All New Ghostbusters Slots

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!


The NEW Ghostbusters Slots is here and Slimer’s waiting for you. Enjoy this sneak peek & go for a Token jackpot. For playing tips, 


  • Unlike in the movie, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man brings huge winnings instead of destruction.
  • Match 3 Slimers to score 5 free spins and activate the Slimer’s Free Spin Haunting mini-game. If you match 3 Slimers in the mini-game, you’ll get 5 MORE free spins added to any you already have.
  • In Find the Ghost, you’ll score Tokens for each guess even if you don’t find the ghost – but you’ll score a lot more if you do!

142 thoughts on “All New Ghostbusters Slots

      • I, too am disappointed with the minimum bet on Ghost Busters. This is the first time this has happened in the 2 years I’ve been playing on this site. You appear to be pushing the CASH games more and more. I guess I’m cheap, but won’t play a game with 1500 minimum tokens risked on each spin. Happy ghost-busting to the rest of the world!!

        • i thank its also to high on a few games im also on a fixed incom ive been playing 2007 but ive odered things i never got and lost tokens on these hi games won tokens never got sometime iget so upset ihave to stop and leave it for a little

      • THANK YOU for commenting on that!!! now I know it’s not just my p.c. or any errors on our part. kinda frustrating though especially when you FINALLY see BIG , BIG tokens won but they don’t go into your bank. man it’s a real bummer.

        • this game has no problem taking your tokens but even when you win big it seems to have a problem giving you the tokens. its a lose lose. dont play this game. ever.

      • Um, Got to disagree with you there Angel… If the ad says free play then the “game” shouldn’t give or take any tokens. If there was actually tokens on the line, then we were denied any chance to make smaller wagers- oh, you can increase the wagers but no decreasing below 1500 tokens. The tokens you get from the daily log-on and ad viewing isn’t more than enough to play the game once or twice at the 1500 level. I don’t play at that level “yet”, too rich for my liking. I bottomed out my tokens from 79K to 55 thinking that I would just go back to my starting total but that didn’t happen.
        I would like this to be clarified in the FAQ (Help had zero info on free play rules) for the future. Maybe I can get back some tokens too?
        Free Play was always understood to be the time that the “tech doctors” used to make customers aware of a new game and to tweak if a problem arises from a large playing base.

        • kennetheft, that’s the response I was given when I inquired about it. I do thank you for your feedback, I’ve passed it on to the Games Team.

      • Hi there I love the challenge of your games here …I love the new Ghost Buster game as well . Just one thing I found wrong ….I can’t reduce the amount bet in the game . It starts at 1,500 tokens . I am a loyal player ….but being disabled and on a tight budget I can’t buy tokens . I play when I get free tokens from the wonder wheel and ( not very many ) other challanges . Please be kind enough to concider fixing it for folks to have fun and return daily . Thanks

        • Hi Mary, you can use the + and – signs to change the bets and payline numbers. I’ve also passed your feedback on to the Games Team.

          • Please contact Player Services and let them know you’re unable to adjust the amounts. Tell them what browser you’re on, and what your Operating System is. To contact Player Services, log on to and click on GSN Help at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to your user name to see the contact player services link. Thank you!

          • not on this game. the min. is 100 tokens no less. maybe you should play the game before you tell people to reduce their bet.

      • I received 800 tokens for logging on today and 1000 tokens for completing a 5 min survey when I clicked on “the monkey” … I got one full spin at 1500? Not to be snide but is this seriously what they were talking about “free”?

