Retiring Question of the Day & Starting a New Oodletunity

way_to_win_questionAs of tomorrow, the Question of the Day will be retired. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We still have 4 Oodles Bonus Trivia questions, and there will now be at least 1 question per day, 7 days per week, that’s live for 24 hours. We will still post the question that’s live for 24 hours on the Games Facebook and GamesTwitter as we used to do with Question of the Day.

 Plus, we know you love free Oodles so we’re introducing a NEW way to earn MORE! 

Just look for this surprise Oodletunity in your To-Doodles:


or on the All Games page:free2

and watch a brief message – it’s that easy. You never know when it’ll pop up (it’s like the Token Monkey that way) , so keep checking in all day for multiple Oodletunities!

94 thoughts on “Retiring Question of the Day & Starting a New Oodletunity

  1. I was trying to redeem my free spins, was awarded the basket feature but it never allowed the game to begin. I only have 19 spins left and don’t want to chance loosing them for nothing. Please assist me?

    • Hi Dixie, please contact Player Services for account assistance. They can investigate this for you. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

    • i would like to see more of the night owl specials. i stay up pretty late quite often playing on gsn website.. love it but want more oddletunities….

  2. I have seen the “Oodle” chest a few times already. Yeah , yes have clicked on it and received Oodles…. again Yeah ….
    I have not seen it on the All Games spot (unless this area is brand new) but probably more a matter of me not paying attention….. That is usually where I see the “Token” Monkey.

    * ) 2014 is proving to be very interesting around here !

    It’s all GOOD! Thank You Thank You

    • mindytbl, on the all games page, look across the top where it says “Today’s Oodletunties”. The Token Monkey shows up along the side of the page.

      • Angel – (me) not paying attention…the Home spot is where I see token Monkey.
        Thanks ! Now I GO to “all games” and LOOK for Monkey…am using for most part small lap top so it CUTS off Screen and my opportunity to see and take advantage of my extra (token) bonus’s… will pay better attention !

        Thanks again Angel I’ve already gotten extra tokens. YEAH !

  3. Thank you for providing more opportunities to get Oodles. I love entering the sweepstakes, auctions, etc and buying collectibles… so I need all the Oodles I can get (I’m not that good at WINNING Oodles, sigh!!!)

  4. Ok, now i’m confused…they’re retiring the question of the day, but a question will still be available 7 days a week….isn’t this the same thing? Will it be on here also, or only via Facebook and Twitter? Lastly, what if you’re not on Facebook or Twitter?

    • 2jellybeans, I can see how it’s a little confusing. QOTD is going away because it felt redundant to have two trivia buttons under To-Doodles. So that button is going away, but we’re making the first Oodles Bonus Trivia question of the day live for 24 hours (like how QOTD was). It doesn’t matter if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, as the question itself will be under Oodles Bonus Trivia. We just know people like answering them on those platforms and were reassuring they would still get a daily trivia question. Plus, QOTD was the only trivia live on weekends, and we don’t want to remove the weekend trivia, so we’ll be getting ONE trivia question those days, again, to be answered under the Oodles Bonus Trivia button. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks Angel, that helped…. Just glad to know the question will be available on here because i don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account.

      • Angel, it looks to me as if we lost the opportunity to get 50 oodles a day with the QOTD being removed. Looking at my oodle history, i would answer 2 questions on bonus trivia shortly after midnight; in the morning when i logged back on there would be another question; then answer the QOTD, then wait for the secret word for a total of 5 oodle earning opportunities. Today so far there’s only been 4 opportunities, unless they’re posting another question later…are they?

    • Hi Wagz911, They will automatically be credited by end of day on Mon on 2/3. What they mean by “redeem”, is redeem your Oodles for it – basically buy this Oodlectible and you’ll win something Monday 🙂

        • Hi Tracy Lee, if you get the Chinese New Year Oodlectible, the system will automatically credit you between 5,000 and 1000,000 Tokens end of day, Monday 2/3. Also, the Prize Center Team awards Oodles to people each month who buy certain Oodlectibles. It’s always a surprise which Oodlectibles qualify. They announce it in the Oodletorial that goes out in email each month.

