Daily $250 Sweepstakes Winner – Senga33

Congratulations to Senga33, who won the Daily $250 Sweepstakes on 9/24! Senga33 replied to our email with: “Is this really true?  I’m 80 years old and have never won a sweepstakes.  I’m so excited!  I play on GSN every day and especially love the word games and slots.  Thank you for perking up my spirits.”  We’re happy she won, and look forward to posting more lucky winners soon.

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5 thoughts on “Daily $250 Sweepstakes Winner – Senga33

  1. Dear Senga,
    CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful for you! I can still recall (after 50 years!) how excited I was the first time I hit the Nickle Slot Machine Jackpot in Vegas! I had only put in 3 nickles when suddenly the bells went off, and a couple of guys came running up with cups to help retrieve what seemed like hundreds of dollars worth of nickles pouring out of the machine (the real value only ended up being about $30, lol) ; but what FUN! I WON, just like you did!! 🙂 Enjoy the feeling and treat yourself with your winnings! God Bless you.
    Warm Regards,

  2. I am new to all this. Congress is in order for “Senga33”. now my question is how do I get on sweepstakes list? Like I said before, I am new to all this internet stuff.

    • Welcome to GSN! You will want to do some reading so you know how the site, and prize center, sworks!

      I’d suggest you start here. Click the titles to be brought to the articles:
      New to GSN?
      Oodles 101
      Auctions, and Sweepstakes, and Prizes, Oh My!

      Please note the only way to win prizes on GSN.com is through the Prize Center with your Oodles. Anything that pops up while you’re playing a game is an ad, it’s not us. Don’t click on “You’re the millionth visitor” or “You’ve won!” type ads.

      You can also win a cash jackpot playing GSN ChaChingo Bingo, and the links above will explain what this is too. Happy gaming!

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