Extended Daily Break Deal!

dailybreak1lTake some time for yourself! If you didn’t get a chance to try Daily Break yesterday, we extended our special Token promotion. You can score 3,000 Tokens & 300 Oodles in just a few minutes. Play now. Note: If you played yesterday, you will get a regular challenge today.

UPDATE  3/31: We realize people are not getting a new challenge, nor have been credited yet for yesterday’s. We’re reaching out to the Daily Break team to get this resolved. Thank you for your patience! 

25 thoughts on “Extended Daily Break Deal!

  1. I played yesterday and tried to play a different regular challenge today and it takes me back to home page. So it’s not working properly.

  2. played yesterday …cant play again because site still says I’m finished. didn’t mention the tokens just the 300 oodles. 🙂

  3. I played the Daily Break on 3/30 for the 300 Oodles & 3K Tokens, but on 3/31 it’s the same Daily Break as on 3/30. No “regular” one available – as of 3/31 @ 3:35 am CST.

  4. Didn’t get the 300 oodles from yesterday and it shows the same daily break for today and it shows completed! So no new daily break today and no credit for yesterday! I am playing on the latest version of windows, google chrome and flashplayer, etc. Have a great day everyone!

  5. Good morning Angel
    I guess i’m one of the lucky ones because i did get my 300 oodles credit for yesterday’s daily break, but, then checked my token history and didn’t get the 3000 tokens bonus.
    Yesterday’s completed game is still showing on my page; will you post when the new daily break is available?
    Also, since so many of us watched the Sabotage movie trailer without getting any oodles or token credits (for the ones who watched for tokens) will GSN give us complimentary oodles/tokens for the effort?

  6. I completed yesterdays for 300, and I had the new game challenge open up for me today. Only problem was, after getting part way through, it wouldn’t let me finish. After 3 minutes of waiting, and waiting, the screen just went white. Nothing else happened. When I finally clicked back to My GSN, and clicked on Daily Break, the only thing that appears now is yesterdays challenge saying “Finished”.

  7. The new challenge appears for me. At first glance it looks the same, with the note that I earned 300 oodles. But just under that, in the same box, is a message that says something like, “ready for your new challenge,” with a button to click to start a challenge titled. “What City Should You Live In?”

  8. I,m not sure where to post this,but,for the month of March I recieved the ooddles chest 173 time for a total of 8,650 ooddles!! Thank you SO much GSN for this fun way to earn oddles!

    • Hi stellawalker, I’m pleased to let you know you’ve gotten them every day for at least the last 12 days. This post explains how to check for your Daily Bonus credits, as well as just being able to keep track of your Token or Oodles transactions in general: http://playernews.gsn.com/?p=4163.

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