        • I love playing Ghostbusters on GSN why did you take it off it and Bingo are the only 2 games I like and now my favorite one is gone please put it back on Thank You Tinkie

          • I agree Carloyn, I miss Ghostbusters on GSN as well, loved it when I could find the ghost and watch Slimer do his stuff… GSN Please bring back Ghostbusters…

      • If that’s what you were told, it would have been prudent, saved a lot of disappointments, hard feelings and frustrations if it had been noted from the get go. I don’t know who is responsible for creating the advertisements, but the omission of vital information in order to entice folks to play a new game is not only misleading, but, in my opinion, unethical. How someone can call a game FREE; charge them 1500 tokens to play, then come up with a new translation of the word Free by connecting it to tokens given to players by logging in and/or watching ads is about the most pitiful excuse I’ve ever heard. Needless to say, pass my thoughts on along with the other conscientious objectors here.
        I am glad, however that I had the opportunity to read all of this prior to attempting to play. I must admit it sounded like fun. Hopefully, GSN will make some changes and give this a fair shot.

      • ALRIGHT! ENOUGH! I find the need to respond to all of this. First and foremost. I have snagged the little two thumbs up monkey by its tail to the tune of well over 50,000 tokens since I think either Friday or Saturday morning. I also thought the game would be free because of the “SNEAK PEEK” header – so the programmers would be able to test the game out. Now, I have noticed the red button with the words “FREE TO PLAY” attached to all casino games as well. This is very misleading at the very least…. That being said, allow me to comment on the NEW!!! “GHOSTBUSTERS” slots. I played the game even though the minimum wager is 1500 tokens. Since there was those free tokens in my account. I lost those tokens so fast it was like I never had them to begin with. The speed of this game is so out of control the voice from one spin are bleeding over into the next couple spins on “auto spin….” Therefore, the auto spin and the game itself is not enjoyable in any way. I will not attempt to play it again until these issue are resolved and the minimum wager is reduced to at least 50 tokens.

          • Thank You! Sorry! If I seemed to be little upset…. Why have they started a promotion rewarding 10,000 tokens for 100 spins in this game. It makes no sense to take 100 spins and loose almost 50,000 tokens in order to gain only 10,000 in return. In any event, as previously stated, I for one will not even try the game again until something is done about lowering the minimum wager of 1500….

      • I am sorry but that is B/S. Often the tokens “given” out are around the 200 mark even for players who log in every day. Exactly how many “free” games @ 1500 is that???. Even today the free rewards program( play 100 spins..etc) requires a minimum of 1500 per spin.. You must be a gullible angel if your techs are giving you mis information. Each recent change has been negative for players and this one disgruntled, soon to be ex- player.

        • slotpeter, thank you for your feedback. I do appreciate it. I have passed it to the games team (along with your previous post).

    • I agree. I was confused by another ad that said we can play more bingo cards “FREE” … I thought it meant I could play 2 additional cards and it wouldn’t take more of my (free) tokens to do so. I already knew I was playing with free tokens, duh.

      • Please contact Player Services. Tell them what browser you’re on, and what your Operating System is. To contact Player Services, log on to and click on GSN Help at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to your user name to see the contact player services link. Thank you!

    • Ya same sentiments..burnd through my last 17K tokens thinking the free comment was legit..Now my 1000 oddles i paid for the slots 2 race promo are waisted as i lost all my non “free” tokens

    • When i spent the wheel in the new ghostbuster game,two spins and 3000 tokens were taken and the wheel never spinned.How do i get my 3000 tokenes back.

      • Please contact Player Services. Tell them what browser you’re on, and what your Operating System is. To contact Player Services, log on to and click on GSN Help at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to your user name to see the contact player services link. Thank you!

    • you should live in a state that does not allow cash purchases of tokens. NO CASH DEPOSITS—PERIOD FROM LOUISIANIA. Therefore I must rely on FREE tokens to play any game.

      there is a way around playing 1500 tokens. the # of lines can be reduced to just 1. that way you play only 100 tokens per spin.

      Yesterday in 100 spins I won 17,000 tokens plus the 10,000 they gave me for playing 100 spins.

      Looking forward to trying again today. TRY IT AND GOOD LUCK.