  5. Well,glad to read that it will be available to those of us who do not Facebook or Twitter,. In my job those formats are way too much of a security risk for me for my clients to find me,I will never be found on those two places.

    • christy044, it doesn’t. We post it on Facebook and Twitter, and people answer there for fun, and to help others looking for the answer so they get it right on this site.

  6. glad for more opportunities to earn oodles and tokens. i have been clicking on the monkey but more often than not the video won’t load or if the question is do you have ____ and my answer is no i get no credit. Also, the oodle found on the more oodletoonities on all games page when i click on it the video doesn’t load most of the time. I’ve tried on iexplorer9 and also on firefox. No difference. i will contact gsn help is this glitch continues tomorrow. i’m just letting you know now probably because i’m a bit frustrated. When the tokens monkey first appeared this also happened but it finally was corrected so i’m sure this will be also. ~I’m just sayin’.

    • Hi mixter99, please contact Player Services for account assistance. They can investigate this for you. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

    • mixter99, I have problems with the survey questions when I say no and also the videos loading with the monkey. I take a screen shot of it, download that to my Word, then I contact customer service and show them my screen shot. They in turn credit me with the 1,000 tokens I would have received. They always ask me to report these things and are very helpful.

  7. Hello, I just found the oodle bonus on the all games page. When I clicked on it it said sorry not available anymore. Is this because it hasn’t actually started yet?

    • Hi backintheday, it’s already started. You may want to contact Player Services for account assistance. They can investigate this for you. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  8. GSNAngel, I love love earning free oodles with this brand new oodletunity!!! I also like to comment that I love the new treasure chest with oodles in it. It’s awesome under my GSN and I’m getting multiple of these every day.

    GSNAngel, how often and the times does the oodle chest appear in everyone’s my GSN section? Could everyone get a schedule as to the times the oodle chest appears every day? I’m just curious if it will appear more often in the morning. If not, it is sometimes or not always more often in afternoon times?

    • Hi sanbull60, glad you’re getting it a few times a day. That said, this is exactly like the Token Monkey. Some days you may see it (maybe more than once), some days you may not. It will show up when it does. There is no set schedule, and we don’t even know since it’s a sponsored event.

    • Hi Helen, the secret word is posted M-F at 3pm ET on (look to the far right of the page). it’s also said on TV around that time. Once the secret word for the day is posted, go to My GSN >To-Doodles and click on Daily Bonus Trivia. There you can answer the secret word for Oodles. It’s available to answer until Midnight ET.

    • Hi Dena, I’m sorry, I forgot to live link Facebook and Twitter. I’ve updated it in the original post, but you can find the link to our Games Facebook page here. If you click on the link, you can “like” the page and our updates will show in your Facebook newsfeed.

  9. Makes sense, GSNAngel. I’m not too surprised about the QOTD “leaving”. I prefer this better, myself. Hey, I can go straight to Oodles Bonus Trivia, answer all my questions there now!

    Keep the Oodletunities coming, need more Oodles because I turn 18 next year (I just had a birthday yesterday 1/28)!


    • Question of the Day has been removed. There are 4 Oodles Bonus Trivia questions M-F. 1 of these questions will be “live” for 24 hours, and that question will be posted on Facebook and Twitter, the way the old Question of the Day was. For example, today’s on Facebook was:

      “Oodles Bonus Trivia: What football team was the first to play in a Super Bowl without scoring a touchdown? Like if you know!” (see how it’s called Oodles Bonus Trivia instead of Question of the Day?)

      Since the removal of Question of the Day removes all trivia for the weekend, there will now be 1 Oodles Bonus Trivia available on Saturday and Sunday on, which we will post on Facebook too.


