Black Friday Sweepstakes and Auctions

sweeps_featured_blackfridayThis Black Friday deal gives you a chance to walk away with more than you started with!

Score more on Black Friday without even standing in line. We’ve got $10,000 in gift cards to hand out!

  • Bid every hour for $100 gift cards to, T.J. Maxx, Brinker, and Target.
  • Every 6 hours, enter the sweepstakes for a chance at $100 Visa and Walmart gift cards.

Starting Friday you can view the prizes here. Enter, and then check back every hour to secure as many chances as you can.


27 thoughts on “Black Friday Sweepstakes and Auctions

  1. Angel, other than the WalMart cards, the other sweepstakes are useless to me as we don’t have any of these places in our area. I would have to travel 140 miles to make use of them.

    I would be able to use cards, but I don’t shop there. Could they please start offering items that would be beneficial to everyone?

    Thank you,

    Flora Weaver

  2. I see that over 400,000 oodles were taken out of my account just now. I did bid on the $100 gift cards, and did put in the amount so could I assume that I won?

    • If what was removed was what you bid. Then odds are you won the auction. GSN auctions don’t work like ebay. Whatever your max bid was, that’s what is removed no matter how close the next closest bid was.

  3. I am wondering, 400,000 oodles came off my total today. I did bid on the $100 gift cards at the amount do you think that means I won? And how does one find out?

    • I don’t know if all winners will be posted since there were a lot throughout the day. If I get them, I will post them.

      No, I don’t think number of entries is part of what’s posted. You can see what’s usually posted on the winners page.

  4. Regarding auctions, my experience is that if the oodles have been deducted, then you have won. You can check “My Collections” on the “my GSN” page as it showed up in there for me when I won (although my auction win was about 6 months ago). The notification email may take a few days, but if it’s in your collection and you can see the deduction on the “My Oodles” tab, then you won. I hope that helps. Congratulations!

  5. Whoa …I bid too, also even…..
    Maybe we can make it a double “Mindy” win!
    Good Luck Mindy S ….. and also to every one else who’s in the pot also! !

  6. Yea! I won! I can not believe it. Just in time for the holidays $100 gift card to TJ Maxx! Thanks GSN! What a way to make a holiday!

    • Great going! So glad you won. the problem with these auctions is people bid way too high. It bugs me to death that people bid 500,000 for $100 card. It takes so long to earn 500,000. I play everyday and win on at least 8-10 leaderboards, answer all the questions and do all the promos for oodles and I get around 500-1000 oodles each day. That amount is about a year and a halfs worth of work to earn a $100 card with bids like those.GSN needs to offer smaller cards so everyone has a chance to win.

  7. High bid was 600,00 and low bid was 280,000 on the $100.00 Amazon card. I got no chance with my measly 106,000.

    I enter sweepstakes cuz ya never know but burn thru a lot.

  8. Thanks Lori & johnniegamshow, For the auction info; I’m know where in that league of Oodlees (cash-stash) to bid and even think I’d come close let alone win.
    Sincere Congrats to those of you who did and won! Not my cup of Tea. Moving on.
    Knowing that I’ll direct my Oodles towards the Luck of the draw, “Sweepstakes”!

    • Hi Noah, if you win, the Oodles for the amount you bid (not your entry fee, the actual bid) are removed form your account and you will get an email notifying you of your win.

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