    • I agree Donna. GSN is my favorite place also. I spend most of my internet time here, especially after they started giving out more tokens with the monkey so we can play more games. Awesome games for the most part.

    • Please contact Player Services. To contact Player Services, log on to and click on GSN Help at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to your user name to see the contact player services link. Thank you!

  1. I’m not complaining about using my tokens, but I was a little confused about the term “free”. If your not putting in your cash, then all of the games are “free”. Why call only this one “free”. Also, why is 100 tokens the lowest amount per line you can play?

    • That’s strange … I’ve seen more than this post about not being able to bet less than 100 but the lowest I could bet was 1500 tokens. All I can use are tokens so since I have to buy tokens, they aren’t “free”.
      I live in TN and sadly, GSN cannot allow us to participate in any cash games 🙁

    • jacki, the money shows up when he wants to. Some days he’s not around at all, other days he’s around a lot. I hope you see him soon!

    • The monkey appears on the home page under the scrolling banner at the top and to the right of where it says “Ways To Win”. You’ll have to interact with the ad to get the “free” tokens and it’s only good for one time. Happy monkey hunting!

  2. Everytime I click on ANY of the Ghostbuster Slot promos it takes me to the All Games page. I’ve been trying with Chrome all day long and so far have yet to see the game at all.

    • Please contact Player Services. Tell them what browser you’re on, and what your Operating System is. To contact Player Services, log on to and click on GSN Help at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to your user name to see the contact player services link. Thank you!

  3. I love the ghostbusters slots but do wish I could spin for less than 100 per line bet ! Those are really high stakes compared to the other slot games. it goes way too fast and then I only get to play a few seconds on the site rather than enjoying a longer break. I hope it is changed to allow for smaller bets, say 10 tokens, per line to make it more fun !

  4. I noticed I could not play for less than 1500 tokens also, then I noticed there are 2 qty. + and – signs , you can get your bet down to 100. Hope this helps. Thanx for the free tokens, Angel ! Game On !! 🙂

      • Brendy,
        Curious; when you tried out Ghost Buster’s did you play a hundred spins at 1500 tokens a spin, and if so did you win?
        Actually, that’s not even the point. No one is saying the game isn’t fun. It’s simply too expensive and the ad was deceptive and misleading. ( to be polite)
        This is a sore subject that has been going on and on, so I see no need to reiterate further. I hope the “team” gets the message/s. 🙂

        • Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose when I play it. I don’t remember if I completed all 100 spins or not. Everyone’s comments have been shared with the Game Team though.

  5. It says the Ghostbusters slots are free … zapping 9000 of my tokens is not free. Disappointed and now down to 3000 tokens!!!!

  6. It says it is free to play ghost busters slots, but when I go there the lest amount of tokens I can play for is 100. How do I play for free?

  7. I enjoy GSN too but this game took all my tokens and quick without giving any in return. It would not let me bet less than 100 times the amount though it did allow me to reduce the lines I was betting. Reducing the amount of lines I was betting really did not help my game any. I hope the amount required to bet will be reduced in the future or I will only get a spin or two since it took all my tokens today.

  8. I love the new GHOSTBUSTERS game!!!!!!!
    So cool to play, yes you have to bet a lot to play but it is worth it, I doubled my token in no time.
    Keep up the AWESOME job GSN !!!! I LOVE this site I play daily or more

  9. speaking of the monkey its gives you tokens for completeing it but as soon as you turn the page it takes your tokens back you dont even get to use them its happened several times very aggravated customer

    • When that happens, please contact Player Services. Tell them what browser you’re on, and what your Operating System is. Also, tell them what the challenge was (example: what video was playing?). They’re trying to replicate the issue so they can work on resolving it. To contact Player Services, log on to and click on GSN Help at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to your user name to see the contact player services link. Thank you!

