Introducing September’s Most Valuable Oodler!

Congratulations to Dan I. on being September’s MVO. Danhere is known as the “Keeper of the Sniglets” on the GSN message board. Besides enjoying GSN, Dan is also a  passionate Star Wars fan. 


Read on to learn more about Dan! Below are also a couple pictures from his Star Wars collection, and a screen shot from 2600 hack of Keystone Kappers.

To my GSN peeps and friends, thanks for making me September’s MVO!  Here’s a little something about me:

My name is Dan. Some of you know me from chat or message board games as danhere. Nickhere is my “brother” – he was the person who won the 30k jackpot on Bingo Blitz! I’m mostly known as the “keeper of sniglets” since I started doing sniglets games and posted a few in the message board games.

I was born in Chicago, IL but lived in Melrose Park, IL for 30yrs. I currently live in Westchester, 5 miles from Chicago. My hobbies include collecting Star Wars memorabilia (since 1977) and Atari Games. Growing up, my first hobby was magic – I still have my original magic kit!

I started with GSN when we switched cable providers back in 2007. I watched the classics and was also in the GSN Chat Room playing along for Oodles as well as helping people play on GSN Live (which I miss) and GSN Radio.

My favorite GSN Games:
message board games (hope they come back when the new forum arrives)
Facebook games posted on the GSN Games page.

Website games:
Catch 21
Mahjongg dimensions

Eggz Tip:
Use the bomb egg on the harder levels and go for the eggs that have most grouped color. So if your egg is yellow and you see batch of yellow that can clear up the screen, go for it.

I would to thank Phimat37, loisem (please no more barney), KKGlock, Espygirl (who I call pie girl), JCH1973 and Rikishi.

Dan I.

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39 thoughts on “Introducing September’s Most Valuable Oodler!

  1. YAY Dan-o! Welcome to the tribe! It’s about time!. I am so happy for you! Did you get the keys to the oodlmobile yet? This is so much fun!

    Enjoy your month! This is the best! MWAH!


    I Couldn’t Be Happier For You For This Long Overdue Honor. Yee Hah.

    Sending y’all a warm welcome to the MVO Club. We both share in being MVO’s For the Month Of September’s, just different years of course, LOL. Y’all are certainly most deserving of being selected as GSN’s.

    I’m thrilled for you MVDF, Yee Hah.
    Zeke AKA Z-Man

    I'm so Happy for You, It's about time! You Deserve this Honor D-Man
    I hope you have the time of your life this Month – Have Fun, Enjoy & Keep that Golden Oodle polished!!! LOVE & HUGS Always – LA…

  4. hey dan, my dear friend. I guess you forgot about me being in chat (lol). Congratulations on MVO, I am so happy for you. You deserve it. Welcome to the Golden oodle Club. Love ya dan

  5. Congrats Dan!
    I’m always so happy to see when one of my friends are named MVO. Now I know what your ears look like that I’ve been tugging on in gsn’s chatroom lol. And now, just for you MVO Dan, I love you, you love me, we’re a happy gsn family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, Won’t you say you love me too. (((((((hugs))))))) and mwah’s!

    love ya,

    • Congrats Dan! So good to see you won!!! Ahh, Dan and Lois, what a pair! Yes I see the ear lobes are so looking like Lois has pulled them every evening in saying goodbye. You should see Lois’, you pulled too hard, she is tripping over them. LOL! Love you funny guy and your Dan speak. : )

  6. Welcome to the MVO family danhere!!! You are a very bright man and that’s what all friends need together. Oh and thank you for putting pictures up on your Star Wars and Atari collections. Keep up the excellent work my friend and enjoy your oodle star of fame!!!

    • I didn’t post my atari collection just my hack of keystone kappers
      if I posted both of my collections it would take too long.

  7. ………..dan……………WOOHOO!!!!!!! so excited for you!!! how wonderful!!
    Can’t believe you wrecked the Oodlemobile ~ guess that means you won’t be invited to MVO picnic…………pfffft………….but I still love you! MWAH!!!

  8. From one MVO to another, WELCOME to the TRIBE! Dan,enjoy your month and keep on oodling. What’s a hack of Keystone Kappers? I’m older than you and don’t know what this is? Anyway, enjoy that Golden Oodle because they are hard to come by!!!!

    • keystone kappers is game for the 2600 made by activision
      back in the 80’s
      my hack is more of graphical hack just changed the items

  9. WOW!! Big congrats to you danhere. You deserve it. How did I miss that you are a Star Wars fan? The keeper of the sniglets you are! Oodler of the month you are! Happy for you I am!

  10. Well aren’t you the sly one. First I know your welcoming me on the site on my venture over there with all my questions and next I know I’m reading your the MVP for September!

    Congratulations! WooowHooo for sure….. enjoy your month !
    ….sorry to hear about the (((slight))) mishap with the oodlemobile, ha,ha ;>)

  11. congrats Danhere!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t know there was a oodlemobile. what’s it look like? How did you crash it? and man that’ s some BLING. big ooldes to ya

  12. Congrats, danhere. Just out of curiosity, did you get the solid gold Oodle, or the gold-foil-wrapped chocolate Oodle? I opted for the chocolate Oodle myself. I sprang for the extra dollar and got the optional puffed rice crunchies.
    Hope you enjoy your special month.

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