Earn 70,000 Tokens in 7 Days Playing Ghostbusters Slots

Check out the sneak peek of our NEW free game, Ghostbusters Slots. You’ll even pocket up to 70,000 Tokens when you play today through Tuesday:

– October 30: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens
– October 31: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens
– November 1: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens
– November 2: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens
– November 3: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens
– November 4: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens
– November 5: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens 


58 thoughts on “Earn 70,000 Tokens in 7 Days Playing Ghostbusters Slots

    • hey I thought so too, but you just gotta try it , risk soooome tokens, the payout could exceed your wildest win by HUNDRED THOUSANDS. but alas I too can’t afford to play often and the biggest disappointment is that it’s advertised as free, so it might empty your precious bottom line if you don’t realize you are NOT playing free. BUT don’t you just love the versatility of GSN and how they never let us get bored!!!!!

    • I agree played the required 100 games cost me 40,000 tokens and gained only 10,000 after I played the 100 spins. Does not equate logically. Even with big wins during the spins still came out 30,000 short of when I started.

  1. OK, now I’m addicted to Ghostbusters. What a great game! I was concerned because 100 spins at the current 1500/spin with all lines active was an investment of 150,000 tokens (wagering total not accounting for any wins). I quickly hit a single win of 100,000 tokens and had a GREAT time. I love the game and look forward to when it is “official” and we’re not forced to spend 1500 per spin.

    • While you may have been one of the few fortunate, I played and lost close to 50,000 tokens so fast I could not believe it. Another concern is there were many more remarks earlier about this game and most of them are gone.

  2. Like the new Ghostbusters Slots but don’t like the way Auto Spin works. After being slimmed the game doesn’t go back to your Auto Spin’s and finish where the game left off.

  3. I’ve been reading all the comments made about this new GhostBusters Slots. Wow! This is crazy! I’m in agreement with the majority on this one! You would need to bet 1,500 tokens for each of 100 spins to gain 10,000 tokens?
    That math doesn’t add up to anything advantageous for the players. No enticement there at all! Spend a minimum of 150,000 tokens per day just so you can get your Bonus of 10,000 Tokens ??? Hmmmm… No Thanks! – LOL

  4. The win on Ghostbusters does seem to be worth it, and it is fun, but I did not receive my 10,000 tokens at the end. Is it coming later?

  5. BCLadyRose, I agree with you. I don’t think a lot of people do the math. I do. I guess it may be the new and improved gsn, because the games are always to their advantage. (Slot games) They are determined to get people to buy their tokens. I also noticed that sometimes when you win on the slots, the math doesn’t always add up when they are crediting your win.

    Also, 1,500 tokens a spin, wow, that is to rich for my blood.

    But, on the plus side, it is a fun game. They just need to lower the amount per spin.

  6. I also think this game could be fun, but the lowest bet of 1500 tokens is just too much. Right now, you are getting some wins but don’t think it would stay that way after the launch. Oh well.

  7. I did better by eliminating all but 1 line per spin. That would mean that you only had to spend 100 tokens per spin. You still get extra tokens for finding the ghost and I received tokens for things that weren’t on the single line that I kept. I started out with 5,917,509 tokens, did a few spins at the 1500/spin and then changed to the 100/spin for the remaining 100 spins. I ended up with 5,922,179 tokens after receiving the bonus 10,000 tokens. I agree it would be better if we didn’t have to spend 100 tokens/line, but we can still do the promos for only 100 tokens per spin if we eliminate all but 1 line/spin. Hope this helps everyone with the promo.

  8. I wish we could edit our post like we could with the old forum system. I tried to edit my post on this thread and it duplicated the entire post. Angel if you can delete the orriginal post and keep the edited one I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  9. Boy, I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks the minimum amount to play ONE spin of the game is extremely high. Looks cool but to rich for my blood.

  10. Boy, I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks the minimum amount to play ONE SPIN of the game is extremely high. Looks cool but too rich for my blood.


  12. I took the advice of one of the players and only bet one line for 100 tokens. I enjoyed the game but I won’t play 15 lines for 1,500 tokens in one spin.I did end up with 9,000 more tokens plus the 10,000 bonus tokens. If you lower the minimum I would play 15 lines.