    • Stacy,
      I’ve seen the same thing, too! But that darn monkey is not snatching the points back…
      Make sure your browser is updated to the latest patches (versions, java, etc.) and if you refresh (after you return to the previous screen)- the 1,000 tokens are added. You just have to refresh often to see your correct token hoard!

  10. I’m very glad to see a new slot game…kind of bored with the old ones. However, we should be allowed to bet less than 1,500 tokens! That needs to be fixed or the game will die a quick death. I was done playing and out of points in about 4 spins. Sigh…

    Please change the minimum bet!!!


  11. i really like the new ghost-buster slots , but you have to be rich to play. and the monkey gives me tokens and then takes them back, kinda hard to play that way.

  12. Stick by your guns people !!!! 30,000 Tokens was too much for me…,,, I fell like I earned the free ones Keep your 150 oodles, I’d rather have the tokens @\ !!! A See if ya print this

  13. Like the new ghostbusters slots; however, you cannot play the sneak peek for free as advertised. If you do use your tokens, you cannot play for less than 1500 tokens (to play all 15 lines). WHat’s up with this?

  14. The game min bet is 1500. What’s up with that? You have to use all your tokens. If you play it on gsn through facebook the min is 15 please check and advise.

  15. When I log on each day the free tokens are nice but I can not get the bonus gift tokens at the bottom of the page. I click on the bonus and the page comes up but the middle is blank. I have to hit skip bonus. I can not change my browser at this time.

  16. Wow….way to end my day. Log on and find a new slot game…woo hoo. But then the game wants a minimum of 1500 tokens per spin. Ok, I figured it must pay really well and will return enough of what I bet to keep me going for a while. Nope. My tokens were wiped out in less than a minute. Oh well. No tokens to play with and I’m not going to be conned into buying any so guess I’ll go spend the rest of my evening on another game site. Night-night I was considering trying out the cash games site as a little Christmas present to myself but if this is what happens on the free site, no thanks.

  17. It says you can play free but I wasn’t able to play for free not even the first time. I was hoping that this would be another good slot game but with the minimum bet being 1500 I don’t believe I will be playing it. I think like myself unless the minimum bet is allowed to go down like the other slots games that this game won’t last long.

  18. I knew that I was going to loose on this on ghostbusters but I hoped it would pay out better than it did. It cost me 58,700 tokens to get 10,000 tokens. I was hoping it would pay out better than that. But I took a chance because I have so many tokens. I will never play that game again! I’ve noticed that some people would rather have tokens than oodles. I wish there was some way to trade my tokens for oodles.

  19. when you go to my gsn. they offer you 10000tokens for 100 spins. it is not worth it. you lose alot more than what you gain. every other game allows you to bet as little as 10 tokens per line this game sucks it wont let you bet less than 100 per line. it should be your choice not theirs. this game never should have been released the way it is. i dont believe that too many will play this game. i lost alot more than on any game i have ever played. i know i wont be playing it again.

  20. I just played it for the second day and it still has a minimum bet of 1500 tokens. Would not let me do the bonus round . I won’t play again until it’s changed and fixed . I did like the game just to many token for one spin.

    • Please contact Player Services and let them know you’re unable to adjust the amounts. Tell them what browser you’re on, and what your Operating System is. To contact Player Services, log on to and click on GSN Help at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to your user name to see the contact player services link. Thank you!

  21. As far as myself… I LOVE THE NEW GHOST BUSTER! The 1500 tokens are my normal low bid when I play to test how “he’s” paying and playing, unless im trying to get a certain number of spins in for a promotion. I won 102, 000 tokens when I got slimmed! 🙂 but quickly lost them 🙁 but that was my choice!!! I did have some tech. issues not only on Ghost buster but 2 other casino games themselves. As with anything new(e.g. the latest Windows software that comes out etc) there are always bugs that need worked out… thats why I am always the one that waits a year or two so they can work them out lol I say THANKS FOR GIVING US SOMETHING NEW, that;s always nice 🙂 but I also believe that the lowest bet of 1500 is wrong. it should be the same as all the other casino games. Hopefully thats an error and can be straightemed out ( I also do not buy tokens because I can not afford tham) One last thing, the free token monkey has gave me many tokens, even over 10,000 a night so keep a look out , he loves to monkey around on my home page. Thanks again GSN and GSNAngels 🙂

