Find Out How To Get More Free Tokens

allgamYou’ve been asking for more FREE Tokens, so here they come! If you see our monkey friend on the homepage or All Games page, select “Earn Tokens” for an easy way to score 1,000 Tokens! Keep reading to find out more: 

Look for the monkey under “Ways to Win” on the homepage: Pencil Ad

And look for the monkey under the All Games page, above the “My Favorite games” box: All Games Pg Ad

Keep checking for new offers – the monkey can drop in at any hour, day or night! Plus, there’s no daily max on how many Tokens you can earn. There may be days you don’t see him, but that doesn’t mean he’s gone forever. He’ll be back.

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    • Hey, I don’t have an ad blocker, but I have windows 8 with IE 10 and I did block tracking cookies. I haven’t seen the monkey yet, but I’m not sure if it’s just cause it’s late night or if my setting are somehow blocking it. I have noticed I don’t get pop up ads or ads on the pages here or at another site. I do still get the ads that run during intermission (on bingo America here (that’s now gone) and on the other site). I want to make sure I don’t miss the monkey. Any suggestions?

  1. Dear Brendy,
    Okay, I’m off to find the monkey! But please, before I go, forgive my computer illiteracy and tell me what a “Permalink” is? If I bookmark it where does it take me?
    Sorry about the inconvenience, but come to find out I’m not the only computer kindergarten kid around here. (Whew! I was so sure I was!) Your help would be most appreciated.

    • Permalinks are the permanent URLs to individual posts, as well as categories and other listings. If you bookmark them, then you’ll always be able to find it. Not sure what you are thinking of Permalinking?

      • Thank you Brendy. In answer to your question; under Announcements and then under “How to find out how to get more free tokens, you have posted the following:
        “This entry was posted in Announcements and tagged, earn, free, monkey, play, tokens by GSNAngel, Bookmark the PERMALINK..” So, that’s what I was going to do; but needed an explanation as to exactly “what” it was I was doing first.
        By the way, in my search for the “Monkey” ; I saw it once, clicked on it and a survey message came up asking for my date of birth and gender. And that was the end of that???
        I will be most interested in seeing what happens if I catch the little guy again? No more of that kind of “monkey business I hope! 🙂 A really cute idea though. I must say I am impressed by all of this brain storming you folks have been up to! 🙂
        Thanks again for your help, Brendy and have a pleasant day.

        • Oh I see. If you really like a page, you can bookmark it, but there’s no need to do so most of the time. It’s really up to you.

          I’m not sure on the survey thing. If you remember what time you played it, you can see if it corresponded to one of the times you were credited a Sponsored Video Token Bonus. Our sponsors set the activities, kind of like the Daily Break for Oodles.

          The brainstorming for this one, and many oodletunities, come from the marketing team. They’re very innovative. 🙂

          • Hi there!! Have clicked on the monkey a number of times in the last several days and watched the video it led me too. Then nothing else happes so I figured the “interaction” was finished. I would be credited with the tokes and then 30 seconds later, they would be removed. Have NO IDEA what I am doing wrong or failing to complete. I have the pup up blocker off and when the video completes I have closed that window by either clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner or just somewhere on the All Games page. What do I do now? Like getting free tokens:-)


  2. “How To Get More FREE Tokens” isn’t so Free?
    The explanation is either vague or misleading. The title states you can Get more Free tokens, yet in the description it states you need to “Earn” these tokens. ???

  3. I am curious about one thing.
    Is there a specific activity or time when I could earn this tokens?
    Or is it catch is as catch can on the All Games page?

    • Hi Jim, there’s no specific time. The monkey can show up anytime day or night, and sometimes multiple times a day. So, yes, catch is as catch can. 🙂

      • Hi, Angel and gaming friends…I have caught the monkey twice in 1 day. I see him on the ” Home ” page, haven’t seen him on the ” All games ” page yet. I watch the sponsors video , and , I get tokens! Thanx for the great tokentunity! 🙂 { Does the monkey have a name?}
        Game on!