  13. What happened to the Free Play.? Try it out? It did wipe me out. Maybe it is just me, I looked again tonight and it will not let me play for free like several new games do. It is my fault that I did not pay attention, but when I entered the room it stated Free. I warned several people I know not to play it.

  14. I just got continually slimed, at least 10 times and 40 spins and won 39,000 tokens! That was the most fun I have ever had on this site. Thanks GSN for one of your most amusing games.

  15. I’ve read all the posts and I thought I’d put my 2 cents in. I like the game its definitely fun but right now its no fun to play because it costs too much and if you play with only one line to get the bonus once again no fun. So after I lost way more than the bonus I decided not to play anymore. I hope you add the game but at the same betting as the other games if its added at 1500 like it is I won’t play it.

  16. ghostbusters is not paying all the tokens on wins….players beware…wins are not being added after each spin ,i do auto spin get a big win….total does not change every time …fun game but dont like getting cheated

    • Hi, I am seeing a number of wins under your account, but if you feel there’s an issue please contact Player Services so they can investigate. Be sure to tell them your browser and OS so if they need to, they can try to replicate the issue. To contact Player Services, log on to GSN.com and click on GSN Help at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to your user name to see the contact player services link. Thank you!

    • I agree, it seems to be the very fast “auto spin” wins are not being added to top overall total. It says “YOU WIN” then spins soooooooo fast into next spin that its easy to miss that your win didn’t get added. This happened to me over and over. I have sent a message to Players Services Tech. I am only doing single spins for now until they fix this. Otherwise the game is a lot of fun.

  17. monkey spin to have tokens for a “free play” …UH!!!… sorry but free play was supposed to be just that. the monkey spin is earned when we sit thru a promo PAID by ads..we should be allowed to use it as we see fit.. ghostbusters was FALSE if the game was a free play. 1oo points or not it just ain’t worth it to sit there an play that…

  18. After three days of playing the new Ghost Busters… Finally hit the JACKPOT !!!!!!!! I see the “odds” are still difficult but its a fun game.

  19. At 100 tokens each spin, it still works out to 10,000 tokens to win 10,000. We are actually only winning the amount we win in the game itself, which may be a little or a lot depending on luck. I really like the game itself but I do wish it took less tokens per bet.

  20. Just played the Ghostbusters game for the promo to get 10,000 tokens. I figured out that if i only play 1 line at 100 tokens a spin, after 100 spins that takes 10,000 tokens; since GSN is giving back 10,000 tokens, it didn’t cost me any of my tokens and also got to keep my winnings. I should have realized that yesterday, but hey, i’m always a day late and a dollar short (lol). With that being said, I agree with the majority that the minimum bet should be reduced to 15 tokens at least after this promo is over.
    On another note, since Boston won the World Series, is GSN going to do something extra special?

    • Hi 2jellybeans, I’m not sure if there’s anything special planned or not, but be sure to log in today between Noon and Midnight ET to score your 250 Oodles and 2,500 Tokens!

  21. I agree that the minimum amount spent to play is too much, but it is a fun game. I played the 100 games today and cleared about 15,000 tokens.

  22. I doubt that I am the only one that is doing well, because I never win like this on the other games. I am playing the 1500 and ending up with a win of 30 or 40,000. Last night I went back for a second round and won even more than that. It’s like a real casino. I just about have a heart attack when I drop 20,000 below my original number, but then I bounce back up. What a hoot! HA!

  23. Angel,
    I’ve been playing GHOSTBUSTERS lots I like it but I too wish we could decrease the bet down to 750 or 500. The problem is today every time I get slimed the game says shockwave crashed before I even get my 5 free spins any ideas or are there just issues

  24. As others have noted, 1500 tokens minimum per spin is a bit steep. Also, froze when I hit the bonus. I had to close out and go back in again. The promo doesn’t seem well thought out either as most players would have to purchase additional tokens in order to have enough to be able to hit the “100 spins” needed to get 10k tokens. Not a good way to test a game.

    Lower minimum tokens, fix glitches and this could be a fun game.

  25. I thought this was supposed to be ‘free play.’ I’ve had a couple slot games say I could play for free but never happened. Always had to use my tokens. How are these supposed to work?