  22. Glad to see there are others who are dissatisfied with token games. The Token Bonus Wheel that spins when first logging in is a joke. It states you can get 25,000 to 75,000 when logging on 3 days in a row…I log in every day and 99.9% of the time I will be awarded 1,000 to 4,500 to play with. Hardly enough to play the Casino games very long without running out. Why not have a way to “buy” tokens with oodles? I can’t afford to pay for them. I could spend hours playing slot games, but, cannot build a bank of tokens. The games payback is sad.

  23. On the Ghostbusters site. The adjustment for tokens must be either stuck or not programmed correctly. The 10000 tokens for playing 100 games is not feasible for most of us. This morning I got 3000 tokens for free for signing in. Gee I get to play 2 spins. Wow I am extremely excited. Will NEVER win the tokens for 100 games played. Lets get the programmers on this glich and let us at least try the game. All the other casino games can be adjusted, why not this one?

    Oh and by the way the monkey is NEVER around and I have!!!! adjusted my pop up blocker for this web site. Must be only for a choice few players???

    • Please contact Player Services and let them know you’re unable to adjust the amounts using the + and – signs by the bid and paylines. Tell them what browser you’re on, and what your Operating System is. To contact Player Services, log on to and click on GSN Help at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to your user name to see the contact player services link. Thank you!

      • I’m like lococutus. I’ve NEVER seen the monkey either. I’ve adjusted my settings and all programs are the newest, latest, up-to-date versions. I gave up wasting my time looking for him. I use Chrome on Windows 8, my husband always likes using IE on Windows 7 on his laptop. He’s NEVER seen the monkey either!

        • Oh Sure! Make a liar out of me! Just moments ago, I actually saw the Monkey for the first time ever!!!
          It just figures! My husband won’t believe I actually saw it!! – LOL
          To GSN, thanks for the free tokens!! To the Monkey… I’m still not happy you hid from me for so long!!

  24. Minimum bet per line is 100. If you play 15 lines it is 1500 token bet. 100 times 1500 is 150,000. You have to play 150,000 tokens to get the 10,000 token bonus GSN awarding if you play 15 lines. If you play only 1 line at 100 per line minimum bet per game is 100. 100 tokens Times 100 spins is 10000. You can play 100 spins on 1 line and not lose any tokens. Hopefully that one line you are playing will be a winner so can end up ahead after 100 spins.

  25. I too am disappointed with the FREE Ghostbusters game. Not FREE at all! 1500 tokens is out of my league, unless I win big. It should start at 15 tokens like the rest of the games if you are going to charge. Also, why on Wheel of Fortune do they deduct your players fee again when you hit free spins. That is paying twice for playing one chance, it is almost always on the first spin of the 3,4 or 5 free spins. I have lost thousands of tokens for weeks because of this glitch.

  26. I got bit by the monkey too. gave me tokens then took them away. all my pc settings are fine…problem? yes with gsn. needs some refinement.

  27. ghostbuster is a ridiculous game to play! the tokens it cost is terrible. i played 23games out of 100 today and it cost me 18,000 tokens. i will not spend any more tokens on this game. it’s not worth it. yes i know you will let your game team know about this!!!! standard answer!!! why won’t you tell us what the game team is going to do about it!

    • Hi dddoresey, I’m sorry, I’ve not heard anything back from the game team, but the best thing I can do is continue to forward everyone’s feedback.