        • He has a name internally here at GSN, but it’s not been announced officially yet so unsure if that’s his “real” name or not so we can’t use it in posts. I like the monkey, he’s super cute!

          • I see the monkey all the time, but where I see him he comes out of the coconut trees and give me tens of thousands of tokens sometimes…. I get so excited too. I just start shaking all the trees for as many coconuts as I can get. He! He! He!

  4. I just love that little earn tokens monkey! LOL It’s wonderful for people who, for one reason or another, can’t afford to buy the tokens now. Great going GSN!!

  5. Hello again, Brendy,
    So far that little monkey has popped up 4 times. I completed the “activity’s” lol, but none of the tokens were added; and I did check my token account. ? Any ideas?

    • Perhaps you checked your Oodles account by mistake? I’m seeing five “Sponsored Video Token Bonus” for 500 Tokens added to your Tokens accounts:
      10:04am, 9:34am, 8:27am, 7:48am and 7:35am. It’s an automated process, so they are added immediately. I think the only time they might not be added is if you don’t complete the activity.

      I Just thought of this, so adding it too: You may need to do a more advanced search if you’ve been playing a few games, only the 10 most recent transactions show on the one page. Click on “Review Full Transaction History” to be able to see back a few hours, or even days.

      • Thank you, Brendy,
        All is well. The tokens finally began showing up on the bottom of my screen, at which point I went back into my tokens and saw two of them listed. But you’re right, I didn’t go back and re-check the earlier ones. I truly appreciate all of your efforts!!!
        Warm Regards,

        • Glad you found them! Yeah, I wondered if you had checked Oodles instead of Tokens because I’ve done that myself (like awarding people Tokens when they’re meant to have Oodles, and vice versa) Ooops 🙂

          • Hello again Brendy,
            Well, it’s a GOOD MORNING! Not only did I find that little Monkey yesterday, he came looking for ME 6 times this morning between 4:12a.m. and 5:45a.m.! That was an unexpected oodle treat! (Actually, I think he just got a whiff of some bananas I brought along; just in case. lol 🙂 It’s been a productive morning, with Boston winning, etc., etc., but now I’m off for that nap to prepare for the all nighter you just posted! 🙂 I pray you’re getting the rest YOU need from all of the hard work you’ve been doing! God Bless you.
            Warm Regards,

  6. I love GSN. It is the first true website that you actually win prizes. I play it everyday. Although I only won a Prize once it was a good prize. I won a Kindle Fire and never received it so they gave me the upgraded HD model. Although it was registered in someone elses name it works fine. Thank you GSN.

    • So glad you’re enjoying GSN! Did you get the Kindle delivered from Amazon? If so, you should contact them and let them know about the name issue. (or perhaps you already did?)

  7. Don’t know why the site seems to forget the players in these certain states that wont ALLOW us to play with money. So yea thanks for the tokens. Great idea.

    • Hi, as is stated in the post, there’s no daily max on how many Tokens you can earn! Sometimes he can show up multiple times a day. Some days he might not be around at all. It’s entirely random!

  8. Does this mean I can safely go to the All Games page again? Almost every time I used to go there, some terribly annoying pop-up would come on with a “buy tokens” offer and disable the page!! OK, so all I had to do was click the X and that would disappear, but why should I even have to do that? I haven’t used the All Games tab is I don’t know when because of this issue.

    • Tracy, if you click the “X” you can play. It closes the ad so you don’t see it. It is of course your choice to do that or not.

  9. I have seen the monkey 3 times and have clicked on it. The first time I had a short survey the had a utube ad pop up and I watched Mr. peanut talk in front of an auditorium full of people. 500 tokens were posted to my account, or so I thought. I went to My GSN page and the 500 tokens disappeared. I checked the history of tokens credited to my account and they were not there. The last 2 times I’ve clicked on the monkey I get a utube ad, which I watch, and the same thing happens. 500 tokens got registered then they disappeared when I moved from that page. Does anyone know why this is happening? My history of tokens credited do not show any tokens from this promotion being credit.

