Score 400 Oodles and 4,000 Bonus Tokens

Pull yourself out of that Thanksgiving slumber – you have rewards to collect! Pocket 100 Oodles and 1,000 Bonus Tokens when you play 10 rounds of Video Bingo Deluxe or Wheel of Fortune® BINGO. Earn each day 11/28-12/1. More details here


5 thoughts on “Score 400 Oodles and 4,000 Bonus Tokens

  1. Thank You for the Oodles and Tokens ! I hit a Mega Bingo and that was really fun . Thanx , Angel…I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. 🙂 So , keep the games coming and I’ll keep playing.

  2. I like the Video Bingo but, it’s not always my first choice to play so that was fun!
    Have not played or maybe paid attention, I see that you can’t pick your own numbers like you use to be able to do.
    Fun just the same – – –

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