  11. While it’s being worked on I’m also not getting any of he other pop ups of the earn oodle boxes. I’m losing more than just the 50 for the QOTD. What’s going on, or have they discontinued the extra earn oodle box entirely except for the QOTD

  12. i bought a 500 oodles scratch off and won 750 not doubled. started with 859-500=359,should have recieved another 750 but haven”t.whats up

    • Hi Dena, please contact Player Services for account assistance. They can investigate this for you. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  13. Anyone else having to log in repeatedly? I play a game and wait for my leaderboard standing, then have to log in. Also, I click ‘play game’ and have to log in. Getting a lot of ‘log in with facebook’ requests, too. I did go onto the FB GSN, but my points and oodles didn’t follow, so that was disappointing. Love GSN!

    • Hi, please contact Player Services for account assistance. They can investigate this for you. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  14. *I’ll miss it, but I’m sure whatever the new things are, they’ll be great! A shame the Daily Break points are never awarded — hope these will be!

    • Hi Joanne, you have been getting Daily Break points. I’m not seeing any missed for at least 10 days. They’re usually credited around 5am ET the following day you play. Look for “GSN Daily Challenge” under your Oodles transactions. Check out this Oodletorial, it explains how to easily check your Token and Oodles transactions, and find credits:

  15. Angel… this is not about the QotD but rather about the old message boards. When they went away, you assured us that they were going to be put back in a relatively short time. Has that been abandoned? Is this forum all that there will ever be?

    I know I’m not alone in missing the feeling of community here and the Weekend Message Board Games for Oodles.

    Thanks for listening and any information you can provide.
    Michelle (aka “Squishmar”)

    • Hi Michelle, I was very careful NOT to say anything time-wise, because I didn’t know. Here’s a link to the original thread. They are still being worked on, but I don’t have any specific information to share at this point.

      • Thanks so much, Angel. I guess what I remember you saying is that they were not going to be gone for good… but I suppose it was just wishful thinking on my part that you had implied the “relatively soon” part. Sorry!

        • Brenfore, it also shows under All Games > Today’s Oodltunities. There’s a picture of what it looks like in the screenshot above.

  16. Hi Angel…I am wondering if this has happened to others or if I am the only unfortunate one to have experienced this, TWO TIMES IN THE SAME MONTH.

    I have never missed a day since daily bonus began. I have reported this to GSN Help. Here’s the story:

    I am having a problem with the Daily Bonus. For the second time this month it has said I was not here the day before and I have received a big fat 0. The first time was 1/24. I received a nice comp in tokens from customer service as they saw I was playing on the 23rd. The counter went back to day 1 and with that my bonus tokens have also tanked with it. I was getting some pretty awesome tokens before the mishap (mostly 65,000, 75,000, 125,000, a 150,000 and a 250,000), but after, I notice all terrible numbers (29,000, 15,000, 40,000 19,000, 18,000 and 18,000 back to 0 today). Nothing like I was getting before. I think because it is seeing me as having missed and starting over?

    Has anyone else encountered problems with Daily Bonus saying they missed a day when they didn’t and then getting low bonus tokens?

    • Dear Susan-Mr. Magoo, I’ve noticed the exact same thing with the large drop in Daily Bonus Tokens amounts. I did not have the missed a day and start again at “0” thing, though. Instead of 50,000 to 100,000 I have been getting 19,000 or 23,000 daily for more than the past week. I didn’t contact player services yet, but I will if this isn’t resolved soon. I’m wondering if someone in the office is that upset that Tom Brady isn’t playing in the super bowl that they’re are taking it out on us. Who knows? Good luck to all of us and have a good day!

      • Hi Brian, Yes, that is quite a drop for you. I was taking this whole thing personally, as I thought maybe one time it could be a mistake, but twice??? That’s kind of suspicious.

