Chinese New Year Oodlectible

As Confucius said, “This Oodlectible is PERFECT for your Collections Box.” Celebrate Chinese New Year and grab it now! You can find it here

In celebration of Chinese New Year, we want to offer you a red envelope. Purchase this Oodlectible by the end of Chinese New Year (1/31) and win between 5,000 and 100,000 Tokens! Credit will happen by end of day Monday, 2/3.


*Only one redemption (purchase) per player – no refunds. That means if you get more than one, you will only get Tokens for the first one, so don’t waste your Oodles and redeem for more!


31 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Oodlectible

    • missie, just get the Oodlectible (but only get one!). That’s what they mean by “redeem”, redeem your Oodles for it. They will automatically be credited by end of day on Mon on 2/3.

  1. Okay – Serious suggestion – Given
    a) There are some members of GSN who prefer Oodles to Tokens
    b) GSN would like us to buy Tokens

    For those of us in the “a” group, there is little incentive for us to buy tokens. For example, for today’s promotion I could win 200 Oodles by spending 1 token per spin or 7.5M tokens per spin. What’s the incentive to spend more tokens if my goal is increasing my Oodles? But, if you increase the number of Oodles to be won based on the amount of tokens bet, then I’d be much more willing to spend some of my millions of tokens, perhaps even to the point of purchasing some. Something like 200 Oodles for 150 spins with a bet of up to 3,000 Tokens per spin or 2,000 oodles for 150 spins with a bet of over 3,000 tokens per spin? I think you would serve those of us in Group “a” and potentially increase the profits for GSN buy incentivizing us to buy tokens to increase our Oodles stash. Just my opinion of course…but I think it works…

    • Not very good for us who like tokens though. We need tokens to play the casino games, not oodles. Not everyone can afford to buy tokens.

      • Hi ladyo222, then this is perfect for those who like Tokens, as the prize for getting one of these Oodlectibles is between 5,000 and 100,000 Tokens!

        • Hi GSNAngel,. Yes, you are right and I love it when we get these chances from GSN for more tokens. These contests are just wonderful! I was referring to Diables Bleu’s suggestions in my comment.

  2. “slotgirl360, Happy (early) Birthday! Will keep fingers crossed you get Tokens you want 🙂 ”
    so everyone who redeems one doesn’t win tokens? how many will win and how many of each amount (of tokens) will be awarded?

    • Hi, the rules say: “Purchase this Oodlectible by the end of Chinese New Year (1/31) and win between 5,000 and 100,000 Tokens!”

  3. Hi GSNAngel, Could you find out if there will be a winners list posted for the 2014 new years bash sweepstakes. It ended at the end of January and I haven’t seen the results posted anywhere I’ve checked unless I’m looking at the wrong places. Thanks and have a great day!

    • Hi Doris, you were credited 50,000 Tokens at 5pm ET yesterday. Look for “Football Challenge Winnings” in your Token transactions.

    • Hi, I’m not able to find your user name so please contact Player Services for account assistance. They can investigate this for you. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  4. I am very upset – never received my 50,0000 tokens for the super bowl challenge or the 15,000 tokens for buying the Chinese new year

    • Hi Karen, you got 10,000 Tokens at 5:21pm ET on 2/3 for the Chinese New Year. I’ve asked player services to check on your Tokens for the Football Challenge (hopefully that’s who you contacted too). I also see you’ve made multiple other posts asking the same question, so I’ve deleted them. Posts are not shown until someone’s had a chance to moderate them, so no need to post more than once.

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