16 thoughts on “Score 15,000 Tokens and 450 Oodles playing Video Bingo Deluxe

  1. I have always loved the Bingo, but I don’t like having to pay extra for the boosters, which seems the only way to win big. I think the boosters should be set up to pay for with tokens instead of cash, that way more people can participate and hopefully win.

    • Hi Betty, click login and then “Forgot your password?” A new password will be sent to you. Be sure to check the email you registered the account under, and if you do not see anything, check your spam folder.

  2. why can”t I sign onto gsn as a guest I cannot play wihtout facebook and I hate facebook I did before and cannot now itr stinks and I lost 2 million tokens

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  3. what has happened to my gsn site..I have played for over 8 yrs or so, and never had a problem..a couple nites ago it wouldn’t let me into the games (bingo) and it still has not,,,I was playing the camp bingo game and adding up tokens nightly and now I don’t know what is wrong…p;z help me as I have to be locked out of this site..it is my favorite …………Mary

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