A Golden Oodle Goes To Florida

Recently, Jessica from marketing visited her grandparents in Florida, and brought her trusty Golden Oodle along. Fun fact, her grandparents have four adorable Yorkshire terriers. This is Zac:


What a fun, and huge, chess set!  Who likes to play? Also, can you spot the Golden Oodle? If you click on the picture it will pop out in a larger view: 


The Golden Oodle is a fan of water safety:


Jessica and her family visited Walt Disney World too. Here is Jessica’s sister at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. Love her happy smile! In the background is the Main Street railroad station:


Oooh, another “find the Golden Oodle” mystery. Can you spot it among these treasures from Adventureland? Remember, you can click on the picture to make it pop out larger:


After enjoying the Magic Kingdom they headed over to EPCOT. The 18-story sphere pictured with the Golden Oodle is Spaceship Earth. Did you know this is actually a ride? It takes you on a journey through time that explores mankind’s technological advances over the centuries:


Ahoy, Captain Mickey:


Thank you for sharing your trip pictures with us, Jessica! Scroll down to see where the Golden Oodle was hiding in the chess and Adventureland pictures:





7 thoughts on “A Golden Oodle Goes To Florida

  1. Thanks for sharing your Florida visit with us Jessica! Looks like a fun time! Great job of hiding the Golden Oodle! I especially liked the Adventureland Challenge! Zac sure is a cutie! Must be fun at your grandparents house with 4 of the little critters running around!

    Have a great weekend everyone!! 🙂

  2. I spent forever trying to find the oodle on the chess set. THANKS for also publishing the “answers”. Not finding it on the chess set was going to drive me CRAZY!

    Thanks to Jessica for sharing her vacation with us. Looks like FUN!

  3. Well by the looks of it and as they say “a fun time was had by all” .
    Thanks for sharing some of your “Oodle” adventure/vacation pic’s with us.
    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again
    It’s great when a group comes together, and ya’l at GSN do seem to have fun!
    Thanks Jessica for sharing – that was fun – ! : > )

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