14 thoughts on “Daily Break Credit Issue for 2/25

  1. Thank you for posting this Angel because i was going to write player services and ask why, but couldn’t remember what the Daily Break was yesterday. I do know it states credit will happen within 48 hours, so thought i was going to have to wait before i contacted them.

  2. 48 hours later and I wasn’t credited for the 2/19 DailyBreak . . . contacted Player Services and received note there was a delay for crediting that day . . . received credit yesterday. I have faith! 🙂

  3. I had contacted Player Services on this. Should all parties contact Player Services for a resolution? Or will GSN sort this out and reward the 75 oodles accordingly? Thanks,

    • There’s no need to contact Player Services since they’re aware of it. All partied will be credited when Daily Break fixes what happened. 🙂

    • Not to mention the fine print that crediting “should” occur within 48 hours, so no one should be contacting Player Services for a Daily Break issue until the third day after it was completed. . . . And with the blog notice for this particular day, a longer wait period should be anticipated. Thanks Angel!

  4. Hi Angel,

    I did receive credit for the Daily Break on 2-25!
    I did notice however, that on the My GSN page a small box appeared with a promo code tag next to it. Any idea what this is? Thank you, Peter

  5. Would like to know what is going on with Wheel of Fortune game. Yesterday I had over a million and a half tokens and played down to 250,000 tokens with only 1 wheel spin and 2 free spins of which gave me 600 tokens. I enjoy the game but if you are going to run my score down to where you want me to buy tokens you have another quess coming as I will get out of this site and let all my friends that play what is going to happen to them before they get hooked.

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