Daily $250 Sweepstakes Winner – msb2584

Congratulations on your $250 win, msb2584! Here’s what he had to say:

I would like to thank the nice people at GSN for the $250.00.Thank You.

The fun and good times that my friends and i have had is worth much more than this highly appreciated prize.I would really like to thank you for the free tokens and the free oodles that you make available to everyone.

Without them i would not be able to play your excellent games and win the money that will help us to buy some oil to keep us warm this winter.Yes virginia there is a santa claus its called GSN.

Thank You,  Mark


18 thoughts on “Daily $250 Sweepstakes Winner – msb2584

    • Thank you for the nice reply i want some of my luck to rub off on you for being so nice to someone that you dont even know.what a wonderfull attitude and im sure that you will win soon.never give up thanks

    • the other reply was for bluerubie.this one is for you sorry i messed up.thank you for your nice message.people like you make my days much warmer and brighter.the responses that i get from people like you are worth much more than any prize.thanks

  1. Congratulations Mark… *<);-}
    Great way to start your New Years, maybe next time I will be as lucky as you…
    Happy New Years and have a great year…Rubie

  2. Congratulations on your win ! Waa Hooo !
    What a great way to end 2013. Yipppee!
    All good things for 2014. Game on & ((more)) Good Luck to you !

    • Thank you for the wonderfull reply. God does bless me for i have never been left wanting my needs have always been taken care of.I give credit to god for everything good or what may seem to be bad but i have found that what i may perceive as something bad or negative is just another path to what i really needed not always what i wanted.I thank god everyday for what i have because there are so many that have nothing.I live in an old terry travel trailer in the back which is blocked off to conserve heat.this is where i sleep have my computer and spend most of my time.but make no mistake about it happiness comes from above and i thank the lord every day for what i have.I get alot of pleasure in trying to help anyone i can because i feel that i have been given so much and its hard to see anyone struggling and feeling lost.I feel like a millionaire for what i have been given in my life.one of my biggest dreams is to win a large lottery prize enough to build a house a year and give to a family that needs it i pray for that but i dont play the lottery much but ill keep hopeing. Thank you again for your reply it made me smile and brightened my day and im sure that god blesses you.Its people like you that constantly confirms my belief that we are never alone.
      Thanks Mark

  3. Thank all of you for your inspiring thoughts. I wish you all happiness and good luck in all your games and in the New Year. God has blessed us to be able to enjoy our games and each other.

    • thank you for the nice note gladys. im so glad to see that their are caring people like you out there that take the time to write an encouraging note to a total stranger.thank you and remember god loves us no matter what!

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