Slots Race 2: The Banker’s Revenge

Our second Slots Race, The Banker’s Revenge, will have over 150 MILLION Tokens and over 1,000 winners!

Prize Pot: Over 150 Million Tokens
Winners: Over 1,000 players will win!
Game: Deal or No Deal Slots


Want to know how you can compete for a share of the prize pot? Keep reading!  

What to do:
1) Pick up your Slots Race Pass in the Prize Center.
2) Play Deal or No Deal Slots between 6pm and midnight ET this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (10/28, 10/29, 10/30).
3) For every 50,000 Tokens you win, you’ll gain one Slots Race Point.
4) The top 1,000 players at the end of the 3-day Slots Race will share the riches. Plus, the top 100 players each day will win Tokens too.

Winners will be announced on the Player News page and have their accounts credited by around noon ET after each day of the Slots Races. Pick up your Slots Race Pass now!

Slots Race Payout Structure:

Place Tokens Prize
1st place     10,000,000
2 through 5       5,000,000
6 through 10       1,000,000
11 through 50           500,000
51 through 100           250,000
101 through 250           100,000
251 through 500             50,000
501 through 1,000             25,000


Daily Bonus  
Place Tokens Prize
1st place       1,000,000
2 through 10           500,000
11 through 50           250,000
51 through 100             75,000

40 thoughts on “Slots Race 2: The Banker’s Revenge

  1. Just picked up my pass..twice. .thought it would look different from last pass …as when you go to purchase it it looks like Deal or No Deal logo

      • I guess that there is no point in me playing because I was just told today that there is a cap of 10 Billion tokens and that no one can own/have more than that… and I already have 10 Billion , and when I win jackpot after jackpot ranging anywhere from 100 million to 900 million they don’t get awarded because of the cap…. and… from the last slots race comments I would predict that it would cost me far more than the 10 million top prize offered. But good luck to the rest of you 🙂

  2. When are they going to post the top 100 players for last night?
    The rules say they will be posted it the player news about noon ET. Its 2:00pm and no post.

  3. If you purchase more than one pass how does that work? Where do you go to see your current standings? Thanks!

    • Hi, there’s no need to purchase more than one pass. Purchasing more than one doesn’t change your chances of winning in any way.

  4. Where do we go to see the list of winners? I can’t find it. This Tournament isn’t set up very user friendly, It is very confusing.

    • Please contact Player Services. Tell them what browser you’re on, and what your Operating System is. To contact Player Services, log on to and click on GSN Help at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to your user name to see the contact player services link. Thank you!

  5. I read this as there is a daily total. There will be three (3) separate daily pay outs of ten (10) million tokens. Is that correct? In other words, if I purchase a pass on Wednesday, and play on Wednesday, am competing against people playing on that day only? Also, since I have not participated in one of these Slots Race tournaments yet, and for obvious reasons, Deal or No Deal, may be the reason I came to GSN to begin with, is GSN considering making these tournaments fair to everyone by limiting the maximum amount you can wager? The reason I ask this question is two fold, the comment where someone allegedly did not receive the thousand (1000) times for one of there spins, and the simple fact that in one of these tournaments someone won 50,000,000 tokens and since they could easily make wagers 300,000 to 750,000 tokens this would give them an unfair advantage over others…. The rich get richer!!! Thinking about this dilemma, if it is too much trouble, which I personally understand, to limit the actual wager amount, isn’t it possible to change the pay out criteria of these tournaments to the “percentage of Increased Tokens” to make it equally fair to someone making fifteen (15) or fifteen million (15,000,000 token wagers overall?

    • Hi, I passed your question on earlier but haven;t heard back. I assume if you play today you’re playing against people on Wednesday since there are daily top 100 winners. I don’t think caps can be put on the game, but hoping to have that clarified. When it is, I will post further for you.

