A Thank You To All From January’s MVO

logoTo the players & staff of GSN,

What a month it’s been for me. Being named January’s MVO has been one of the most exciting things that has happened to me recently. First, I would like to thank Angel and the rest of the staff at GSN for choosing me to be the first MVO of 2014. It was such an honor. Secondly I would like to thank all of the players who sent me kind, caring and encouraging words over the course of the month. I can never express enough how good they made me feel. Angel you make GSN ROCK!!! Without you my fellow players and I would have nowhere to turn. Thank you for being there. A special thank you goes out to the chatroom, what a wonderful bunch. Lastly, kudos to the support staff you do amazing things. You’re always there no matter what happens. 

As the tears start to flow, let me thanks to you all.
Karen H. (baitfish29)

P.S. Good luck to next month’s MVO.

6 thoughts on “A Thank You To All From January’s MVO

  1. CONGRATULATIONS KAREN!!! I to share your feelings for ALL the WONDERFUL folks behind GSN.com! And also ALL the AMAZING PEOPLE we are joined to by our enjoyment of playing ALL the delightful games GSN offers us! If you or anyone else have seen me post some harsh words towards GSN regarding some of their decisions concerning issues with their special games, let me please clarify myself. I my not agree with everything GSN decides to do but that in “NO WAY!” takes away from my GRATITUDE for the people behind the scenes at GSN! I too believe that these people are REALLY kind, compassionate and caring folks! I too do not know what I would do without them and GSN, without going into any details I am seriously ill and GSN has given a distraction from that situation. Therefore, when I read your post I could literally feel an connection to you, I can truly say I know exactly your feelings, I don’t know your situation but I can tell you I will keep you in my prayers and I am SO VERY HAPPY for you that you got this HONOR! It is well deserved!!! I wish you Love, Health and TONS of Happiness in the future!!!

    • Lucy , Thank You for all the kind and caring words. Sorry, that you are so sick, I hope you feel better soon.GSN is wonderful, Angel ,Player Services,The Chat Room and all the players. I feel like it’s one big happy family.Okay sometimes things don’t go the way you want , so you vent little.But Lucy, take one day at a time, and just keep that chin up.
      Thank You again
      Karen Herring

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