Diamond Hunt Oodlectible Game

The winning Oodlectible in the  Diamond Hunt Oodlectible Game has an animated spotlight and shines on the coal, which shows a diamond poking out of the side that sparkles. Here is a screenshot of it:  


If you have one or more of these animated Oodlectibles in your collections box, you will be credited in accordance with the rules. The prize team is having technical difficulties with the crediting tool though, and people will probably not be credited until Wednesday. Thank you for your patience!


14 thoughts on “Diamond Hunt Oodlectible Game

  1. are you kidding me? Only 2 out of 5 diamonds were correct? I’ll never fall into that trap again. I used 7,500 oodles for those stupid things that I could have been entering sweepstakes with. I am very disappointed with that game.

    • missie, the rules clearly stated: “There are 5 coal-themed Oodlectibles to choose from. They may look the same but only one will turn into a diamond.”

  2. I have never won anything and I loved that Diamond Hunt Sweepstakes, it was fun………and of course the Tokens that I received was even better!! I look forward to more sweepstakes of that kind!!! Great Job GSN………

  3. Thank You ! 🙂 What a pleasant surprise to find that one of my Oodlectibles turned into a diamond ! ~ magic ~ I thought we had a ” chance ” to win ~ I did not think it would happen . Thanx again for all the Oodles and Tokens !

  4. I have 4 winners in my collection box, but havent received anything also I was notified after my Oodle purchase of diamond coals that i was going to receive a prize in the mail in 4 to six weeks is that true? I was notified via Email! THANKS PS how do i find out more?

    • Hi, please contact Player Services for assistance. They can investigate for you. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  5. Yeah……. ~ I won ~ So glad I won…. was wondering how I’d feel with that Lump of coal in my collection Box . : > |
    Nice surprises, do sometimes happen & I bought just the 1 oppurtuninty to win .
    : > )
    Thank You for Surprise Oodles & Token prizes ! ! !

  6. If all the winners was awarded ? Why do I stll have 5 diamond collectables in my collection box. If they still in my box are they winners ????? I am confused thanks !!! Thanks Chuck Weglarz

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