5 thoughts on “Pick Your Play For 125 Oodles

  1. This promo is not working for me Tried to play it with wheel of fortune slots and a drop down ad for Samsung appeared 10 times and I could not get it to stop. Tried both the green arrow for receive tokens and the No Thanks option but neither way helped to stop the repeated ad and let me start the game Very frustrating !!

  2. This is a great way to try some of the games we don’t normally play, and still pocket some Oodles along the way!! Thanks GSN!!! 🙂
    Hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful week!!!

  3. does that mean u can play 1 game of Wheel Of Fortune Bingo(it has 30 spins),and u will get 125 oddles,but u have to play each day. or 25 games of it

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