        Seeing as you have also had a drop in your tokens, maybe they put someone else on to help and they just aren’t the generous sort, or maybe it is the Tom Brady thing…

  17. Hi GSN Angel, I share a concern with another gamer who posted before me that they are not seeing a “sponsored oodles bonus” , like the monkey, as this was supposed to replace the “QOTD”. I have not seen this for more than two days. This was supposed to be the viable replacement for the “QOTD”, but has this gone DOA?
    Do I need to contact tech support? Somebody Please Help!!!

    • Brian, there’s no need to contact help. It can come and go like the monkey. I’m seeing it in my own To-Doodles. If it’s been a couple days, I’d encourage you to try clearing your browser cache, or even switch browsers, and see if that helps.

        • Tried everything you suggested, and NOT!!! Cleared cache, changed browser, changed my outlook on life, checked the to-doodle list, checked that there was absolutely no oodleturnity to be found on the face of this rotten earth to replace the now-defunct “QOTD”. Tech support, do something PLEASE!!!

          • I’m sorry Brian, you’ll just have to wait then. There’s nothing tech support can do. How many times did you play it before?

          • LOL, Brian! You do keep me laughing through this rotten life and the fact that there is absolutely nothing that tech support can do…

  18. Yes…I have encountered the very same problem. I wrote in to “Help” and they awarded me extra tokens.. But it’s frustrating when this happens and it happened more than one time to me but I only questioned it once!!! Have a good day!!!!

  19. I am fairly new to GSN but spent years at WorldWinner. I have taken the time to read all your postings thinking it may answer a few ?’s I had. Now faced with Oodles, Doodles and even a “token monkey”, seems I have taken a few steps backwards…..Hard to teach this old dog ANY tricks…..LOL………
    I Shall Persevere!!!!!

  20. I used to click on the monkey for the free tokens, but it got so that they put so many tracking cookies on my computer and I had do a full system scan every time I logged off that I quit that and hope I bet this new whatever is the same way.
    I do not understand whether it is a trivia question or you need to view a ad……
    to me trivia is questions.
    If I have it all wrong I am sorry but I do not have anything to replace the daily question on my to doodles page

    • Paws64, thank you for your feedback. I’ll pass it on too! (Do you have an ad blocker? I wonder if that’s hiding the chest)

      • Thank you for your reply and I do not know about a chest, but there is a button for get free Oodles and I have tried that and gotten 50 oodles each time I clicked, and it seems 3 times in a row (or 150 oodles is the limit) until it comes up again. But again there are the tracking cookies and the oodles are not worth the fight with my anti virus. Yes I have an ad blocker and do have to pause it for the oodles since it is all about the ads they do want to make sure you watch them…

  21. Sorry if my comments were getting lively earlier, but I believe that my concerns are shared by other members as well. All of us thank you for your concern for our interests, but holy cow, must I indeed contact tech support about this disastrous oodletunity absenteeism snafu?

    • Sure you can, but there’s nothing Player Services can do as the Token Monkey and new Oodletunity are not programmed by us, they are sponsored opportunities (like the Daily Break). I have forwarded your concerned posts to the web team though, and hoping they can look in to it. Quick thought – do you have a pop-up ad blocker or anything like that?

    • Brian: I have cleared my cache, no ad blocker, tried different browsers and never have I seen the oodles chest or any opportunity to earn free oodles on the home page or all games page. I haven’t seen the Token Monkey in over a month, so you are not the only one not getting this.

      Macheska: My daily token bonus has dropped a lot lately too. I haven’t had any problems or missed any daily log ins. It might be leveling out now that everyone is getting the additional tokens. Just a thought…..

    • I just checked again and the oodles chest was there! In fact, it appeared several times in a row – maybe it was catching me up since this was the first time it showed up.

