8 thoughts on “Secret Word Time Change for Week of 2/17

  1. Thanks for the heads up!! I’ll be at work,so at least i won’t be looking for the “Secret Word” until my supper break around 9pm…

    • Hi Eva, the secret word is posted M-F at 3pm ET (although 7pm ET NEXT week) on http://playernews.gsn.com/ (look to the far right of the page). It’s also said on TV around that time. Once the secret word for the day is posted, go to My GSN >To-Doodles and click on Daily Bonus Trivia. There you can answer the secret word for Oodles. It’s available to answer until Midnight ET.

  2. I did not know where to post this since the Wheel of Fortune promotion is not showing on player news, but i was wondering if anyone was experiencing troubles with the counter? I had to spin 197 times to get credited 150 spins on the counter. I first noticed this after midnight when my first 25 spins didn’t register at all.

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