Mondo Bingo – 5 days, 50,000 Tokens

Play up to 10 cards at once and go for the ultimate bingo jackpot with the NEW Mondo Bingo! Plus, score up to 50,000 Tokens when you play today through Tuesday:

– December 20: Play 5 rounds and get 10,000 Tokens
– December 21: Play 5 rounds and get 10,000 Tokens
– December 22: Play 5 rounds and get 10,000 Tokens
– December 23: Play 5 rounds and get 10,000 Tokens
– December 24: Play 5 rounds and get 10,000 Tokens


26 thoughts on “Mondo Bingo – 5 days, 50,000 Tokens

  1. the last three new games look like a lot of fun wish I could play cant seem to get them to down load tried clearing my browser cashe did not work don’t know what else to do very disappointed

  2. Hi Angel Sweetie

    This new games is very cool. At first it was intimidating with so many cards to play at once. But, once y’all get into the swing of things, it’s so much fun to play. GSN came up with a winner with Mondo Bingo and thanks for giving us 50,000 Tokens for playing. Win, Win as I see it.

    Take Good Care My Dear Angel, Happy Holidays, MWAH, Hugs and Lots Of Luv. Think that covers it.

    PS Welcome to our GSNChatters FB Group. We’re so very happy to have y’all apart of Our Chatters Family. 0:) or O:)

  3. I don’t care for this game at all. The green pop up squares are hard for me to see. I would like it better if the squares were a brighter color.

    • I agree needs to be another color against the blue around outline, like another color family that’s not used elsewhere–HOT Pink, or may be is to busy/close together, one might try a wider highlight boarder, none the less hard to see the green around outside.
      Also thought somewhere it was stated “up to” 10 cards—one can play less, more, how’s that done?
      Play on & enjoy all the same!

  4. It’ll be the longest night of the year, heading to more daylight!!
    Anyway, on the home page “News” lower right corner believe it says 5 days 5,000 for this bingo. Which is correct 5,000 or 50,000, please?

  5. I agree with you Missie. Not for me. My eyesight is not great and it is too much work to try to see the green borders. Arthritic hands do not help either.
    More power to the ones who can play, my husband seems to like it.

  6. Hey Angel, this game is (to coin a phrase from my generation) far out and a total blast. Most fun I have had playing Bingo. I figured out during the first play if you slow the game to its lowest setting the pace is real easy to keep up with and having the number and card both highlighted is great too. MONDO BINGO ROCKS!!!

  7. The token bonus games like Mondo Bingo are great, the token monkey is terrific…but *when* is GSN going to change the winning ratio of the games so they are in favor of the player? It’s tiring spending the early hours of the morning looking for the token monkey, only to end up losing what you managed to save up in your account. If it were cash games I could understand having to purchase, but the games are ad-sponsored…and really, it’s not like Sony or DirecTV are hurtin’ for cash. I don’t even mind watching those ad spots (even the lame ones) in return for the 1000 tokens. I only wish they ran regularly throughout the day, and not during the obscure times of a day/night.

  8. Great game enjoyed playing but I’ve come back to play now tells me can’t I’m on iPad but played it before on my iPad

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance, and let them know what is happening. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

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