      • Thank you very much for your response and posting this question. response, and input style of comment. While I did recognize that by trying to limit the wager amounts could be a problem in that the game itself would need to be altered – without specifically say so, I did bring up an alternative mean of leveling out the playing field of these tournaments. I know the criteria used can be changed to insure that the same person does not keep winning them and everyone participating will have an equal chance of winning. And I also realize that the percentage suggestion is the answer. In any event, maybe this post will remain long enough for other players to comment and you to respond about what might be done. Thanking you and everyone at GSN for your time and consideration. Thanks! Mitch

  6. Good Morning, Brendy,
    This is a little off the beaten track, but would you happen to know about the new promotional offering tokens and oodles for 300 spins with Deal or No Deal? My dilemma is that when I clicked on the “rules” they said the promotional was for either Deal or No Dear OR Time Travel; the latter of which was not stated openly in the promo. Well, I decided that the “Rules” should take president, so I played half and half, but before completing 150 games of Time Travel, I went to make sure they were being listed. They weren’t! Had I been brighter than I am I would have checked this communication gap with you “before” starting Time Travel. (argh!) So Brendy, what’s the deal? 🙂 Many thanks, in advance.

    • The promo is for Deal or No Deal Slots. I let them know they need to update their details. You can contact Player Services for a credit and let them know what happened. To contact Player Services, log on to and click on GSN Help at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to your user name to see the contact player services link. Thank you!

      • Good Afternoon, Brendy,
        After what you had to say about the number of problems a day that the Player’s Service Team has to deal with, this incident is hardly serious enough for me to add to their efforts. I only contact them when I feel a problem is serious enough and/or impacts me in a way that leaves me no other alternative. In fact, I did just recently have such a problem, which they quickly resolved. However, there exists ANOTHER problem with which I’m hoping you can be of help. Each time I have had to deal with PLayer Services, they ask me to fill out a survey and supply a link for me to click on in my mailbox. Every time I have attempted to comply, I get either one of two messages. The first one states, “YOU HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED THIS. and the other one states the following:
        “This Connection is Untrusted
        You have asked Firefox to connect securely to, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure.
        Normally, when you try to connect securely, sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this site’s identity can’t be verified.
        What Should I Do?
        If you usually connect to this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn’t continue.”
        I have tried explaining this to several of the team members by sending them a reply messages; offering Positive Feedback and letting them know that as far as I was concerned all of my cases are resolved and should be closed. Then for some reason I get a message back informing me that since I did not accept their solution they would look into the problem further! Now I know this is an automated message, but when I check my status I can see that the cases are still marked “open”! In my efforts to unburden them, I only seem to burden them further!! I think very highly of the Player’s Service’s Team. I would like them to know that I am very grateful for their efforts and resolutions on my behalf and that they can put my cases to bed! At your next meeting with these folks, would it be possible for you to make a note of this to them for me? One of the members did seem to understand and thanked me for my feedback. However, I don’t always deal with the same member. it’s obvious that due to their time and work load one hand is unaware of what the other is doing which causes a breakdown in communications. Since I have no other way of sorting this out, I was hoping you could during one of your meetings? My apologies for burdening you with this, but I seem to be out of options as to how else to deal with it.

        • I’m sorry, I was unsure what this was about so I forwarded to Player Services. They said this is an issue about the customer survey that is currently running. While they appreciate your participation, players will only be able to submit their feedback once during the duration of the survey which is why you’re encountering some error messages. They’re going to close out the survey soon, so that will take care of the issue then.

  7. Wondering when the new winners list will be put up? I understand you all are very busy but it said by 7 am ET. Thanks and have a great day 🙂

  8. is there any way u can find out how many points u have if u r not in the top hundred. I hate to use all my tokens if I have no chance of winning

    • See if you can find your name in the totals listed under the 100 winners in today’s post. That will give you an idea of where you’re at.

  9. You said that you can click on “Continue Reading” to see the winners list. Is there another way to view it? I so not see anywhere that I can click on “continue reading”. I even clicked on it in the posts and nothing happened.

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