It’s BOOdleween!

534473_10151478460119972_1619187348_nIt’s that time of year again and we want to see how our members are celebrating Halloween. Are you dressing up? Post your picture! ย Are your kids or pets dressing up? Post their pictures!

Starting now through Halloween we’ll be awarding surprise Boodles to some people who post their pictures on our GSN Games Facebook wall. We especially love anything with an Oodles theme.

For a chance at Boodles, all you have to do is post your pictureย between now and Midnight on Halloween. If it catches our eye, we’ll award you between 500-1,000 Boodles! Please include your GSN username when you post your pictures so we can correctly credit you. Have a Happy Halloween! ย 

14 thoughts on “It’s BOOdleween!

  1. Some how GSN seems to forget… not eveyone Facebooks….it is a security risk for some of us….too bad I cannot “play” this game

      • Ditto. What Magicallipps1 said. Facebook and Twitter are not only dangerous in terms of privacy loss, but that ever so human thing, addictive. As Betty White said, “Now that I know what it is (Facebook) it is a terrible waste of time.” GSN Angel: I have more Oodles than I can donate to BCRF. It is indeed a wonderful dilemma. By the time I get to my 10th day, there should be enough Oodles to make my first $10 contribution. I always do $5, as I am simply not patient. HA!

        Thank You GSN and GSN Angel!

  2. THANKS for the hallowe’en treat of 100 Oodles and 1,000 tokens just for logging in today! Along with Boston’s win, it’s a real treat with free oodles and free tokens today!!! Thank You!!!
    Wishing everyone a safe and happy hallowe’en!

  3. I’m also not on facebook, and I don’t do twitter either, so I won’t be able to enjoy seeing the Halloween pictures either. I wish that GSN would stick to just using their own website for things like this, so we can all take part in the fun and a chance to win oodles.

  4. I posted my oodle loving dog, Bella in her Halloween costume all ready for trick or treating on the GSN Games facebook page. Not sure how to get it over onto this page. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

  5. Gingersnap1001….I would habe lobed to have seen Bella… my Stinker was so happy to have all the kids visit him tonight

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