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  1. Many thanks for your Word of the day posts angel. If you didn’t post them I would never win those 50 oodles! (At least not unless I managed a lucky guess.) I am most appreciative! Have a lovely week.
    Warm Regards,

  2. Has anyone noticed that the tab to get back to GSN Home page has dissapeared on the Player News tabs. I have to scroll down to one of the posts that has My GSN to get back to playing games. It is even worse on WorldWinner. Before the tab that says home would take you back to the GSN Home page. Now the Home tab just takes you back to the WorldWinner Home page. I have to completely shut down the website and reload the GSN website on my computer to get back to the GSN Home page. It seems to me that GSN is getting worse and worse about navigating between different pages. I couldnt even open up a new post to ask about the changes like I could on the old thread system. I had to reply to this one to voice my concerns. It would be nice if the Player News page had a place for Players to place a new post instead of tacking it on to one that has already been posted. Thanks

  3. Another problem I am having is that several advertisements are blocking the entire Chachingo page after I click on continue so I can’t check the History page after I select my new numbers. I have to enlarge the page and click on the Home button to get the advertisement to go away. I don’t mind the advertisements when they have the X on the top right hand corner so you can get rid of the advertisement but some of them dont have the X in the right hand top corner. Is there someway you can look into this. Thanks.

      • The main advertisement that I am having problems with is the Chick Fil A ads. There is one other one but I cant remember the ad and it doesnt pop up as much as the Chic Fil A one (like 4 or 5 times in a row).

        • If you wait a few seconds, on the bottom right hand corner the blue moving dots turn into a statement – ‘proceed to your game’ or ‘continue to your game’, and then you can click that, and the ad disappears.

  4. GSNAngel, when do you think the new and improved gsn will give us our message board, so we can go back to the weekend games.

    I am so sorry to say that I am losing my interest in GSN ever since they keep doing the new and improved and it gets worse and worse. There is no place for us to go where we can get help with the games and/or post comments on other items of interest. We also have no way of interacting with our friends. We still have the chat room, but again, GSN does not make it easy for people to find us.
    I really miss the interaction with people. Since they have done the last “new and improved gsn”, I am spending a lot less time on GSN. Please ask them to hurry up and give us a message board comparable to the old one. The old one was so much better than this. If you were to take a poll, I am willing to wager that 95% of the people would request the old one back.

    • Hi Flora, Player News isn’t a substitute for the message board. This will still be here even after we get one. I don’t have a time frame on when one will come. I promise as soon as I know something I can tell you, it will be posted!

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