10 thoughts on “2013 Thanksgiving Oodlectibles

  1. you don’t actual get one of these,correct? They are just badges? Also what are these badges good for? I have a lot of them but I,m not quite sure what good they do me. I any.

    • Missie, they’re just for fun to have in your collection box. You don’t get any of these ‘for real” but a lot of people like virtual prizes too. 🙂

      • Sorry, but I can’t find another place to ask this question so it’s off topic, but I thought that maybe you could help. Today’s Daily Break is loading a blank page… any idea what’s going on there??? And just so you know… it’s not my computer. The Daily Break has always loaded just fine for me…. until today.

        • Tammy, I’m told if you played the 300 Oodles Daily Break on Sunday, there was no daily Break Monday, as they re-ran it. I’m sorry for the confusion.

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