Get to Know Your GSN Neighbor! Meet McCheese10!

We’re excited to launch our new “Get to Know Your GSN Neighbor” series with this long-time GSN game, GSN prize-winner, and lover of fun, player McCheese10!

What’s your first name? Jill

What’s your GSN screen name? McCheese10

Tell us a little bit about your life on GSN. I had a couple of rough years with a hip replacement, then a knee replacement.  My recovery was SO much easier after my niece turned me onto GSN!  I felt a part of something!  The people I have chatted with and played against have been instrumental in my recovery.

I love the new player news area and check it daily.  I have learned the bidding thing and have actually won a few things!  I LOVE my KOR water bottle, I take it to the gym everyday and I will be ordering a filtering bottle when they hit the market! I also won a $50 gift certificate from Amorium Jewelry!  I ordered a bracelet and earrings that day and have already received them – in less than a couple weeks!  Thanks for being here for me GSN!  Oodles ROCK…

Where do you live? Tennessee

How long have you been playing on GSN? 2 years

What’s your favorite GSN game?  Bejeweled2

What might we find you snacking on while you play that game?  Popcorn – I watch football while playing also!

What is your happiest memory?  Getting a new hip – LOL

Do you have any special message you’d like to share with the rest of the GSN community? The prizes are real and you really can hit mega bonius’ and jackpots!

Would you like to be featured in a “Get to Know Your GSN Neighbor” column? We’d love to meet you, and if you are featured you’ll get 1,000 Oodles! Send us an e-mail at:!

12 thoughts on “Get to Know Your GSN Neighbor! Meet McCheese10!

  1. I received the e-mail from gsnscoop with the questionnaire, but it requires Microsoft office, which I don’t have and cannot afford. Microsoft Office costs $99.99 a year. Why are you requiring a program that will cost us more money to open up this document? Please help. I am sure I am not the only one with this problem.

    • Hi Flora – no worries – I sent you a text version. 🙂 I’ll start sending out the text versions of the document to keep things simple. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Hi Jill (a.k.a. McCheese10) Nice to meet you! So glad to hear you got the surgeries you needed! It’s nice that your recovery went well and you’re even able to go to the gym now! That’s wonderful!
    Congrats on the winnings you’ve received here on GSN. Keep up the good work!
    I’m a football fan also, but since I live in Canada, I watch CFL.
    Have a wonderful remainder of the year! And enjoy the moments that make you smile!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the note and the well wishes BCRose !! Going to try to find you and add you to my buddy list, maybe we could play a game or two!!!

  3. Hi, Jill – Mc Cheese –
    Sounds like your pretty good at the GSN Games!
    I’m still trying to figure (some Of) them out.
    Yet to try my hand at bidding…. not sure how to judge bid but maybe some day. So nice to hear from someone who’s actually won.
    Wishes for continuing health now that your surgeries and the hard work of recovery are behind you…………

    • Thank you Mindy for the note !!! I was hoping I’d meet some nice people by being featured. I was shy about bidding at first also, but figured if I kept checking the winning bids I would get the hang of about how much things are worth. Let me know if that helps. Also feel free to email my aol account, maybe we could be pen pals!!! Good Luck !!!!

      • hey McCheese, Thanks for the invite.
        Yes, I think I just need to pick one game and watch it for awhile.
        I miss the old site. Just found my way back to here. Also just tried the site Floral posted but it’s not up and running today.
        I am not privy to your aol account,as you would not want the whole world to know what it is. Makes sense to me, however did try to find a “buddies list” …no luck…
        Will try site floral listed below again on Monday.
        : > ) hope to see you there – if I can find my way, ha,ha

      • Sorry McCheese tried to post you back but, for whatever reason services did not put it thru.
        Don’t have your aol info,
        that’s as it should be
        you do not want to be posting that all over the place
        Anyways – am going to try Floral’s info below to see if I can catch up with players also.
        Hopefuly if I figure it out I’ll see you over there.
        : > )

  4. Chatroom is only available Monday thru Friday between 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. Hope to see a lot of you in there. We have a great group and you can also private message your friends and give them your e-mail address if you so wish.

    Please come join us. The link is in my post above.

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