Thursday Power Hours: 500 Easy Oodles

Oodlers rejoice! For the next 4 Thursdays, 3pm ET to 8pm ET are Power Hours. Β Play just 50 spins of ANY slots game each hour and get 100 Oodles. Don’t miss out, 500 Oodles are on the line! You can find details on My GSN starting at 3pm ET each of these Thursdays.


21 thoughts on “Thursday Power Hours: 500 Easy Oodles

  1. Again, would’ve appreciated 24 hour notice for this, but I was fortunate enough to log-in during the 3-4pm EST hour to catch the beginning of the promo. It seems almost too good to be true!
    Happy oodling! 😎

    • Brenda, I understand that which is why we also post on Player News. I also believe an email goes out form marketing right before the event.

      • It just gets annoying that facebook and twitter keep getting brought up like they are the be all to end all ,the only place WE all play

        • No, They’re just another means of communication, and in some cases community. People definitely don’t have to be on them, and mentioning them doesn’t take away from Player News.

          • This was wonderful. thanks. the only bad thing was it would not let you play the 8 p.m. one. so you only get 400 oodles. but i am quite happy with that.

            thanks again!
            happy oodleing

  2. I still haven’t gotten any emails about it, (yes, my accnt is set to receive emails) and I’m also not on social media sites, but at least I know about this now. I missed out on all but 1 round. I’ll be happy with the 100 oodles I got πŸ™‚ Thnx!

  3. What about the west coast? That’s only till 5pm here and for those of us that work, we can’t even get to login till at least 6pm pacific time, thats 9pm et. There should be seperate promo’s for each time zone. Also, if there had been more warning, I was off today but didn’t know so logged in at my regular time. very disappointing

    • This is why I keep mentioning that 24 hours notice would be nice. . . . We now have a week’s (plus) notice for the next few weeks, but only 10 hours for the first round? I can’t imagine this promo was just conceived the day before. . . . Or maybe it was? lol
      I only express this in the interest of fairness. Thanks for all you do, Angel! Happy oodling!! 😎

      • They don’t want it advertised too far in advance. I’m happy I can post it first thing in the morning! If people check out Player News during the day they should get the latest updates.

  4. I wish they would do it at a different time as I had to work during the hours it was available. maybe they should do it on a sunday. it starts at noon and ends at 5 in California and most people I know work those hours.

  5. I missed it! πŸ™ I am on FB AND Twitter, but didn’t see anything about it until a lil bit ago via the Twitter Feed in the Oodles scratchers game. It’s ok though……….
    CUZ I JUST WON 30,000 OODLES FROM A SCRATCHER BABY, WOOHOO!!! (Doin a BIG happy dance, lol!)
    The crazy thing is, I have bought a grip of em & never had any luck, I almost always end up in the hole. The most I’ve won after the cost of the tickets was a few hundred oodles. So, when I bought this ticket, I’d decided it’d be my last, cause I was tired of throwing away all my oodles! Talk about perfect timing…TYSVM GSN!!! XXOO <3

  6. Yes 6-10 pm would help or a Sunday, well Thanks GSN, but “Thursday we have a date, & forgive me for being late.” πŸ˜‰

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