    • Hi Shirley, I’m not sure why that’s happening, but I’m not seeing any Sponsored Video Token Bonus in your account either. Please contact Player Services and see if they have any advice for you. You can do do by clicking on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged in to your user name so you can see the contact link.

      • Hi again. I take that back. I just checked again and now there are two of the videos posted to my account. Maybe they are working on this issue?

    • Hi Shirley. The same thing happened to me this morning. I played 4 videos and watched them all the way through. At the end of 3 of them I got a message saying sorry, try again later. I had the tokens posted to my account but then, like yours, they disappeared. Only the tokens for 1 of the videos actually posted and remained. Must be a problem somewhere!

      • Hi, could I please get the following answered form you too for the team? Thank you!

        “Do you mind asking how she knows she was originally credited? Meaning, did she see the Tokens in her statement and then that line item disappeared or is she just assuming she was credited because she finished the activity? Also, browser and operating system info would be helpful in investigating this further!”

  10. Thanks Angel, I did send them a note about this issue and I received a notification they had recieved my inquiry and it would take 2-3 days to get a response. Guess I’ll just have to wait it out.

    • Hi again Shirley, they’re trying to figure out why this happened, and have more questions for you:

      “Do you mind asking how she knows she was originally credited? Meaning, did she see the Tokens in her statement and then that line item disappeared or is she just assuming she was credited because she finished the activity? Also, browser and operating system info would be helpful in investigating this further!”

    • Hi Lucy, can you answer a few questions I can pass on to the team to investigate?

      “Do you mind asking how she knows she was originally credited? Meaning, did she see the Tokens in her statement and then that line item disappeared or is she just assuming she was credited because she finished the activity? Also, browser and operating system info would be helpful in investigating this further!”

  11. I just used this and am wondering if I am going to be inundated with ads or emails. To get the tokens, I had to answer questions about my age, income, interests, etc. Only reason I can imagine this would be helpful to an ad sponsor is so they can target their ads or emails to me. Isn’t worth the 500 tokens if I have to deal with nonsense.

    • Hi JJ, We do not share player’s email addresses with the sponsors, so you should not receive spam email from any advertisers on our site.

  12. Hi Can you please tell me how to get rid of the ad above my favorite games on the all games page? It will not go away. Thanks

    • Hi Missie, each day you log into GSN you are eligible to receive free tokens on the Token Spinner, where you can win anywhere from 500 to thousands of Tokens. Log into your account on consecutive days and you’ll be awarded additional spins on the Token Spinner (3 max).

      Occasionally there may be various promotional offers available on the site under My GSN (or sent through email) with additional ways to earn more Tokens. Make sure to update your Email Preferences to ensure that you receive promotional offers via email.

  13. I love that you give tokens, as I am on social security and cannot always buy tokens, so thank you! I love your games but don’t understand all. How does the money games work? how much money is needed? I don’t try different games as I don’ know them or how to play them, I never win but keep trying, some day I will. I love your games and will be with you a long time, so much fun.

    • Hi Diana, you can read about how the cash games work under their FAQs located here. If you have specific questions you can email player services by clicking on “contact player services” but the FAQs are pretty instructive.

  14. Hello, the ad is where the monkey is supposed to show up above the my favorites. I,ve never seen it yet on this page. will the monkey show even if the ad is there. or maybe it just hasn,t shown up on this page yet.

    • Oh I see… yes, the Monkey will show right under the ad when he’s around. If you’re using a popup or ad blocker, I’m told by other members you won’t see the monkey.

  15. Thanks for your answer. I’ll keep watching for the monkey. I like all the changes you’ve been making on GSN. Have a great day

  16. There is one issue I am having on this. I will go ahead and play the ad. Then I will click on the done button at its completion. Sometime, the browser will crash and the tokens won’t be rewarded. This is an intermittent issue. Since I had not “lost” anything, I am not sure how to cope. Just wanted to advise GSN of this issue on my end.

