29 thoughts on “Catch a Bonus!

      • Dear David,
        I chose the name cottoncandy because I’m so sweet, soft and sticky!…lol 🙂 Just joking, In fact, I have no idea why that just popped into my head. I have not eaten, smelled or even thought about cotton candy in 30 years at least! Oops, I’ve been warmed not to give out any personal information! Now folks can really find out how old I am! :)lol….Do have a nice day, David and I hope you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!
        Warm Regards,

  1. Cute idea, Brendy 🙂 A pat on the back for whoever came up with this one. Keep up the “Brain Storming”! 🙂
    Warm Regards,

  2. Sorry, but go Tigers. I’d like to see former Pirate manager Jim Leyland make it again. If Red Sox win, then good for GSN.

  3. Boston did win. Chuckling though that GSN awarded the oodles + tokens before the game was over. But no harm, no foul.
    I do want to offer a tip of the cap to Detroit for the excellent baseball season they had this year. With a future H.O.F. manager and the best starting staff in baseball, they will remain a force to deal with.

  4. sox won. played some favorites to redeem bonus tokens, but its not showing that i’ve used anything but the tokens i already had. how do we use the bonus?

    • Hi Mary Irene, for this promo just log in anytime today (Sunday) to get the Oodles and Tokens. They will automatically be credited to your account!

  5. I am a Detroit Tiger fan and always will be.
    It seems Ironic to profit on GSN from their loss.
    Best of Luck to the BoSox against the Cardinals.

  6. I’m not quite sure how this works. I played quite a bit already and the promo page still has 0 of 1 completed listed. Is there something specific I have to do?
    (Thanks for the random promos…they keep things fresh!)

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