Score up to 600 Oodles this week with Back to the Classics!

We know some people don’t appreciate the classics, but even so, everyone’s gotta love this deal! Each day from Tuesday, 9/24 through Friday, 9/27, play 100 spins of Classic 777 Slots or Time Travel Slots & score 150 Oodles! 



9 thoughts on “Score up to 600 Oodles this week with Back to the Classics!

  1. I love the Classics!
    Classic movies, Classic cars, and good old Classic Rock!
    So, why not a classic game of slots as well… especially if I can gain a few more Oodles along the way!
    Thanks GSN and Angel!
    Much appreciated!!

  2. Can’t c the second line of numbers on each ball due to the oodles and tokens and news bar in can I remove this to pick numbers I want from these lines?

    • Hi Elizabeth, you can contact Player Services for assistance. Click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged in to your user name so you can view the contact link.

  3. Now that’s what I’m talking about, [Smiling Ear To Ear] A promotion that runs for four days, and we can win OODLES. Not buy Tokens Sale or Win Reward Points Promotions, Yea Hah. Love New Classic 777 Slots, especially after I got all 7’s in a row and won 105,000 Tokens. As usual though, like when I play real slots, got greedy, bumped my bets and gave most of it back But, still have two more days to play. Will be less greedy, bet more conservatively and hope my luck turns my favor.

    Add to that, two Mobile App Promo’s, TIKI ISLAND TUESDAY and GOTW, I’m in Oodle Heaven..

    Thanks My Dear GSNAngel, For Listening To Our Rants, Passing Our Suggestions On To GSN and Always Looking Out For Us.

    Big Hugs, MWAH and Lots Of Love Sweetie

  4. I have played necessary games for 9-26-2013;however I have
    not been credit with the points. It’s still showing 50/100.I have
    Please investigate.

    Thank You,
    Sheryl Walker

    • Hi, I’m showing you were credited at 11:37am on 9/26/2013 for “Back to the Classics” 150 Oodles. You can check your own Oodles transactions by going to My GSN > My Oodles. There, you can adjust your searches by dates, just click on the “Review Full Transaction History” link.

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