    Also, I like the game, but 1500 tokens is waaaaay too much as a min. bet. I’m trying to win tokens in other slot games so I can play this one, but they are taking my tokens too. Need to reduce the min. bet per line.

  26. I have really enjoyed playing the GHOSTBUSTERS slots. I have gotten way down but have bounced right back. I like that it is faster then most of the slots and it is much more exciting. Love playing on GSN!!!!

  27. I was goint to try the one line thing today but stuck with the minimum of 1500 per spin! Todays payout was awesome and then all the extra monkeys hanging around sure helps as well! I think I am up about 80,000 tokens today from the game and the monkey! But, I am in full agreement with everyone else, 1500 a spin is just way to high! And, I do like playing the game!

  28. RE: Ghostbusters
    I agree that when it says “sneak peek” & “free to play” that we assume free means free! Our tokens are not free, we bought or earned them. We should not lose tokens when it says free.
    Aside from that I’d like to address the people complaining about the promotion.
    The 10,000 tokens for playing 100 spins is an incentive to get you to try the new game. It’s very easy to see that at 1500 per spin, that 100 spins is going to cost you 150,000 tokens. When you make these bets there is no guarantee of winning anything, that’s why it’s called a gamble. On the other hand, had you won big in the game, you would not be complaining about the extra 10,000 GSN gave you to try it out.
    I’m sorry if you lost, as did I, but my point is that our losing tokens because we chose to bet them, has nothing to do with the promotion being bad. Any time you get a credit back for playing, no matter how much, it’s a bonus. The details were clear, and as long as you were awarded your 10,000 tokens then GSN upheld their end of the deal.
    These games play just like real slot games at the casino, except that you are not winning or losing actual money, but tokens instead. If you went to the casino and they offered you $100 for playing 100 spins of a machine that cost $15 per spin ($1500), would you do it? And if you did and lost the $1500, do you think they would give you anything more than the $100 they promised you?
    I hope you understand that I am really sorry for all that lost tokens. I myself BOUGHT tokens to play and lost them all within hours. I just want people to know that when you bet, the odds are you’re going to lose, and you cant get upset about it afterwards.
    If you do not think the promotion is fair, than you can choose not to participate in the promotion. Or you had the option of betting 1 line @100 per spin, so 100 spins would have cost you 10,000 so you would have been reimbursed for all 100 spins and not lost tokens.
    As far as Ghostbusters… I loved the game, but agree that 1500 per spin minimum is way to expensive. I was kicking myself for letting it take all my tokens. Oh well! Live and learn.

  29. this is the biggest rip off i have ever seen this ghost buster game sucks up your tokens like a vaccume we poor people want to play and pass some time away this site is all about money you cant win here most games are set 20 percent you win 80 percent they win it is a no win deal i have been collected my tokens for 2 and a half weeks and ghostbusters took them all in 10 minutes then they want me to buy more tokens

  30. Lost 90,000 points to earn 10,000. My blood pressure is through the roof. All that time and energy to get those 90,000 points went down the drain because of this promo. Thank you GSN. Maybe I will join the slot game once I turn myself into a ghost!

    • I spoke too soon! Blood pressure plummeted after winning over 200,000 points. I guess I won’t be joining the ghost crew after all. I withdrew my job application :D. Thanks GSN.

      • Streak ended lost all of my tokens but 43 of them. It will probably take me three years to gain all of my points back from doing the usual website activities. This slot promo has convinced me to no longer spend money buying tokens and cash credits for games. See you again in three years fellow GSNers!

  31. Well now that the promotion is over, I won’t be playing Ghostbusters until the bet per line is lowered. I think this game should be like the rest of the casino games.I just want to enjoy my time on GSN. I dont want to worry if I will lose all my tokens. You have advertisments running all the time while I play my games. They pay for that. How much money are you going to make if all your players leave because thay cant win tokens here?

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services and let them know what is happening. If you’re able to include a screenshot, and let them know your browser(s) and operating system, that would be helpful for them. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  32. cleopatra game keeps spinning, not working right. also yesterday won a big amt. on cleopatra, (had363000 tokens) bet3000 on next spin and amt went down to 318000.

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services and let them know what is happening. If you’re able to include a screenshot, and let them know your browser(s) and operating system, that would be helpful for them. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

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