Introducing October’s MVO

Congratulations to pamalam62, our October Most Valuable Oodler! Pam is a longtime fan of GSN, and has made many friends here. untitled

Besides being this month’s MVO, Pam recently “won” another cool prize – a brand new grandbaby! Read on to see what she has to say. Hi, Everyone. My name is Pam  (pamalam62).

I have been married for 34 years and I have four children and five grandchildren. I recently had the pleasure of being there for the delivery of our newest addition born on Sept. 26th at 4:31pm weighing in at 8lb 6oz.  I love spending time with my family, being a grandma is this best thing I have ever experienced.

I was introduce to GSN, about 5 years ago or so. I would watch GSN Live every day which prompted me to check out the The rest, my friends, is history. I sign on every day and answer all the trivia, play Daily Break, as well as play leaderboard games to earn Oodles. I usually save up my Wonder Wheel spins and play them a couple times each month to give my Oodle balance a boost. I am becoming quite fond of the casino games as well. Two of my favorites are WOF slots and Video Bingo. I have redeemed my Oodles for some great prizes, which include a pearl necklace, a tool kit, binoculars, and various gift cards.

I am having a great time here at GSN. I’ve met some great people in chat and playing the message board games. I would be laughing out loud…LOL 😀  at wee hours in the morning at some of your responses. You are some of the sweetest and most fun people to communicate with. I am looking forward to more fun and great times to come.

Thanks again!

20 thoughts on “Introducing October’s MVO

  1. Congrats Pam from the Sept. MVO.
    here the keys to oodlemobile (don’t mind the dents had a bad gps kept telling me to turn left until I hit a wall(don’t worry, I took it out))
    Now, Kneel Before Zod!

  2. Congratulations Pam, on being October’s MVO! And Congrats also, to “Grandma” and the whole family, on the birth of the new little bundle! All the Best!!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS PAM! (BTW, I’m a Pam too :)),
    I’ve only been here a short time, but like you, I’m certainly enjoying myself. I’m also a grandmother (but I’ve got 14 grandchildren and 2 Great grand babies!) and though I love them all, I’m grateful they aren’t ALL here on my doorstep.:) It’s nice meeting you and have fun with that new grand baby of yours! I always thought they were especially adorable when they were sleeping! 🙂
    Warm Regards,
    Pam B.

  4. Congratulations, Pam. Enjoy your month in the spotlight and enjoy your new grandbaby. Grandkids are the best….You can play with them and spoil them and enjoy them then send them home to their parents when they get fussy….lol.

  5. Hey Pamala,

    Congrats on being this months MVO! Can’t wait til we get our message board games back so we can play the weekends games together again. Til then, have fun spoiling your new grandbaby.

  6. Congrats on being MVO for October! …………. hope it continues to bring you luck ! Sounds like you do very well with “Oodle-tunities” , with all the fabulous prizes you have acquired ! ….and of course congratulations on the newest addition to the family.

  7. Hey Pamalam!
    I know you only through the weekend games here on GSN. I’m very happy you’re the October 2013 MVO. Be sure you give the Oodlemobile a good examination, and write down any dents. bruises. and missing parts; Don’t be fooled by danhere. Get it in writing!

  8. Thanks everyone..I am also very anxious for the message board games to return. as for the oodlemobile, well Dan didn’t beat it up to badly. I will have it detailed and ready for our next MVO. In the mean time you can find me cruising around town proudly.

    • Ha, ha, ha
      Are we all missing the message boards or what !
      ……..happy driving – leaves are so pretty this time of year……

  9. Congratulations Pam on being October’s MVO. It has been one or two years this month since I was MVO. There were no dents in the oodlemobile until danhere received it.

    Also, congratulations on becoming a grandma again. It is truly a wonderful gift. I have 18 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren now. I think that is all of the great grandchildren. Becoming too many to remember. But each and every one of them have been a true blessing and a wonderful gift from God. I know you will treasure your children and grandchildren.

  10. Congrads ! ! ! WAY 2 Go !!
    You look very happy,
    with this good luck,
    maybe you’ll be the next BINGO winner……
    and reach 4 the stars… I’m happy 4 U.

  11. CONGRATS PAM on the new grand-baby and being Oct MVO. I know, how blessed one is to have family, as I have 5 grown children and 15 grandchildren! I am not on GSN often now, but do go on daily to do the things involving oodles on My GSN page. I don’t try to gather tokens, as I wish those days never started and that GSN Live was back! I do miss my friends,and that is the sad part, of being away, from GSN. I just checked the new part of GSN (announcements, players page, etc) as it has been a long while since I checked it and something on my gsn page took me here today. I am glad I saw you were MVO as you seemed like such a sweet person, when I was on message board games. (don’t use Java so can’t come to chat as Windows 8 did not have it and it has caused a lot of problems, so I don’t want to install Java). Have a great month as MVO and enjoy that beautiful family! God bless you! Ethel aka Ladye4g (ladye)

  12. WTG Sweetie

    Please accept my belated, but sincere, Congrats on being Octobers MVO, your newest grand baby and becoming a Grandma again. Sending y’all a warm Welcome to the MVO Club, we’re so very happy to have y’all as our newest member. Now all y’all need is to learn the MVO Secret Handshake.

    Y’all are a special member of our GSN Family, a very dear friend and certainly so very deserving of this honor. Miss playing the Message Board Game For Oodles with you and hope GSN brings it back.

    Big Hugs, Big MWAH and Lots of Love Hon

  13. Congratulations on being the newest MVO!!!! It sounds like you have a wonderful family. including the tiniest member born in September!!! The month will fly by and you will be congratulating someone new next month. GSN is like an extended family, my humble opinion, and I too log in and just read everyone’s posts when I can’t sleep. You are right, some of them are too funny!!! Welcome to the ever growing MVO Members

  14. Awww!!! Thanks again everyone. these messages remind me of why I am so blessed to have you all as my friends..hope to chat with you soon MWAH!!!!!to you all Lady, Zeke,Flora ,Jigsaw, Vee , Mike ,Lois and every one else I miss so much.
    My month is quickly coming to an end , hope we can begin chatting and playing our weekend games again soon. oh and PS.. thanks for the Keys Dan it has been a blast. Bleesings and best wishes to all <3

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