13 thoughts on “Play Ghostbuster Slots for 150 Oodles!

  1. the new ghost busters game is really nice BUT ITS W_A_Y_ to expensive to play ! what r you thinking???? 1 PLAY WIPES YOU OUT; SO I VETO THIS game!!!!! the betting amounts r ridiculous. therefore I rate this game 0! thank you for trying something different

  2. I love Ghostbusters slots and love this promotion. I spun 1500 per and basically broke even. Thanks for the oodles and keeping us so well engaged!

  3. I really like the Ghostbusters game a lot it is so much fun. I live alone and you
    don’t know how much time it is to really play your games it is a really a good way to pass the time. I really enjoy all the games. Thank you

  4. I just got done playing Ghostbusters tonight and I hit the $100,000 jackpot just as I was starting to lose faith. Thanks again for a GREAT game! LOVE IT, the graphics and especially the sound effects and audio movie clips. Extremely inventive.

  5. I love the Ghostbusters game, but have found that I only win or break even when GSN is running a promo. Once the 100 spins are over my token total starts sinking. Since the introduction of this game, I have gone through half of my token supply. Please add some advertisements. otherwise I will really be busted by the ghosts, since I won’t buy tokens! I watch ads to play; it’s a fair exchange!

  6. Auto spin resets itself. I sense a pattern here. For this promo, I dropped the payline to one, and for the first time ever with a GSN game, muted the sound. I hope changes are made to improve the game.

  7. I love the game, yes it’s costly, but I usually do fairly good with the minimum bet. When it hits the bonuses they pay very well most of the time. This is a game where you can go way up or way down in a hurry and as long as I stop when it’s not paying and keep playing when it is paying, I don’t lose too much. Love the graphics!

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