      • Brenfore: Good for you, I still haven’t seen the oodles chest or any opportunity to earn extra oodles. I will keep looking. As others have stated, my daily log-in token bonus has dropped dramatically since the launch. I am lucky if I get 20,000 a day. Reading posts from others I am not the only one experiencing this with oodles and tokens. Hope things improve soon!!! I was looking forward to the changes.

  22. Thanks Folks Really appreciate “the extras”, Do though wish: The old BINGO,dynamite, Old deal no deal were back. With the economy as it is I wish there were more opportunity’s for ca$h earnings with our Governments AND ALL the FOLKS I deal with. I don’t watch for ” the secret word” anymore, I could manage it were it given ORALLY, but I don’t wish to give up concentration on the games I’m playing on the P.C. at G.S.N. com; and since I don’t sleep well I wish secrete word were given ORALLY thru the night… as if I can’t sleep guess who’s games I’m playing thru the night. Again thanks for ALL you do … AS a U. S. Army vet. final honorable discharge dated on my birth month, day, & 07, I, MUCH APPRECIATE IT

    • Hi Retired S/Sg U.S. Army Gary Kallmann, thak you for your service. Did you know you can also find the secret word right here on Player News? The Secret Word is posted M-F at 3pm ET. Just look on the far right hand side of the page.

  23. The sound is not working on the Daily Break this morning. It is on all other programs, so do not think it is my computer. Is anyone else having this problem? It must be on to answer the questions, which sound very interesting.

  24. I’m not sure if this the right place to say this but I saw the Secret Word when it aired today 2-3-14 on GSN and it said “Abamectin” and not “Chocolate”. Chocolate appeared here on the “Player News” page but not on GSN as the Secret Word.

    • austinrules1, I’m following up with TV, but Abamectin is not even a choice, so you should be able to get it right with chocolate.

  25. The Treasure Chest isn’t there often, and then it won’t load the video to watch! 🙁 Also, Where is the daily $25. chance at a gift card? Is that gone now too???

  26. I think you’ve taken a lot of the fun out of it. My favorite games now are just for tokens. It’s not a challenge to do slots. Not everyone does Facebook, like me, I really am disappointed about all this. It’s just not a challenge to click on a monkey.

  27. Angel, I have become really frustrated with this new opportunity to earn oodles; more often than not, when i get a video to click on, i get nothing but a white or black screen; no video loads for me to click. There were a few on Superbowl weekend that i was able to access, but most of the time it’s a no go. The ones i was able to get credit for was a choice of two videos that was also on Youtube. Don’t know if it possibly has to do with the sponsor of the video or not. I’m trying to build up my oodles balance, so maybe i can win something one of these days. I feel this hasn’t been a viable replacement for losing QOTD when this is all hit or miss.

  28. I saw both the monkey TWICE and treasure chest ONCE since the treasure chest oodletunity started. I check for the treasure chest VERY frequently. I realize that you have no control over it, but still……. is it area specific? I just can’t understand why I don’t see the “chest”. I’m in Canada. Does that make a difference? Also, the daily tokens that are awarded are supposed to be random too. For a while, the amounts were jumping all 40,000 , 100,000 25,000, etc. Now it’s between 20,000 and 30,000…….oops, it says I’m supposed to get 31,000 tomorrow, I also take advantage of the opportunity to get an extra 1,000 for watching the extra video, Apparently I’ve only logged in 549 days in a row. Does this have some bearing on the amounts that are won? I do not have an ad block either. I used to, but have gotten rid of it. Also, I’ve cleared my cache the way Microsoft says to do it, unless that wasn’t done correctly. I tried it twice.

    • Hi judynaz, the only place the chest can be found is under My GSN > To-doodles, and a small banner at the top of the All Games page (both are shown in screenshots above, so that’s what to look for).

      I’m very sorry, I don;t know why you’re not seeing the chest. It doesn’t matter you’re in Canada. It’s more likely to be browser related.

      How long you’ve logged in has no bearing on how many Tokens you get. It’s just random, and there will be up and downs.

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