 IDONTWANTTODOTHIS
Weekly 5 Million Tokens Sweepstakes 4/27/2014 granmy
Weekly 5 Million Tokens Sweepstakes 4/27/2014 bookenwall
Weekly 5 Million Tokens Sweepstakes 4/27/2014 nickelcarter
Weekly 5 Million Tokens Sweepstakes 4/27/2014 cwatler
Weekly 5 Million Tokens Sweepstakes 4/27/2014 broken62
Weekly Game Credit Sweepstakes 4/27/2014 Jim42353

Score a trip to Vegas, 4 nights in the Luxor Hotel, and $1,000 cash!

Feel like a pharaoh and spend like one too when you help us celebrate the launch of Treasures of Cleopatra SlotsEnter the Pharaoh’s Getaway here for a chance at a trip to Las Vegas, $1,000 cash, and 4 nights at the Luxor Hotel! 

One lucky winner and a friend will fly to Las Vegas and stay at the luxurious Luxor Hotel. Enter now: Sweepstakes closes midnight ET on 5/21.TC_email

Trouble Playing Treasures of Cleopatra Slots? Please Read

treasures_of_cleopatra_slots_pr_tracker_270x133We sincerely apologize if you’re having trouble accessing Treasures of Cleopatra SlotsThis is being looked in to, but in the meantime there are a couple things you can try that’s proven successful for others. 

You can first try logging out of GSN.com, close and reopen your browser, and then log back in. Be sure to actually close and re-open your browser window, not just log out.

If that is not successful, please try clearing your browser cache. You can find information on how to do that here.

Again, know we’re investigating this. We may have a rogue mummy on the loose, and we’ll try to tie up these loose ends as quickly as possible…  Get it? Tie up loose ends? Mummy wrappings?  No?    *cricket chirps*

Announcing Treasures of Cleopatra Slots!

There’s a lot of gold in ancient Egypt and now’s your chance to have it all. Spin for pyramid WILDs, bonus rounds, and Token jackpots in the NEW Treasures of Cleopatra Slots!

Win Tokens Every Day: Play 100 spins each day 4/28-5/4 and earn 10,000 Tokens each day. Play all 7 days and get 70,000 Tokens!

ALSO, Cleopatra’s graciously giving out Tokens to get started: Redeem promo code TOCPARTY for 5,000 free Tokens. Each player can redeem only one time and the promo code will expire on 5/4 at midnight ET.


Education/Tips & Tricks:

  • In the bonus round you’ll get to pick 6 tiles – some might have Token prizes hidden inside!
  • Cleopatra’s portrait is the jackpot symbol, and can be combined with WILDs to make big jackpots easier to hit!
  • The minimum bet is 20 tokens per line.

Free Oodles and Token Video Issues Being Looked In To

We’re very sorry for the issues with the Oodles Chest and Token Monkey lately. These are being looked in to, but a number of the problems seem to be on the provider’s end with bad ads in the rotation. We’re working with the company to figure out a way to track these down and remove them so videos play properly.