The Oodletorial: Trivial Meanderings

It’s been a wild ride since starting here at GSN a few short months ago! It’s been a lot of fun getting to know the people who work here, the brand, the various offerings, and (of course), the games. I’ve even discovered that I’m a sucker for “The Beast” on GSN TV’s The Chase. 

Which leads us right into today’s topic – trivia! Unlike The Beast, my brain does not retain information all that well, and although I’ve been fanatically answering the Oodles Question of the Day and the Bonus Trivia Question (plus whatever might be in the Daily Break), I still only answer the questions correctly about half the time. And half of those are guesses.

Today I guessed wrong on the Trivia Bonus Question (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin is not the Marquis de Sade), but, after eliminating Justin Bieberus from the question about which beautiful youth from Greek mythology pined for the love of his own reflection, I was able to make a correct guess between the three other choices. That said, there’s no doubt had Justin Bieber been alive at the time, we’d now be saying “Oh, she’s *such* a biebercist!” instead of what we currently say. (That’s right – I’m not giving the answers away here, just narrowing them down). 

Here’s a trivia question for you: The little smiley face in the upper right-hand corner of the GSN logo has a name. What is it?

A). Alice
B). Vic
C). Mr. G (as in “Games”)
D). Guitar Pick Rick

If you guessed “B”, you guessed correctly. No fair if you asked him directly and total disqualification if he answered you.

Here’s a little more trivia – guess who decides which trivia questions you see in the Oodles Bonus Trivia and Oodles Question of the Day? It’s actually a team of people at GSN! And guess who it includes? Brendy and yours truly! Many of the questions themselves come from players through the message boards and e-mails to GSNAngel. Every week we plug some of those questions in, and the team members add in a few of their questions to the mix, and we meet on Thursdays to go over them for accuracy. You’d think reviewing them would improve my odds, but… well… what were we talking about?

Oh yes – Justin Bieberus! Can I have my Oodles now?

12 thoughts on “The Oodletorial: Trivial Meanderings

  1. I don’t like what you have done to the bingo game. I am unable to
    spend money needed to purchase the rocket and I feel that the vast
    majority of winners will be players who bought the rocket

  2. HI there snoop,
    I was afraid we had lost you there for awhile. 🙁 But then I did mention ask about you to Brendy, concerned that “they” had been putting the new guy through his paces. I almost asked if “she” had been over working you, but was afraid that might have sounded like an accusation or criticism and besides the fact that I really didn’t know who might have been pulling your strings, I also don’t know Brendy well enough to discern her sense of humor?? Yours, on the other hand, is quite clear! 🙂 At any rate, I’m glad you’re still alive and kicking! You’ve also answered my message to Brendy when I asked her to pass on my compliments to those who were doing such a good job with all of that “brain storming”! Behold, it’s just the two of you; well, ultimately, since you come up with the yea’s or nay’s.
    Okay, my friend, I need to go find out why that darn little monkey doesn’t want to give up his tokens?? Suppose I should offer him a banana? Take good care.
    Warm Regards,

    • Hi Pam, GSNScoop will probably reply to you Monday, but he meant we are part of the team that comes up with the weekly QOTD and Bonus Trivia questions. We don’t do it alone. 🙂 (also, I replied to your question about the monkey and Tokens on your pother post). Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Pam! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I assure you, Brendy has quite the sense of humor, too! 🙂 Good luck with the monkey!

  3. Angel, when are we going to get another message board. We are eagerly awaiting a way to really be able to interact with our fellow players. Also, is there a chance they will put an icon up for the chat room?

    Thank you for taking the time to find out this information for me.


    • Hi Flora, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! We don’t have any current information on a new message board. I don’t believe an icon is in the plans for the chat room, but will pass your request on.

      • For people, an icon or a link to chat provided in the orange bar would be helpful, or even a link on the side, because you may not realize, but chat is very dead, and no promotion isn’t helping chat keep active. I don’t go in hardly anymore, myself, but I’m just saying.

  4. Hi again, Brendy. Many thanks for your reply. I did just finish reading your message to me on the other post; so everything is finally clear as spring water! 🙂 Communicating this way does get a bit difficult (especially when thoughts are flowing and you type something dumb like I just did above when I said “…mention ask about you to Brendy..” What kind of statement is that? Actually, it’s another one of your “oops”, which I adore! 🙂 We all make them, of course, but it’s truly rare that someone in your position as an employee of GSN is so willing to readily admit to them. Normally in big businesses there is a hierarchy and the customers are viewed as the peons (necessary to keep the business running, but not as bright as the administrative staff who run the show.) I find it very refreshing that you and snoop view yourselves as “common” as the rest of us.:) I do hope your employers appreciate you as much as the folks here on their site do! Oops, sorry hon, I’m rambling. I had simply meant to say that this format of communication can be very confusing. New things come up very quickly and all of the older communications between folks seem to disappear. If you guys are working on people getting to know one another, I think you may need to consider a different format of communicating. I suppose it all depends on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish when it comes to the bottom line? No doubt time will tell. 🙂 You have a great weekend too, Brendy! (You may now take a break and rest your poor worn out eyes. 🙂
    Warm Regards, (and apologies) Pam

  5. I too do not like the new bingo game. We know it is designed for the money spenders but there are those of us who can only afford to buy tokens to enjoy the games. I do get bingo once in a while but I feel it is mainly for those who will buy the rocket. Give us back the ORIGINAL bingo!!!

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