  28. What’s up with all the reward points…what about more games rewarding oodles and especially tokens. I enjoy games rewarding token win or lose..Ghost busters excluded

  29. I would also like to see you being able to buy tokens with oodles as I don’t really care for the oodles except for the one scratch off ticket where you have a remote chance of winning a lot of tokens. The chance is like one in a million that you will get the right number you need to win tokens instead of oodles but I could do without that if I could buy tokens with my oodles.
    Just an suggestion. And as far a the Spin Wheel goes you are lucky if you win enough in the spin to play one game of the New Ghost Buster’s Slots the way it is set up now with a 1500 token limit unlike all the other slots that allow you to go a lot lower. 1500 is to high for my liking especially when what you win back isn’t even close to 1500 so you don’t even break even or make money on the game . Most of the time.
    Don’t forget to forward this to the game team. lol

    • phyl865, I already have it copied down! (well copy and pasted). Thank you for your feedback, I’ve been able to send a lot to the game team this week!

    • Ditto. I always thought the same thing. I have no use for oodles except using them for that one scratcher ticket that has the potential to win tokens. Some people like entering contests, others…not so much. I’d rather use my oodles for tokens, or, hey, maybe have a scratcher tix we can buy with oodles that has tokens instead of oodles as a prize??? …Just a suggestion. 🙂

  30. ……fun
    missed most of the dates………………………….
    …………keeping my eye(s) out for next …………………

  31. I must agree with every one 1500 tokens to much cannot afford to keep buying more tokens I do enjoy the games but not able to buy tokens I guess the more you lose the more GSN thinks the more we buy there is a method to their madness after all.

  32. It seems the daily log in token function was removed. I like Ghostbusters, but won’t be able to play any more without that daily token login spin.


  34. I really love the Ghostbusters game. I also love a Mercedes, but can’t afford either. I broke down and played the promotion and overall, after the bonuses, lost about 100,000 tokens. Why did the powers that be decide to up the ante to this level? You would get a lot more players at the level used for the other slots games, which would amount to more advertising exposure. The only fiscally reasonable reason might be that you have to pay copyright fees each time a game is played. If so, it is understandable, but regrettable. I’ve spent over 2 years playing on GSN and accumulated over 3M tokens by being a bit miserly. I won’t jeopardize that just because I really love a game.

  35. I played ghostbusters for an hour straight earlier today and won 2.5 million tokens. I started with about 10,000. I raised my bet after every sizeable win. My average wager was $15-$30,000 per spin with a few wagers of $75,000. This game is meant to pay out… bet big, win big.

  36. I’ve been playing GSN games for about eight months. Tried a number of games, favored ‘wheel of fortune’ slots plus tried new one ‘deal or no deal’ slots (a joke). In the beginning ‘wheel’ was win some lose some. Although I got up to about 500,000 points, (game team must put a max on wins) it was exciting to win especially when you can bet various amounts. Within the last month you took back everything plus. Which I thought was a little suspicious. Many times while playing ‘wheel’ the wheels would slow down or hesitate that made me more suspicious. Is GSN trying to bribe people into buying tokens? How about trading my oodles for tokens? Oodle games are worthless in my opinion! Some of the games are difficult to maneuver on the computer! Interested to see what the game team has to say!!!

    • I’m not sure I understand. What does the map look like for Ghostbusters? Is the meter the green bubbling thing on the right side?

  37. For the Ghostbusters slots game, there is a map button to do the Zuul levels but it has only appeared twice for me. Is there an issue with the game?

  38. Im playing the Ghostbusters slots on facebook and Im not getting the Map button and the slime meter doesnt fill up. How do I get the Map button to play other leverls in the game?

    • Hi Jon James, this is a feature that’s being tested on Facebook and is only available to a certain percentage of players at this time. That means it will come and go, and you may see it one day, but not another. It should be rolled out to everyone soon.

  39. Hey Angel., you really got me! Looking through Players News, I saw in recent comments a comment said something about a new Ghostbusters game. Loving it, I started hunting it. I failed to look at the date – 2013.

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