48 thoughts on “Log In On January 1 For A Special Gift

  1. Happy New Year everyone.thank you for the special gift.I entered the rudolphs sweeps over 100 times.Hope to be a winner.GSN is the best.Happy 2014

  2. lol- good one johnniegamshow, I wish! but, hey, we have been good this year- we deserve it! ***Happy New Year*** all GSNers. Thanks for all you do Angel & Scoop, Best of health & wealth 2014

  3. To change the subject. Usually, there are 4 Bonus Trivia Questions (including 1 Secret Word) daily. Lately I have only been getting 3 questions (including 1 Secret Word). Have the times changed as to when the questions are posted, or are there only three questions now?

    Thank you and Happy New Year to everyone.

    • Yes, the time changed on at least one question.. It used to be that the first question to disappear was at 9 am central 10 am eastern. Now the first question to disappear is at 7 am central, 8 am eastern. This is the one change I have noticed. I sleep during the night – central time, so I do not know what is happening during that time.

    • Since they changed the posting time of the SW last week, there have been two OBT posted at midnight EST, one of which “expires” at 8am EST and the other remains available all day (vis-a-vis Question of the Day).

  4. Happy New Year of 2014 everyone!!! Watch the New Years ball drop in Times Square on your own T.V. I might watch it when I have a chance.

  5. no special spin,no new game for New year. very disappointing. there was more of a fuss for Halloween. oh well,i guess it is what it is.

  6. Thanks for the special token gift for New Year’s, Maybe some people do not want tokens, but I love them. We both play games galore & need them.
    Happy New Year’s to you & all others.

  7. I have seen the secret word several times, but have no idea what it is or what to
    do with it. Can you enlighten me, please?

    • Wylene, every weekday about 3pm the secret word is on TV, and we also post it here on Player News. Once it’s posted, go to My GSN > To-Doodles and click on Oodles Bonus Trivia. From 3pm until Midnight you can answer it for 50 oodles.

  8. …..and to echo Mel ;
    A happy, healthy, PROSPEROUS 2014 !

    Thanks GSN for the special New Year’s gift!
    Now ~ THATS ~ what I’m talking about !

    • Hi Tammy, Hit’s something new they’re testing that will take the place of the daily spinner,  and it will come and go until it’s rolled out to everyone  (and then there will be a post in player news). Right now only 10% of people get it as they test.

      • I got the test bar for tokens – wondered why it disappeared today! LOL -= just read the above info post – I like that much better than the 3 wheel spinner for daily token bonus. Thanks for allowing me to be a tester – it was fun! 🙂

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