Baseball Series Bonus continues!

There are some big games coming up for our home team and we want to share the excitement with our players. Based on your positive feedback, we will continue giving out a free gift whenever Boston baseball wins. However, there is one small change – instead of logging in any time the next day to receive your 250 Oodles and 2,500 Tokens, you’ll need to log in between noon and midnight the day after a win (our marketing folks need sleep too!).

UPDATE:  If you’re already logged in when Noon ET rolls around, please log out and log back in to get your bonus. 


66 thoughts on “Baseball Series Bonus continues!

    • Joseph, go ahead and log in to play trivia when you normally would, but to get the bonus come back sometime during the day between Noon and Midnight ET. All you have to do is log in. 🙂

  1. I wish under my GSN it would show the date, time and channel for each of the games! I watched the last Boston game and am interested in the next part of the series and the title the Boston Red Sox will win! And, yes I will be looking up the schedule but there are surely many gsn players that would like the information! Thanks, Pam

  2. All I have to say is GO CARDINALS. I will gladly give up the oodles to have the Cardinals beat the Boston Red Sox. So again GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes ! Thank you , Angel. This Yankee fan WILL root for Boston , when free oodles and free tokens are involved ! Game On ! 🙂

  4. Question: What if we’re used to logging-in, in the morning before we head to work, can we still get in on this offer if we log back in again between noon & midnight?

  5. I live in St. Louis and have never seen such blatant favortism from a nationwide website. Why would people anywhere except Boston want the Red Sox to win?????????? GO CARDINALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dennis, I’m sorry you’re upset. The whole reason for the promo is it’s because it’s our home team. We don’t expect others to abandon their teams for us, but if we win, you get Oodles and Tokens. It’s only meant to be in fun, and we’re certainly not putting down any other team. If your team wins, I’ll cheer with you too!

    • Why would people anywhere except Boston want the Red Sox to win?????????? For real? I was born and raised in New York and I’m a Red Sox fan from the day I was born and will die a Red Sox fan. Lets Go Red Sox!!!! Win 1 more series for Yaz, Pudge,Eck,Louie,Lynn,Rice,Scott,Evens,Burlson,Hobson!!!!!!

      • How about another curse of the Bambino that lasts another 75 years or so? St. Louis tradition and winning will always be better than Bawston .

  6. I’m a Cardinals fan myself but I lived near Boston when I was kid. I like the promotion with the extra oodles and tokens though.

  7. I am surprised the GSN art team hasn’t come up with a Oodlectible to support the World Series. Most people probably have a favorite team, but a commemorative just showing who played in the 2013 WS is special in itself.

  8. I’m rooting for the Red Sox. Tired of seeing the same old teams win. The Cards won 2 years ago. When the Giants won last year, it had been 2 years since they won to. This shall be fun and exciting to watch.

      • I hope the Cards get swept, myself for the following.

        1. I am a Pirate fan.
        2. As such, I’m kind of tired of the same teams winning it, it seems.

        Easy for me to say, because I’m a Pirate fan and the Cards defeated us in the NLDS, but we played them tough.

        No offense cards fans, all in fun!

    • Swept? Hahahahah bottom of the 7th Red Sox-5 Cards-0

      Hey Angel….10,000 tokies for us Red Sox Nation???? HAHAHAH…am kidding


  9. The last time the Red Sox played in the World Series, they took the series in 4 games, surprising the world. It is the Cardinals turn to sweep the series. Go Cardinals. Like I said earlier, I will give up the oodles gladly to see the Cardinals win. GO CARDINALS

  10. What a game for Jon Lester !! Good win for the good guys and them Bruins followed suite !!!! Good way to start the Series ….it’s Oodles and Tokens time !!!!!

  11. Thanks GSN for the consolation prize! I’m a lifelong Cardinals’ fan, but I’ll gladly take the Oodles if Boston wins. In fact, I welcome the challenge! You go ahead and root for your home team and throw those Oodles my way, but I’ll support my beloved home team Cardinals and CHEER when they take the series!!! And I won’t cry if I don’t get a single oodle. St. Louisans are the most amazingly loyal baseball fans. I can remember listening to the ball games on the radio back in grade school in the ’60s and being let off of school to go to the parades!. GO BIRDS!

  12. If we are already logged in that day do we have to log out and log back in after noon to get the tokens and oodles? It doesn’t specify in the promo about this point.

  13. Christy, you are so right in stating that St. Louis has the most loyal fans. All the Cardinals games are sold out for the series. They also have an amazing record for the most fans at their games. As everyone on here already knows, I am a die hard Cardinal fan and will be one until the day I die. I have been a fan of the Cardinals for 67 of my 72 years.

    Angel, we may have lost the first game, but there are 6 more to go. So, on that note ~~~~~~~~~~ GO CARDINALs~~~~~~~~~~~~

  14. I’m A Tampa Bay Ray’s Fan, But, they didn’t make it to World Series. So, now I’m routing for the Red Sox. Go Boston, No Offense to My Dear Fellow GSN Cardinals’ Fans.

    Thanks for the Oodles and Tokens GSN

  15. Now thats arguable. The most loyal fans. I think the Cubs fans are most loyal. Despite over 100 years not in world series, Wrigley is always packed.

    I’m not a Cubs fan, I’m a Pirate fan, and I can say that when we had our second half collapse last year, people were jumping off the Bucs bandwagon. Bandwagon jumpers are everywhere you turn.

    No offense, just saying. 🙂

    • nothing wrong with being a die hard cub fan,if the cubs ever made it to the Series there would be riots in IL (despite the fact they were 5 outs away from doing that 10 years ago against the marlins in the NLCS(bartman ball))

      our favorite slogan is wait till next year

  16. Another post that inspires a forum-worthy flurry of comments. . . . Still waiting! lol

    Anyway, I’m asking if one must log out/in or it’s similar to the Chachingo group loot “activity on the site” kind of thing. . . .

  17. Wacha Wacha! Got 750 Oodles from Dailybreak. Many Thanks! I have Oodles coming out my ears, enough to let the Cardinals win the World Series!!!

  18. Yay, Cardinals take game 2, now we are on our way to St. Louis and our home field.

    ~~~~~~~~ GO CARDINALS GO~~~~~~~

    Let’s take the Series in the next 3 games.

  19. My dear phimat, Cardinals take game 3. GO CARDINALS

    And, during regular baseball season, I root for two teams, The Cardinals and whoever is playing against The Chicago Cubs. Just saying.

    I couldn’t resist adding that “Just Saying”, because when you know someone will disagree with you, that is what you always add. lol


    In Game 4 Tonight, The Boston Red Socks Pulled Off A Great 4 to 2 Win Against The St. Louis Cardinals. Boston Pulled A Fantastic Pick Off At First Base. Shocking The Cardinals and Denying Them Their Last Chance To Tie Or Win The Game. Boston’s Win Ties The World Series 2 To 2..

    WTG To The Cardinals, They Played A Good Game.

  21. baseball….. the series wasnt that long ago and the vacation from it was toooooo short…. give me the beach and a cold frosty with a radio please and pass the coconut oil too.

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