Daily $250 Sweepstakes Winner – Senga33

Congratulations to Senga33, who won the Daily $250 Sweepstakes on 9/24! Senga33 replied to our email with: “Is this really true?  I’m 80 years old and have never won a sweepstakes.  I’m so excited!  I play on GSN every day and especially love the word games and slots.  Thank you for perking up my spirits.”  We’re happy she won, and look forward to posting more lucky winners soon.

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Classic 777 Sweepstakes winners

777_sweep_detail_1gbryant45554 from Nashville, TN won $100. He told us: “Today is my 59th birthday and what a surprise present! Thanks to everyone at GSN and your sponsors.”

mylanta619 from Santee, CA also won $100. She replied: “I can’t believe that i won!!!! Thank You Again, I LOVE GSN”

Congratulations to you both, along with our other 777 winners!