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promo1lNot only is it Friday, it’s also the end of the month. Spring is just around the corner! Has it been a long, cold winter where you live too? I know some areas of the country have been downright frigid. 

This week we started a new promo code feature. We kicked it off with an offer of 5,000 free Tokens! If you haven’t collected them yet, read how to do it here. The 5,000 free Tokens are available until 3/5. We’ve also had a few questions relating to promo codes. To find out what these are, as well as the answers, keep reading: People wondered if there would be new promo codes daily. Generally there will not, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen. Promo codes will become available as our marketing team creates events.

Sometimes promo codes will be for free Tokens, but they can be for other things too. Our marketing team has a lot of fun ideas, and they’re very excited to utilize promo codes in the future. I for one really enjoy what they come up with! (I love spin-a-thons).

Another question, or perhaps concern, is we said in the introductory post here: “More promo codes are on the way, so be sure to keep checking your email, @GSNcomGames on Twitter, and GSN.com Games on Facebook for more offers.” and a few people have responded with:  “But I don’t have Twitter or Facebook. How can I get the codes?”

There is no need for you to to have Facebook or Twitter. You’ll get the promo codes if you are signed up for the newsletter. You can check and see if you are subscribed under your account settings.

Go to My GSN > My Account, scroll down and look under “Email Notifications.” Be sure “Yes, I want to receive e-mails about games, Oodles and Tokens” is checked, and save. If you do have it checked, and you’re not getting the mailings, please check your spam folder.

We’ll also post most of the promo codes on Player News, and in mantles on the home page, but here’s a little insider information – I was told sometimes there may be special codes or sales just for people who are subscribed to the newsletter. I think that’s a good incentive to subscribe!

Hopefully this answers more of the promo code questions that have been asked. I hope you have a lovely (and warm!) weekend. Take care.  🙂

GSN Angel



8 thoughts on “Oodletorial – Promo Codes

  1. I’m in California, where we’ve had a drought. I’m happy its been raining quite a bit over the past few days.

    I enjoy promo codes, and I’m staying warm watching and playing on GSN.

  2. So what is today’s promo code. I have looked for 1 1/2 hours, Grrrrrrrrrr. March1 promo code can anyone help me out?

    • Cheryl, there will not be a new promo code every day. There was one today that went out in emails, as well as was posted here. Click here to get it.

  3. …just got my CODE from the scrolling Banner on main page. Entered it at the MGS page and got my 5,0000 Tokens !
    Thank You ……….. Yay

  4. I have over 49,000. oodles. I need a Flash Player. On this I pad , Apple does not allow one. There are a lot of Cash games I can not play. What do I do with all of these oodles. Give me an answer.

    • Hi Dike, if you’re on an iPad, you may want to switch to mobile games. You can download the ap here. You don;t use Oodles to play the games. You use them to redeem for prizes (Auctions, Sweeps, etc) in the Oodles Prize Center located here. You can read more about Oodles here and here.

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