    • Loving the monkey & free tokens, but agree that there seems to be some bugs in the system. It crashes the website about 30-40% of the time. Sometimes you get credited – other times you don’t. Last night I managed to watch 28 commercials and got credited for 20. (Yes, I’m very diligent about stalking that little chimpanzee.) As I write this, I’ve just watched 7 commercials & it’s crashed 6 times, and it’s credited me for 6. The losses slowly add up through the evening and has been averaging about of 5-8 commercials (or 3 to 5 thousand tokens) losses per night. augh. I actually do find all the commercials entertaining and interesting so I don’t mind watching them; however, I wish the tally tokens reflected the number of commercials we watched.

      Can’t complain about anything “free” but geez, man, if you add of the losses at the end of a week, that’s a heck of a lot of tokens, And, I need as many as I can get since my luck or game playing hasn’t improved at all. Tokens in my account are likened to trying to hold water cupped in the the palm of my hand and seeing how long it’ll last. Anywho…going monkey-hunting now.

      • SoCali, can you tell me what browser and operating system you’re on? I can pass it on and they can dig in to it. I use chrome and haven’t crashed yet, but I should try IE and see if the experience is different.

        • Hi Angel, I use Chrome but recently started using Ubuntu so I’m not sure whether the site crashing is due to my OS or something on GSN’s side – or maybe both. I just noticed I can no longer click on the “500 Bonus Tokens” button when I first log in so I suspect it’s a javascript issue with my OS. Still trying to figure it out…

  17. It is frustrating that tokens are absolutely worthless for those states that do not participate in online cash games.

    Why do we not have an avenue to use our tokens otherwise?


  19. Angel, why isn’t the monkey coming up as often, and why when we do the surveys for the monkey, if we do not plan on shopping for or don’t use the things they are taking the survey on, we don’t get the tokens?
    The survey simply disappears and they don’t even finish the survey.

    • Hi Flora, we don’t have physical control over when the monkey appears. Some days he may not be around at all, other days it could be monkeys galore! I don;t know which survey you are referring to, so I can’t answer that question. Can you tell me which one it is, and I can forward it to the marketing department? Thank you.

  20. What Monkeys are you talking about??? I have not been looking for those Monkeys, Should I have been? Is there a reward for finding a monkey or what is the deal about the Monkeys?
    Thank You
    Michael C. Krumwiede

  21. I am sick and tired of buying coins and you taking them you owe me 150,000 tokens. I want then back. Or I am deleting you game app. This really stinks.

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance, and let them know what is happening. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  22. Angel, I just got the Monkey 7 times and received 7,000 tokens for clicking on the ads with NO problem. All anyone needs to do to find the Monkey if he is around.Click on your “All Games” and wait a few seconds and he usually appears on the right hand side of the computer above your “Favorite Games”. Click on him and watch the ad, or sometimes you have to scroll down to see an arrow and click on that ad and watch it and after t is finished, go to the top of your screen and X out the ad you are watching,which will be the last issue at the top and you should see a blue box, and at top of that blue box you will see an X and at the left click when you see a green message telling you to click the for your tokens. It’s easy once you get used to the process as some of the ads are different but really easy to figure out. Just have to remember to go to the top of your screen when you have an ad to watch and complete it, or click on the arrow and watch the ad, Hope this helps everyone regarding the :MONKEY FOR ADS & TOKENS”, not oodles.

  23. This is new to me. I did not know about the monkey or the free tokens. How are they obtained or even available?

    Daniel Vaughn

    • Daniel, on the all games page there’s a token monkey to click on to earn tokens (on the right side of the page), and on the My To-Doodles page there is a chest to click on to earn Oodles. These are not working correctly right now (and haven’t been for a while). A little backstory is that a 3rd party vendor supplies the ads to earn the Oodles and Tokens, and it’s not something we have direct control over. WE have let them know of the issues, but unfortunately there’s not a fix we’re able to put in place. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.

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