13 thoughts on “150 Oodles for Wheel of Fortune or Deal or No Deal Slots!

  1. Slight change of topic. I saw there a new slots game on GSN (Diamond Royale). I also noticed this game only down to 20 token bet per line. Is GSN purposely doing this for the sole purpose to extract more tokens from its users?

    • Hi Jim, this is what came back from the Game Team: “We put a great deal of emphasis on observing how our players use our games, so that we can make them easier to use for the majority. Recently, we’ve increased the amount of free tokens that we have been awarding to players and at the same time, increased the bet limits on our newest games. We have found that many players are taking advantage of these changes to maximize their potential winnings. As a result, we now see a very small percentage of games where fewer than 20 tokens per line are wagered.”

  2. For two days now, I have spun the 100 spins and been credited for less than that. Today, for example, I spun 100, cashed out and was only credited for 68. Not a big problem because I just went back in and spun more times, but I thought you should know about it.

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